Alissa: Chapter Sixty-Five

Dale dressed Alissa and picked her up into his arms.  He held her close, hoping that it was nothing serious.   When it came to her, his medical training flew out the window and his emotions clouded his thinking.  He carried her out through a side door of the hotel to the car.  He tried to respect her wish for privacy and used a side entrance at the hospital too.

Alissa had to receive some stitches, and she had a slight infection.  She had all the signs of having been sexually assaulted.  

The doctor asked Dale to leave the room.  Dale leaned over and kissed Alissa, and then he left to wait in the hallway.

After Dale left,  the doctor questioned her.  “Mrs. Stallworth, who assaulted you?”

“What do you mean?”  Alissa asked.

“The injuries you have suffered do not usually occur with consensual activity!  So that means that you were assaulted.”

“Doctor, I am fine.  He got carried away. He didn’t mean to harm me!”  Alissa  said it emphatically, as though trying to convince herself.

“Was it the young man who brought you here?”  He asked.

“Of course it wasn’t Dale. He would never ever hurt me in any way!”

“By your choice of words, I can tell that you have convinced yourself that this other man did not intend to harm you! There is no way that your injuries were unintentional. Has he ever done this before or harmed you in some other way?”

“No.  He has always helped me and looked after me!  He… he’s just under a lot of stress.”

“That is a common statement from victims of abuse. I warn you, the first time is always the hardest for the abuser. After this it becomes easy for him! Is the young man who brought you in your husband?”


“Does he know about this other man?”  The doctor asked her.

“Yes. He knows.”

The doctor called Dale back into the room.

“Mr. Stallworth, I have advised your wife that statistics show that once the abuse begins it escalates. I strongly advise that a police report be filed and that she cut contact with the abuser!”

Dale looked at Alissa.

“I can’t do that to him, Dale. I’m already hurting him! His life would be ruined if I did that!”   The shot that the doctor had given her was beginning to make her feel drowsy.   She just wanted to go back to the hotel and go to sleep.

Dale didn’t care about Alex’s life!  Alex didn’t care about Alissa’s well-being, but Dale knew that there was no point in continuing to try to persuade her.  However, Alex would never lay his hands on her again!  They filled Alissa’s prescription, and Dale took her back to the hotel.

Dale had called Sharlee from the hospital to let her know that Alissa was okay.  She was asleep when they returned to the hotel.  The doctor instructed that Alissa stay off her feet for the next twenty four hours.   She could return to normal activity in three days.

The next morning, Sharlee dropped Cara and Shawn off at school and then went to class herself.  She was taking an early release from classes so that she could stay with her mother while Dale was at the hospital.

Alissa  insisted that she would be fine alone, but Dale refused to leave her alone.  She spent the time on her laptop looking for houses for rent and researching information for her next story at work.   She found two houses that she thought would work for them.

Dale and the twins went to the airport to pick up his father.  It was unnerving to meet a man who he knew to be his father, but of whom he had no memories.  When Cara and Shawn ran to greet an older man to whom he bore a striking resemblance, Dale knew that he had to be his father.

Robert walked over to Dale.  He was not normally an emotional man but he couldn’t stop the tears from sliding from his eyes as he looked at his youngest son.  He could see in Dale’s eyes that Dale did not remember him.  However, that didn’t stop him from grabbing Dale and holding him tightly.

Dale felt uncomfortable, but he didn’t pull away. 

They went back to the hotel.   Robert was happy to see Sharlee too.  It had been more than six months since he had last seen his grandchildren.  Sharlee greeted Robert with a hug and then she left the room to change for dinner.  

The reunion between Robert and Alissa was a little more awkward.  Since Alissa didn’t rise, he sat on the table facing her, and Dale joined her on the loveseat.

“So, how have you been, Alissa?”

“I’m happier than I’ve been over the past few years!”  She responded while looking at Dale.

Robert followed her gaze and smiled.  “Alissa, Valerie and I both want you to know how sorry we are over the way that we treated you when you married Alex.  It wasn’t fair to either of you! 

I hope that we can all regain the close relationship that we had before and not just because Dale is back.  We’ve felt this way for a while, but Alex wouldn’t let us back in your lives.  I don’t know how much good my coming will do.  Alex hasn’t cared about anything that  I’ve had to say for years!   Although he is the eldest, he somehow began to feel that we favored, Dale.”

“I appreciate the apology, and I really appreciate you coming here!” 

Alissa knew that it would not be that easy for her to forgive Valerie’s accusations.   She would have to hear Valerie herself apologize before she believed that Valerie was truly sorry.  Although he said it was not the reason, she wondered if this change of attitude was really because Dale was back and he wanted contact with Dale and the children.   Robert’s smile at her had not quite reached his eyes.

Robert noticed that Alissa wasn’t up and around like everyone else.  “Are you ill?”

Alissa flushed and looked at Dale.  Dale didn’t know if it’d be right to tell Alex’s father what Alex  had done to her.

“It’s not anything serious!  I was hurt accidentally, and I just have to take it easy for a few days.”

Robert didn’t ask anymore questions.  “Your mother said to tell you that she can’t wait to see you tomorrow.   Her plane arrives at 9:00.”

Neither Dale nor Alissa said anything in response. 

“Let me get settled into my room and then we can go out to dinner.  Has anyone called Alex?”

Alissa looked at the floor.  

Sharlee, Cara and Shawn came back into the room.  They had changed for dinner.

“Are we going to eat dinner soon?”

“Yes, in just a little while.”  Dale answered.  Then he went over to Alissa.

“Alissa, are you sure that you are up to it?”

“Yes.  I’m okay!  It’s not that far to walk.”

They had decided to eat at the hotel restaurant.

“Robert, why don’t you call Alex?”

Alissa dialed his number and handed the phone to Robert.  Then she and Dale changed clothing for dinner.

Alex was pleasantly surprised to see Alissa’s number on the caller ID.  He was shocked to hear his father’s voice.   He agreed to meet them at the hotel for dinner.

Dale insisted on carrying Alissa to the elevator although she protested.

“Alissa, I’m not willing to take a chance on you having a setback just for dinner.  So either I’m carrying you, or you can stay here.  You know I’m right, don’t you?”

Alissa hadn’t wanted to admit it, but she didn’t feel like going.  She didn’t know if she was ready to see Alex this soon after what he had done to her.  However, she felt like she needed to be there too.

“Dale everyone will stare!”

“Alright.  I’ll carry you to the elevator and then you hold onto me for support going to the table!”


Alissa enjoyed having Dale carry her.  He enjoyed holding her close too.

He helped her out of the elevator and into a seat in the dining room.

“Mom when can you walk again?”

“I can walk more tomorrow, and then on Saturday I can get back to my regular routine.”

A look of displeasure came to Dale’s face as Alex approached their table.   Alex walked over to Alissa and leaned over and kissed her.  Not a soft peck, but a real kiss.  Dale  started to stand up, and Alissa waved him away because of the children.  She didn’t want an embarrassing scene that would upset them.  Alex knew she would feel that way and caused a scene by dragging out the kiss. 

Robert saw that Dale was trembling with rage and the effort to restrain himself.  Alissa was right.  The situation between his sons was volatile.

Dale folded his arms to restrain himself from jerking Alex away from Alissa.  In a warning voice,  Dale said,  “That’s enough, Alex!”

When Alex finished, he looked at Dale triumphantly and went to greet his father.

Alissa’s face was flushed with humiliation and anger.  How dared Alex act like nothing had happened.   She intended to have a talk with him.  She wouldn’t stand for this treatment!

Throughout the dinner, Alissa and Dale just kept looking at each other.   Each determined that they would never again take being together for granted.  They held hands under the table.

Alex watched them with jealousy and anger.   The looks he gave Dale were full of hatred. 

Shawn and Cara picked up on the strain between their father and Alex.  

They each saw the expression of anger on his face as he looked at Dale, and it made them afraid.

Sharlee saw it too and stared at Alex until he met her gaze.   She looked at him with sadness and disappointment.  

Alex was past caring what anyone else thought of him.   He looked at her in return until she dropped her gaze.

Robert saw all of this, including Dale and Alissa’s obvious joy in being together again.  He felt that they needed to spend some time alone to reconnect and wondered if they would agree to letting he and Valerie take care of the children for a few days.

Alissa constantly felt Alex’ s eyes on her.  She couldn’t bear to look at him, and hearing his voice brought back the night before vividly into her mind.

There wasn’t very much conversation.   After the children were finished eating, Robert said,  “Dale why don’t you get Alissa and the kids settled upstairs and then join Alex and me in my room?  I’ll take care of the bill.”

The restaurant was no longer full, and Alissa still wasn’t feeling well.  She held up her arms for Dale to carry her.  

As he left the table with Alissa in his arms, Alex stared at him, fuming inside.

Alissa nuzzled her head against Dale, and he thought of how delicate, how vulnerable she was;  of how much he loved her.  It infuriated him that Alex could even have thought of hurting her.   He didn’t stay in their suite for long after dropping off Alissa and the children.

When they finished their baths and were dressed for bed,  the children climbed up onto the bed with Alissa.

“Mom, why is Alex so mad at Daddy?” 

Alissa tried to think of the right words to explain it.  

“It’s not that he’s mad at your Dad.   He is just having a hard time getting used to the fact that we are going to be living with Daddy now and not with him.”

“He sure looked mad!”  Sean said.

“Yeah, and Daddy was mad at him too!   Especially when Alex was kissing you, Mom!   Why did Alex do that when he knows that Daddy is back?”

“I know it’s not easy to understand, but sometimes adults don’t behave the way that they should.  Alex wants things to go back to the way they were before your Dad came back, but they can’t.   I don’t want them to.  We’re going to be with your Dad.  Please don’t worry!   Everything will be okay.  Your Dad, and I will make sure of it!”

“Okay Mom.”

Even though Alissa had tried to reassure them, Sharlee wasn’t so sure that everything would be okay.   She had seen the cold hatred in Alex’s eyes as he had looked at her father, and the way that he looked at her mother.   He still felt that her mother belonged with him.

As soon as he entered the room,  Dale headed straight for Alex.   Alex rose to meet him.   Robert quickly stepped between his two sons.  

“No.   This cannot happen!  My two sons are not going to kill each other!   Especially not over some loose woman!”

Alex and Dale both stopped and looked at their father.   Alex smirked.   He knew that his parents believed that he and Alissa had been seeing each other even before Dale’s supposed death.

“There may not be much that I remember, but I do remember Alissa.   I know that she never cheated on me and never would.  She is not a loose woman.   Let me make one thing clear.  I don’t know you people!   I feel no ties to you, and I’d have no problem never laying eyes on you again!  So telling me that he is my brother, your son, is not going to stop me from giving him the beating that he deserves after hurting Alissa the way that he did!”

“I should have known that you’d waste no time telling Dad about what happened.    Didn’t she tell you that it was consensual?   I didn’t do anything that she didn’t want me to do!   You bore her in bed, Dale.    With me, she’s adventurous.   She likes to try new things!”

Dale tried to get to him again and Robert stopped him.   

Robert looked at Alex in disappointment and disgust.   “Is this the reason that Alissa can barely walk?   You did that to her Alex?”

Alex didn’t say anything.   He just looked at them both contemptuously. 

Robert sighed deeply.   He could not continue to blame Alissa for this situation.   She was really caught in the middle between two men both of whom she had loved.   He knew what to say now.

“You both claim to love Alissa.   Well this is your chance to show how much!   Dale you say that you feel no ties to me or to Alex, but Alissa knows that Alex is your brother.   How do you think it makes her feel to know that she is the cause of the rift between the two of you?”

“Alex!   You are Dale’s older brother whether you want to acknowledge that fact or not.   You remember the way that he used to look up to you and tried to copy everything that you did.  You always used to look out for him.   That didn’t change until Alissa came along.   You both fell in love with the same woman.   She must be very special to have captured both of your hearts in the way in which she has.”

Neither Alex nor Dale spoke.   Robert continued speaking.

“If either one of you harms the other, how do you think that will make Alissa feel?   She will feel responsible.  If one of you ends up in jail because of it, how do you think she will feel?   The guilt would eat away at her.   Have you thought that maybe then she won’t want to have anything to do with either of you?”

He looked at Dale.

“And you, Dale.   There is not just Alissa to think about.   You have three children!   Think about how your actions will effect them!   They also love both you and Alex.   They would not want either of you harmed.   Alex and Dale, you both have to forget about your own selfish needs!”

Dale was really thinking about what his father said.   He was finding it difficult not to put his hands around Alex’s neck and squeeze the  life out of him, but for his family he would not do it.  At least for now, he would not do it.

Alex had barely been listening to his father.  He had developed a plan for what he realized that he really wanted.   He had to leave on an assignment the following morning.   When he returned, he would put his plan into action.

15 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Sixty-Five

  1. I hope he doesn’t make it back from assignment! That man has lost his mind. So he kills Dale does he really think Alissa would come back to him after what he did to her? He is sick and twisted and needs to fall off a cliff!

    • Not come back! LOL That would solve a lot of problems for Alissa and Dale.
      He is really sick now. His thinking is distorted.

      Thanks for reading, Jaz. I know this was a long one! 🙂

  2. That is just rediculous having the two men share a dinner with Alissa. What was the father thinking?!

    That kiss was nothing but a jerk-off move! UGH I can’t tell you how much I dislike Alex. Before all of this, I had wondered what it would be like for Alissa to be with Alex, but now, I just want him to die! I agree, I hope his mission fails and he gets captured or killed.

    Even the kids don’t like Alex anymore. I don’t think Alissa would care at all if Dale and them moved far far away from Dale’s family. They are all screwy in the head. All but Dale, and even he is screwy in the head. (Or course, it’s not his fault. He got smooshed by rocks.)

    Another PLAN? WTF Alex, stop making “plans” and start with the suicide attempts!!

    That might be a tiddly bit harsh, but I don’t care. =P

    • He was just thinking of spending time with his sons and grandchildren again. He wasn’t thinking about how it might be difficult for them.

      Alex has become a jerk. He’ll be even more of one in the next chapter. You don’t like Alex more? LOL
      I can’t believe you want Alex dead now!

      Yes, he has even hurt his relationship with the children now.
      Kate you always make me laugh!

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. Alex needs kicking in the head!!!! He’s making me angry!
    I hope he gets what’s coming to him. I agree with Jazen that he shouldn’t come back from the assignment.
    I really felt for Alissa in this chapter, Alex has hurt her so much to the point where she can’t even walk and then he has the nerve to sit with all the family as if he hasn’t done anything wrong!!
    This was a really good chapter!

    • Alex has crossed the line now! The sad thing is that he thinks he’s right.

      Alissa is in a bad situation now. It’s going to be even worse for her in upcoming chapters.

      Thanks Clairey, that means a lot to me! Thank you for reading the story! 🙂

  4. I have grown a hatred to Alex. He is an ass! I would of strangled him if I was Dale whatever Robert had said. I have had enough of ALEX.

    I hope his new plan if to get shot. And I’m not a violence person.

    • Alex’s family is having a hard time loving him right now too! LOL
      If it weren’t for his family, Dale would have strangled him.
      Alex’s plan is revealed in the next chapter!

      I’m finishing up the pictures for Deceived right now, and I plan to start the pictures for Alissa after that.
      Here is a link for Deceived if you want to check it out too.

      Thanks for reading, Anaiah! And thank you for commenting too! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  5. Ok I have reserved comment until this very last chapter. I first came across your story on the Sims exchange I have to say that i fell in love with it from that moment on. I read it all day yesterday into the evening, all day at work today and finished it when I got home this evening. I am in love with your characters, the drama and the beautiful pictures that help to visualize what is happening.

    Now, I love Dale and Alissa. Sharlee is a smart and beautiful young woman, but that Alex! he is disgusting! I have never met someone like him. I hope he goes away and never comes back, but then the story might end and I must say that I really need more. So keep writing and I will keep reading!

    • I’m so happy that you love Alissa! 🙂 I hope you continue to enjoy reading it!
      You are so sweet! I really appreciate your comments!

      Everyone hates Alex, now. He has really changed throughout the story!
      I promise it won’t end if he does go away! LOL

      I plan to start the pictures for the next chapter tomorrow.
      Deceived is taking me longer than I expected.

      Thanks for reading and giving me feedback, Monique! I hope to hear from you again! 🙂

  6. Really Good book thanks for writing it it is so good. Me and all of my friends are reading it. LOVE IT! We always find it so interesting! I Love how dale came back but alex is a real bad guy!

    • Oh thanks so much Vanessa! You made my day! I’m always really happy when other people enjoy reading about Alissa and her family as much as I enjoy writing about them. 🙂

      Yeah, I missed Dale while he was gone. I had to bring him back! 😀

      Thanks for reading, Vanessa! I’m very happy to meet you and thanks for your feedback! 🙂


  8. Alright, dat bitch better never even THINK about coming back from that assignment, unless his plan has to do with bringing dale and Alissa closer, or apologizing to Alissa, which I HIGHLY DOUBT WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! I HATE ALEX, I JUST HATE HIM!!! I wish that he would just die!! Alissa BELONGS with dale!!

    I wish that thongs would go back to normal and that dale would remember everything because then he would have the sand relationships with everyone! The family still just doesn’t feel the same with dales memory loss!!


    • Alissa feels the same way about Alex now. She really sees that he isn’t the person she thought he was or that he has really changed from the man he used to be.

      Thanks Bella! 🙂

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