Alissa: Chapter Fifty-Nine

Two weeks later and Alissa was in Riverview, standing before Dale’s tombstone after the memorial service.  The family had lingered at the graveside.  

Dale’s sister Leslie with her husband George, their daughter Kaylie and Dale’s daughter Cara.

Dale’s father Robert and mother Valerie.

Dale’s stepdaughter Sharlee.

Alissa, Dale’s brother Alex and Dale’s son Shawn.

Gradually everyone else started leaving.  Alissa continued to stand there.  Sharlee looked back at  her mother and hesitated.  

“You go back to the house with Mom and Dad, Sharlee.  I’ll stay with your Mother.”

Alissa had not cried since finding out that Dale was dead.  Suddenly, her control slipped and it hit her all at once.  She felt a crushing pain in her chest and collapsed to her knees in tears.

She had always heard people talk about having a broken heart.  She had thought the pain was only emotional.  Now she found that it was a literal pain, piercing her heart.

Alex rushed to her side.  “I am so deeply sorry, Alissa.  I know how much you loved him!”

Alissa and the children were back home on Legacy Island packing up the house.  Robert and Valerie had convinced Alissa that it would be best to move to Riverview so that they could help her with the children.

Alissa had quit her job at the television station there on Legacy Island.   She had been able to get a job as an anchor at the local television station in Riverview thanks to references from her previous employers.  It was a small station and she knew that she could be a valuable employee.

It had been hard to say goodbye to her close friends there on the island.  Lala, Brandon, Sammi and  Sammi’s husband Lance.    She had tried to convince their housekeeper, Jerrald to move with them.  He was a good friend too, but he was planning to be married soon.

She had insisted that Sharlee, Cara and Shawn go to bed.   As she mindlessly packed another box, the doorbell rang.  She wondered who it could be at that time of the night.   She fought back tears as she thought about how at that time just a few weeks ago, she had been laying in Dale’s arms in their bed.

She answered the door and was surprised to see that it was Alex.  “Alex!  I wasn’t expecting you!”

“I know.  I just decided to come this afternoon.  I was able to get some more time off from work.  I couldn’t let you make a move like this without some help!”

Alissa felt like bursting into tears.  She had never noticed before how similar Dale and Alex’s voices were. 

“How do you manage to get so much time off from work?”

“They know I’m the best at my job and they want to keep me around!”

“Well, thank you for coming Alex!”

She headed back to the living room and Alex followed behind her.  Then she turned to face him again.  She just looked at him silently.  Alex wondered what she was thinking.  Then she spoke.

“You really can help me, Alex.  I’ve packed up my things in the bedroom, but I was going to ask Jerrald to pack…”

She broke off as a stabbing pain in her chest took her breath away.  Alex reached for her, but she waved him away and fought the tears back.  She didn’t have time to grieve.  She couldn’t break down.  The kids needed her, and she needed to get them moved.

“You want me to pack Dale’s things?”

“Yes.  I know its not easy for you either, Alex.”

“I’ll be glad to do that on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you have any sleeping pills?”

She looked like she was dead on her feet.  She was pale and very tired looking.  He knew that she probably had not been sleeping.

“Yes.  We have some.”

“Take a couple of sleeping pills and then go to bed.  Please try and get some sleep, Alissa.  Let me  take some of the load off of you!  Let me really  help you!”

Alissa looked at him silently.  Then she said,  “I will take the sleeping pills, Alex, but nights are the worst.  I hate laying in that bed and knowing that Dale won’t ever be there to hold me again.   That I can’t ever look into his green eyes again.  I’ll never see his loving smile again.  He had a special smile just for me!  A special way that he looked at just me!  Never again!”  Tears were falling down her cheeks as she spoke, making Alex hurt for her.   She pulled herself together.

“I’ll take the pills now.” 

She got a glass of water and then headed into the master bedroom.  She reached under her pillow and pulled out one of Dale’s shirts.  It still had the smell of his cologne.  She didn’t know what she would do when the scent wore off.    She headed to the bathroom to take her shower.

After she was finished with her shower, she sat on the bed.  Alex knocked at the door, suddenly worried that she might take too many pills.  Alissa grabbed her robe and told him to come in.

“Did you find the pills?”

“They’re on the nightstand over there.”

Alex walked to the other side of the bed and got the pills.  He handed a dose to Alissa.

She swallowed them and then she lay down on the bed.  Her body started shaking from the stress and strong emotion of the past three weeks since Dale’s death, and from the emotions that she had been struggling to hold in.

Alex couldn’t bear seeing her this way.  He climbed on the bed beside her and pulled her into his arms.  This time she didn’t pull away.  She started to cry, sobs that came from deep within her heart.  She cried until the pills began to take effect and she fell asleep.  Alex stayed with her, holding her tightly the rest of the night.

About a month later, they were settled in a new house in Riverview.  The children had adjusted well to the move.  They were like their father.   He had never met a stranger and made friends easily.  All three children were the same way.  They had his charisma.

At first Alissa felt as though she were just drifting along.  She had started her job at the television station and tried to excel in the position.  Gradually, she was able to show some enthusiasm again.  She began to smile again although not as freely.

A year and a half went by.  Alex visited every weekend.  He was there for Alissa and for the children.

Alissa’s pain over losing Dale had not faded, but she was able to keep it private.  She began to feel lonely.  Of course, she had the children and friends, but she missed the special closeness that she had with Dale.   That weekend, the children were going camping with Valerie and Robert.

“Mom!  Where is my sleeping bag?”

“Where it always is.  It’s in the garage.”

Shawn ran to the garage and got his sleeping bag.  

Cara rushed past her next to run up the stairs.

“I almost forgot my camera!”

Alissa walked into the kitchen.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay, Mom?”

Alissa looked at her eldest daughter.   Since Dale’s death, she was always trying to look after her mother.

“Sweetie, I’ll be fine!  You have a good time with your grandparents.”

Sharlee smiled.  “Okay!  I can’t wait!  We haven’t been camping in ages!”

She ran to get her sleeping bag too.   Camping was not one of Alissa’s favorite things to do.  She used to go sometimes with Dale and the children because it was a family outing, but she did not miss it at all!

The children had been gone an hour, when Alex came through the door.  She had given all the family a key to the house.  “Alex, what are you doing here?   The children have gone camping with your parents this weekend!”

“I know.”  He seemed nervous.

“Are you okay, Alex?”

“Alissa, I’ve tried to find the right words to say to you, but I don’t know them.  Dale has been gone for more than a year now, and we’ve become even closer.”

He paused, then he suddenly pulled her to him and pressed his lips against the pulse in her neck.  Alissa was surprised, but she didn’t pull away.  It felt good to have his body pressed so tightly against hers, stirring up feelings that she hadn’t experienced since before Dale’s death.

Her response was just as Alex had hoped.  He felt her pulse increase as his kiss became more passionate.  He had waited, allowing her time to grieve and quietly warning off anyone else who showed an interest in her.  Alex still remembered his confrontation with Jon Lesson.

Jon had been the most persistent.   Jon had seemed to genuinely care about her.   Alex knew that Alissa hadn’t realized Jon’s feelings for her and that Alissa hadn’t returned them.  At that time she was still deeply grieving for Dale.

He moved to her lips and they kissed each other eagerly.  Their old attraction for each other was still there just as strong as ever.

Alex led her to the bedroom.  “Alissa is this too soon for you?”  He asked her after he placed her on the bed.

For her answer, she pulled his head down to hers for another kiss.  He undressed her and she helped him to undress.   Alex was afraid that something would happen again to stop him from having her, and he rushed through their first time together.

After he released himself for the first time with her, he had tears in his eyes.  Alissa saw them as he forced them back.  She had tears in hers too, but hers were because he wasn’t Dale.  “What is it Alex?”

“It’s, well, Alissa.  I have wanted you for such a very long time, and it was even better than I imagined it would be!” 

He kissed her and their second time he made sure that she was just as satisfied as he was.  They stayed in bed for most of that weekend, making love. 

Their final night together, Alex felt very content with Alissa in his arms.

“So, when are you going to marry me?”


“Alissa, we have known each other for years and loved each other.  I don’t want to waste any more time.   When will you marry me?”

Alissa remained silent.  She needed to think about it.   Although, she was feeling lonely, she hadn’t considered remarrying.   However, Alex was right.  She did love him.  It would never be the way that she loved Dale, but she knew that she could make him happy.

The children and he got along very well, but that was with him as their uncle Alex.  She didn’t know how they would feel about having him as their stepfather.

Alex guessed what she was thinking.  “Talk with the children and see how they feel about it.    I can get a transfer to the field office closest to Riverview.  That way you and the children won’t have to move.  I’ll be working in the office, so I won’t have to do as much field work.  I’ll be here for you and the children.  I know that you worry about me, Alissa.”

“But Alex, you love that position!”

“Not as much as I love you!”

“Alex, let me talk with the kids and see how they feel.  I want to marry you too, but I can’t do that if my children will be unhappy!”

“I understand.  Making them unhappy is the last thing that I want to do!”

23 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Fifty-Nine

  1. Aww!
    Alissa looks way different with her hair short!
    The funeral scene was great, I loved all of the poses you had for it!
    I’ve always wanted to see what Alex and Alissa would be like as a couple. But Idk, I just don’t see the connection that Alissa and Dale had. Maybe it’s because Alex kinda forced himself onto Alissa while Dale was so sweet from the beginning, donating money to her without even knowing her.
    I’m excited to see how this new story plot plays out! Your stories are so addicting!

    • I wanted to change her look for a while. I prefer the longer hair though.

      Thanks, Kate! Those poses fit this part of the story perfectly. I was so glad when the creator posted them. I knew I could use them for this storyline.

      You’ll see more of Alissa and Alex in more chapters of this storyline. I can’t say more!

      Addicting! LOL

      Thanks for reading, Kate! 🙂

  2. The funeral was sad. Poor Alissa.

    So Alex finally got what he’s wanted all those years. Alissa isn’t being fair to him if even while she was with him, her thoughts were on Dale. He does love he and will do everything to make her happy. The whole marriage things is so like a soap opera LOL. My uncle and my step-dad. I know he wants to do more than just have secret meetings, he cares more about her to reduce her to something so sorted but I don’t know how the kids or the rest of the family will react to them as a couple.

    Should be interesting.

    Great chapter. Are those new poses?

    • Yes. It was. She was heartbroken.

      Alex finally got Alissa. Alex does know how much she cared for Dale.
      I thought the same thing about soap opera, but a lot of the story has been that way! LOL
      Alex wants her in his life full time now. The kids and family reaction is in the next chapter!

      Thanks Jaz! I sent you a PM about the poses. 🙂

    • Thanks Marissa! Alex knew that she needed time to grieve for Dale.
      I had planned to work on Alissa and finish Deceived today, but I’m not feeling well.
      Hopefully, I can work on them tomorrow.

      Thanks for continuing to read the story and giving me feedback! 🙂

    • She does make bad decisions sometimes! For some reason, she loves him.

      You hate him? He has done some wrong things. So I definitely understand why you hate him!

      Thanks for reading, Katie! 🙂

  3. I really hate Alex, and I sort of hate Alissa right now for marrying him! But I love her short hair, where did you get it, it’s gorgeous! I think I like her better with long hair but I really want that style.

    • You’ll probably have a lot of mixed feelings about Alissa and the choices she makes throughout the story! LOL Sometimes she makes really bad decisions. 😦

      I can’t remember where I got that style. I have a lot of Custom Content now. Probably too much, but I’m addicted to it! 😀 It might be Newsea. I shortened it in this chapter to try and show more of a passage of time.

      Thanks for reading, Claire! 🙂

  4. omg i just had an amazing thought. Too bad it can’t be in the storyline :(. I was thinking that Dale could come back as a ghost and be with Allisa! oh god they might even have ghost babies! that would be interesting… and ghost hunters would come and Allisa would say,”that ghost is my husband!” omg that would be intense! if only I was reading when you were still writing :(. good chapter. that add to make it great was Dale -gets tears in eye’s-

  5. I was crying this whole chapter and to be honest I kinda hate Alex maybe just a……. MOTHERLODE he forced his way to make her love him but it’s not dale *sigh*

  6. What……the……..fuck……….

    Okay, I realized that dale got trampled under a pile of rocks in a tomb, but me thought that some miracle was gonna happen and that he would live!!! I mean it was literally THE MOST PREDICTABLE thing EVER when Anne and Alex got together!! I mean I guess they were a cute couple and all, but they definitely do NOT have that special. Chemistry that she and dale had! I am not trying to be rude, this is an amazing story and a SERIOUS UNEXPECTED plot twist, but I’m not gonna lie……… IM PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I hate Alex. He’s just like “Ohh, Dale, my little brother who was married to the woman I loved, is dead! Let me swoop in and take her.” I have no respect for him. I know it was a while after his death, but still. There was no reason for Alissa to rush into a marriage with him. And he proposed so disgustingly. After sex just “So, when are we going to get married.” If a guy ever told me that, I would slap him across the face. Alex is just the worse. While Dale was alive, any chance he had, he would try to get Alissa, and after he died.

    Also Alissa, after getting kinda proposed to like that says “I want to marry you.” I wouldn’t want to get into another marriage with a new person so soon even if it was just a year ago. It’s like she feels desperate to find someone new and Alex was perfect to fill the spot. To fulfill her sexual desires.

    (Please don’t think I’m criticizing your writing, because I think it’s really fantastic! I’m speaking of the characters as if they are real.)

    I love this story a lot! Usually deeper in a story I read, I’ll think that I don’t like how it’s going, or just don’t like it, but with yours I’m always on the edge of my seat going to chapter after chapter to see what happens next!

    • When it comes to Alissa, you’re right. Alex’s thinking and behavior has been very off.

      Dale had been dead for almost two years and Alissa had begun to feel very lonely. I’d like to think that it was more than wanting sex. Had it been just for that, she wouldn’t have had to marry Alex. She could have just continued to sleep with him. For years she has been very attracted to Alex and she did care about him.

      So it wasn’t exactly rushing into marriage with a stranger or someone whom she hasn’t known for long. She hoped that marrying him would fill the empty space that she had in her heart and her life now that Dale was dead. She may even have felt a bit that she owed it to Alex too because of all of the things that he’s done for her in the past.

      Alex waited until he felt that Alissa would be open to having a relationship with him. His way of proposing wasn’t romantic, but not every guy is a Dale! LOL

      Thanks for the compliment on my writing! I do have Alissa make some maddening decisions in the story! You’ll probably get upset with her further in the story too. 😉 I certainly wouldn’t do some of the things that she does! 😀

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