Alissa: Chapter Fifty-One

Alissa felt better when she awakened the next morning.   The color had returned to her face, and she didn’t feel as nauseous.  She took a shower and then went into the kitchen to start breakfast.

Dale got up and went into the bathroom to shower.   He was rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, when he felt someone enter the shower behind him and wrap her arms around his waist.

He smiled,  “Let me rinse this out, and I’ll be right with you, Babe.   We do have some unfinished business don’t we?” 

He was glad that Alissa must be feeling better this morning and a little frisky!

He turned around in her arms and came face to face with Devra.  

His automatic reaction was to push her away!  She flew out of the shower and landed hard on the floor.   

Dale didn’t even help her up.  He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself.  He had never met a woman as disgusting and despicable!  She had a complete lack of respect for Alissa and for him!

Alissa heard the commotion and rushed into the bathroom.   She was shocked to see her mother in there on the floor naked!

Devra got up and grabbed a towel.  Dale walked out of the bathroom.

“What’s going on?  What are you doing in here, Devra?”

“Crystal was in my bathroom, and so I came down here to use yours.  I didn’t know he was in here!  I thought he had already left for work!” 

Devra’s real motive had been to try again to seduce Dale.  She not only wanted to prove to Alissa that Dale would be unfaithful, but she also wanted to prove to herself her own desirability .   That Alissa was not now more attractive than she was.  Before the years of drug abuse had begun to take their toll on her appearance, Devra had always been able to get any man she wanted, and Dale was a very attractive man! 

The fact that he was her daughter’s husband didn’t matter to her.  She ignored her own instructions to Crystal to behave herself.  If Alissa threw her out, so be it!  It just meant that Alissa couldn’t stand the competition.  If things worked out the way she planned, they wouldn’t need to stay here after today anyway!

“You know I might believe you, if I didn’t know that there are two other bathrooms upstairs besides yours.  As well as the fact that there is another bathroom down here besides this one!  I can’t keep making excuses for you Devra!”   She couldn’t keep the anger and disgust out of her voice.

Alissa felt totally betrayed by her mother.  Dale was her husband!  This was a personal attack on something basic within her as a woman.  Alissa wanted to slap Devra, but she knew that would undo any progress that she had made with her sister. 

It took every ounce of her self control, but she just stood there looking into her mother’s smug face.

“I’m telling you the truth!  I can’t help it if you don’t believe me!”  Devra said, and then she stalked back upstairs to her room.

Alissa walked back into the bedroom, not knowing what she could possibly say to Dale to smooth things over.  Her mother had completely crossed a line!

“There’s no more discussion, Alissa!  Either they leave or I’m leaving!”

“I can’t believe that you are forcing me to choose between you and my family, Dale!’  Alissa shouted.   

All of her patience was gone.  She couldn’t seem to stop the quick anger that boiled up inside her at his ultimatum.  In her heart she knew Dale was right, but still she kept fighting.

“I was under the impression that I was even more your family than they are!” 

He forced himself to calm down.   She just refused to be reasonable about this.  

“Alissa, you leave me no choice.  I’m leaving, and I’m taking the children.”

“Well,  you can’t take Sharlee!  She’s not yours.”  

As soon as the words left her tongue, Alissa wished she could take them back!  

She started to apologize, but Dale stopped her from speaking.

“We both know that you don’t believe that.  So there is no point in apologizing.  You only said it because you knew it would hurt me.  That’s not like you, Alissa.   It’s just another example of why they need to leave!   I’m taking all three of our children, and we’re staying at a hotel.   You have until the weekend to get through to your sister.  That’s just three days away.   After that,  they are out!”

He grabbed a suitcase and started packing some clothing.   Alissa stormed out of the room and rushed outside to the beach. 

Dale went upstairs and packed some things for the twins, and then he went to tell Sharlee.

He put the suitcase on the floor. 

“Sharlee, let’s get some things together for you and put them in the suitcase. We’re going to stay at a hotel until the weekend.  Then your grandmother and your aunt are leaving!”

“Really, Dad?  They are leaving?”  Sharlee’s happiness at their departure was in her voice!

“Yes.  They are leaving Saturday!”

“Is Mommy coming too?”

“No, she wants to spend a little more time with them, but we don’t have to!”

Sharlee happily helped him pack some things and then went to eat her breakfast. 

Dale went out on the balcony to check on Alissa.     She was standing on the beach.  She looked so dejected and alone, but this was how it had to be.    He knew that if he remained under the same roof with her mother, he would lose his temper.  He had never hurt a woman, but she might be the first.

Dale called Brandon to ask him to cover for him at the hospital while he took Sharlee to school and the twins to preschool.   He also wanted to get a suite at a hotel before he went in to work.

“Sure, I’ll cover for you, Dale!”

“Thanks, Brandon!”

As soon as they hung up, Brandon went to talk with Lala quickly.  Then he called Dale back.

“Dale forget about the hotel.  I talked with Lala, and we want you and the kids to stay with us.  Why don’t you come over now and bring the kids.  Sharlee can catch the bus here, and Lala can take the twins to preschool!   She’s got a great manager working for her at the bookstore; and so, she doesn’t have to be there as much!   This way, we can both get to work on time!”

“Are you really sure about that, Brandon?   You guys don’t have to do this!”

“We want to, Dale!  You’d do it for us without question!   You are all family to us, now!”

“Alright, we’ll be right over!”  Dale rushed the kids over to the Rutherwell’s, and then he went to work.

Alissa stood out on the beach long after Dale left.   She knew he was right.  Why did she keep fighting him?  She would not have blamed him if he had said that he wasn’t coming back.  How could she risk her relationship with Dale, and her children’s happiness and security the way that she had?  Was she more like her mother than she realized?

The headache began to return.  She started to think about the way she had been feeling for the past couple of weeks.  Then it dawned on her what the cause might be.  She suddenly began to feel happier. 

She decided to make a doctor’s appointment for the next day to verify her suspicion.  If she was right, then she would talk with her sister heart to heart one more time and then that would be it!  They would have to leave.  She and her family couldn’t handle any more stress from Devra and Crystal!

Dale left the operating room and went to his office to relax until his next surgery.  He thought about Alissa and the way she had been behaving. 

He suddenly remembered the last time she had behaved this way, and then he smiled.   She had all the symptoms again!  He decided to pick up a test after he got off from work and take it to her.

When Alissa went back inside the house, her mother and sister were not there.   She was relieved.  She decided to catch up on writing in her journal.

After Devra entered the club, she signaled to Anthony and  Link to join her outside.  After they joined her, she got right down to business.   She badly needed a fix, but she had no more money.  Alissa didn’t have any cash in her purse.   She had checked.

“Do you have the cash?”

“Maybe I can join your organization?  I have a lot of experience.”

“We don’t have junkies working for us!”

“Well, maybe we can make some other arrangement!”   She stood provocatively.

Anthony laughed and Link snorted!  “You’re older than my Mom!  You gotta be kidding me!”

Devra thought quickly.   She needed that fix badly!  It was time that Crystal joined the other part of the family business!

“My daughter’s inside!   You’ll be her first!”

She led them back into the bar.

“Where is she?”

“You mean that kid?  Are you crazy!  We don’t do kids!  We have our standards!”

They headed for the door!

Devra followed them out.   “Wait!  I have another daughter.   She is gorgeous, and she’s just the right age!   Let me get her over here!”

They whispered together for a few moments.  “Okay, but this is your last chance.   Here is a downpayment.”   He slipped her a few meth tablets.  “She’d better be worth it, or we’ll take it out of your hide!”

“Oh, she’ll be worth it.   She may need some persuading though!”

“Persuasion is our specialty!”

Devra gave them her description and told them her name.

Devra went inside and got Crystal’s phone to send a text to Alissa.  She felt no guilt over what she was doing.   “Alissa owes me!   Besides, Ms. High and Mighty needs to be brought down a notch!”   She thought to herself.

After Dale got off from work, he picked up the test for Alissa and then he went to the Rutherwell’s to check on the kids.

“Dale we need to talk with you!  There are some things that you need to know about your mother-in-law.”

They sat down in the livingroom, and Lala told him about Devra’s past and what she was doing before she left Sunset Valley.   Lala had spoken with her mother that morning and found out more information.

“Crystal was expelled from school because she was caught using and distributing meth and oxy at school!  She is on probation and was not cleared to leave Sunset Valley.”

“What!”  Dale said.

“That’s not the worst of it!   Devra is under investigation for the robbing and bludgeoning of one of her suspected clients.  The police were still gathering evidence in their investigation, and she too was not to leave the jurisdiction!”

“You’ve got to get them out of your house, Dale!   I’ll go with you!”

Dale thought for a few moments.  Ordinarily, he knew that Alissa would readily agree that her mother and sister should leave, but she was being so unreasonable and contrary right now.   He had promised her until Saturday.   However, they needed to be out tonight!

“Dale, why don’t I have Alissa come over here for a visit.  You know she’s missing the children!   Then you and Brandon can go to the house and make Devra and Crystal leave.  Threaten them with the police if they try to contact Alissa again.  Then Alissa will think that they just left on their own while she was gone!  She won’t have to feel guilty, and she and the children will be safe again!”

“Safe!  I never really thought that her mother might harm her physically, but who knows.  Devra’s tried to hurt Alissa emotionally at every opportunity.   You’re right!  Call her now, please!  I have to get those two away from her as soon as possible!”

Alissa answered her phone.  It was Lala.

“Hello Alissa.  I was calling to invite you over to spend the evening with me and the kids.  I know Sharlee called and told you that they were staying with us.   Dale and Brandon have gone out somewhere.  So I thought that we could spend the evening together too!”

“That sounds good, Lala!   I’ll be right over!” 

Dale and Brandon left the Rutherwell’s house.

As soon as Alissa hung up with Lala, she received a text message on her phone.  It was from Crystal.

It said:

“Alissa, I don’t like it here at this club!  Devra refuses to leave.  I don’t feel safe taking the subway home alone from this part of town!  Can you please come and pick me up?”  She included the name of the club in the text.

Alissa thought for a few moments.   Every town had its bad areas and that club was in one of them.   However, she felt that she had no choice.  She couldn’t leave Crystal there!

Besides, the fact that she had asked Alissa to come for her showed progress.  Crystal was beginning to trust her!   She called Lala back and told her that she had to make a stop first and would be over after that.  Then she headed to the club to get Crystal. 

Crystal was sitting at the bar alone when Alissa arrived. 

“Come on!  Let’s go Crystal!”

“Go?  I’m not going anywhere!”

Alissa looked around her.  There was no way that the bartender couldn’t see that Crystal was underage, but she definitely had a drink. 

“Crystal, I got your text!  I thought you wanted to leave!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Alissa!  I’m not ready to leave!”

“Aren’t you tired of places like this Crystal.  Not knowing how you’re going to get home.  Aren’t you tired of walking around in a fog?”

“I told you already, Alissa.  I like my life.  Now leave me alone!”

Alissa left the club.  


Alissa turned to face the man who called her name.

Lala called Dale and told him that Alissa should be gone from the house now.   He and Brandon went to the house and were surprised to find that Crystal and Devra were also gone.

“Maybe they moved out!”

“I doubt it, but I’ll check.” 

He looked in their rooms and saw that all of their belongings were still there. He and Brandon sat down in the living room to wait for them to return.

An hour passed and Alissa still hadn’t arrived.   Lala tried her cellphone and got no answer.  She called Dale.

“Dale, Alissa still isn’t here!  She said she had a stop to make on the way over, and she isn’t answering her cellphone!”

Dale got a very bad feeling.

Crystal heard the sirens outside the club and wondered what was going on.   Devra didn’t care.  She had taken her fix and was feeling very mellow.  She’d give Crystal hers when Link gave her the rest. 

Crystal rushed outside.

She was shocked to see Alissa on a stretcher being wheeled toward an ambulance. 

“She’s my sister!   What happened?”

The club employee told her.  Now everything was clear to Crystal.  She had wondered why her mother had used her phone and sent that fake text message to Alissa.   Devra had used Alissa to pay for her fix!   Crystal was suddenly afraid.  She knew that Alissa was right about Devra. 

“Can I go with her to the hospital?   I’m her sister!”

“Hop in, quickly!”


Thanks Princess Lala for your suggestion on how Brandon and Lala could help Dale get Devra and Crystal out of the house while making it look like they left on their own!


10 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Fifty-One

  1. Wow…that was low. I can’t believe she used Alissa to “pay” for her fix. Dale is going to kill them especially if she loses the baby. That is just sick and low and it’s sad that it took Alissa being raped for Crystal to see the truth of her mother 😦

    The road to recovery for Alissa is going to be slow. she is going to feel terrible and blame herself for not listening to Dale sooner.

    • Yes. It’s sad that there are really mother’s like Alissa. They think that their children exist to satisfy their needs!
      It was a wake up call for Crystal. At least for now, but she has a long way to go.

      I’ve written the next few chapters and it is sad for Alissa. She will blame herself.

      Thanks for reading Jazen! 🙂

  2. Oh geez, I read this the other day, but I couldn’t comment. Anyway, This was a sad chapter. I can’t believe Devra, trying to sell her children for drugs. I am going to guess that she does loose the baby. Which is really sad.
    I can’t wait to see what happens when Dale finds out. I just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid and goes to jail for it.

    • It was sad. The next one is too!
      Devra is the worst of the worst!

      Dale will be extremely upset! 🙂
      I’m doing the pictures for the next chapter tomorrow.

      Thanks so much for reading, Kate! I hope you had a nice time with your family! 🙂

      • Do you think you will have the next chapter doen by tomorrow? I started on my next chapter, but so far only have a couple of paragraphs. I’m not sure whether or not to make Raven’s mom do something mean. What do you think?

      • As much as Raven has been through, it would be awful if his mother does something horrible to him too! Although, I did get a bad feeling when he wasn’t able to reach her while she was watching the boys. He does need somebody he can trust though. Especially with Stella gone now!

        I’m still working on the pictures. It’s a little bit longer than I realized. The next two chapters are short though! I should have it finished today! 🙂

  3. i would kill that old tramp if i were dale!! it’s really sad how the story turn out to be. i know all along that it was devra who’s behind the rape of alissa but i would never guess she’s plannig the rape just to pay for some drug.i couldnt imagine being her daughter! i hope this biggest contretemps that happened to alissa will ring the curtain down on her mother’s intrusion and encroachment! she should have listen to dale from the beginning but it was tooooo late.
    never tired of your story, always great and entertaining!

    • Deena, I’m sorry that I’m so late responding, but I’ve been sick this week. I haven’t been on my computer.

      Dale wanted to kill her, and that’s why he knew that he had to leave the house.
      Wasn’t Devra a wicked and cruel mother? You are so right! She should have listened to Dale once again!

      Oh thank you so much Deena! You are so sweet!
      I’m glad for the chance to get to know you! 🙂

  4. so iv been reading all of the chapters and just have to say i love youuuu lol this is amazing i know im like 3 years late but i just wanted you to know you had one more fan

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