Alissa: Chapter Fifty-Six

As soon as Alissa arrived home, she got in the shower.   Reaction set in as the water poured over her body.  Although the water was hot, she began to shiver uncontrollably. 

She remained in the shower until the trembling passed.   Then she got out and dressed.

She wasn’t sorry that she had killed Anthony.   It had really been self defense.  There was no telling what he’d have done to her if she had not pulled the trigger. 

She went upstairs to the nursery and hugged her babies to her.

“Mommy really loves you!”

Then she went to Sharlee’s room.  Sharlee was sitting at her desk doing her homework.  She was such a sweet girl.   Alissa felt that she could not have asked for a better daughter.

“Sharlee, do you need any help?”

Sharlee got up and came over to her mother.

“I didn’t know you were home, Mommy!  No, I don’t need any help.  I’m almost finished.”

“Why don’t we go to the park after you get home from school tomorrow?”

Sharlee was surprised.  Her mother hadn’t wanted to go anywhere for such a long time!

“Can we?”

“Yes, sweetie!  We’ll go tomorrow!”


Sharlee told her about a new author she had discovered.   She loved to read.   She was so much like Dale that it was hard to believe that she wasn’t naturally his. 

Even though Dale had just left that morning, Alissa felt such a strong longing to be with him.  Tears came to her eyes.   She blinked them away rapidly and left Sharlee to finish her homework.

The doorbell rang as she came down the stairs.  Jerrald showed Alex into the room.   Alissa waited for Jerrald to leave before she spoke.

“Alex, I don’t know why you are here in town, but thank you!”

“Alissa, what were you doing?  What were you thinking?  You could have been raped again or killed!”

He tried to embrace her, and Alissa backed away from him. 

Then she curled up on the sofa.

“I’m sorry, Alissa.  I wasn’t thinking!”

“No, it’s okay, Alex.  It’s me!  I know you wouldn’t hurt me.”

He hated seeing her this way.  He noticed how she was dressed.  Of course, she was still beautiful, but she had on loose fitting baggy clothes.   Her hair was in a pony tail.  Her eyes had lost their sparkle.   She looked haunted and frightened.

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“I went to kill the man who killed my baby!  The man who killed me!  At the last moment, I wasn’t going to do it, but then he tried to grab me and I shot him!  I killed another man, Alex.  I’m not sorry he’s dead, but I’m sorry that I killed him.  What am I becoming?”

“You didn’t kill him.  He wasn’t dead, Alissa.   He is now, because I took care of him.  I took care of his partner too!  You don’t have to be afraid anymore!”

Alissa couldn’t believe it!  They were both dead.   The relief slowly seeped through her body.  She changed visibly.  The tension in her limbs lessened and the frightened look left her eyes.   The sadness was still there, but the fear was gone.

As Dale walked through the front door, he frowned when he heard Alex’s voice.   So that was why she was so eager to have him go to the conference.    Under the circumstances, he had felt uncomfortable being there and had asked to conduct all of his lectures that first day.   The organizers didn’t want to lose him, and so they had rearranged the program.   As soon as he was finished, he had caught the first plane back home.

When Dale entered the living room Alissa  jumped off the sofa and flew into his arms.  From her happy reaction at his appearance, he knew that whatever Alex’s reasons for being there, it wasn’t for a romantic reunion with Alissa. 

He smiled in pleased surprise as he caught her in his arms.

He looked at Alex and saw the jealousy written all across his face.   He knew for sure now, that he and Alex would never again have the close relationship they once had.    It surprised him that it no longer bothered him.  Alissa was between them.  Dale was her husband, her lover and he intended to keep it that way!

Alex couldn’t keep himself from the rush of jealousy that he felt at Alissa’s reaction to Dale’s arrival.   When he had tried to hold her, she had recoiled in fear.  He knew that he should be happy that she had someone with whom she felt comfortable.  Dale was her husband after all, but reminding himself of that didn’t help at all.

Dale sat down with Alissa close to him.   No one spoke. 

Then Dale broke the silence.  “Who is going to tell me what’s going on?”

Alex told him about the two men, leaving out Alissa’s part in what happened.  She looked at him thankfully.  She would tell Dale herself, later.

“What do you want from her in repayment?   If you think she’s going to sleep with you, you’d better think again.   That’s never going to happen!”  His expression was unflinching.

Alissa looked at Dale.  She was shocked at his reaction!  She started to speak, but Alex cut in.

“I don’t want anything accept for Alissa to be safe and happy again.  I did this for all three of us!”

Dale studied his face for a few moments, trying to determine if he really meant what he said.    He looked sincere.   “I’m sorry, Alex!  I do appreciate what you did for Alissa.”

“Based on what happened in the past, I guess I can’t blame you for that reaction!  I need to get back home.  Please keep me updated on how you’re all doing!”

He stood up.

Alissa looked at Dale, and then she rose from the sofa and hugged Alex tightly.

“I’m always thanking you, but I really mean it, Alex.   Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me!”

“You’re my family, Alissa.  I take care of my family.”  

There was so much more in his heart, but he knew he couldn’t say it.   He touched her cheek.  “Take care of yourself!”  Then he looked at Dale and added, “Take care of my little brother too!”

After Alex left, Alissa told Dale what she had done.  

Dale was so shocked and furious that he couldn’t speak to her.  

He left the house and walked out to the deck.   How could she endanger herself over and over again!

Alissa gave him a chance to calm down and then she joined him.  

She tried to explain.

“Dale, I was just so furious!   If the police really wanted to catch them, they’d have done it!   Crystal told me where they might be, and so I went there.  I was tired of being afraid, and I wanted to see the fear in the eyes of the monster who killed our baby!” 

“After I shot him, I just felt like giving up.  I turned the gun on myself, but then I remembered the pain in your eyes when you told me how you felt about losing me.  I thought about the children, and then I couldn’t do it.

I didn’t trust the local police and so I called Alex.  I didn’t know that he was already in town to find those two animals!  Do you understand at all how I felt?  I am so very sorry, Dale!”

Dale pulled her into his lap and held her close.  

“I understand!  I wanted to kill them myself, but Alissa, please, please promise me that you will stop doing things that risk your life!   It’s not just me who would be devastated.  You’re the mother of three children!  I didn’t go after them myself because of you and the children!”

“I promise Dale.  I will think more carefully from now on!”

Then he kissed her, thankful that once again she was okay!

“The hospital isn’t expecting me back to work until Tuesday of next week.  That gives me a whole week free!  Why don’t we take the kids and go back to France?”

“I would love to Dale, but I was telling you the truth about Crystal.   She’s expecting me to come and see her.”

“You also have another session with Sammi.  I tell you what, let’s see if Sammi can work you in tomorrow.  Then we’ll go to see Crystal and catch a flight out tomorrow night.   We’re going to have to make a decision about Crystal soon.   She and Sharlee do not like each other.  That’s one thing that Sammi learned in Sharlee’s therapy session.   So, I don’t think that having her live with us is an option.   Maybe we can try and find Crystal’s father!”

“Yes.  We can do that.  Let’s not discuss it with her yet.  I don’t want her to get discouraged.”  Alissa agreed.

“You’re right.”

They went back into the house.   Alissa went to play with the children.   Dale found a private spot and called Matthew. 

“It’s definite now Matthew.   Devra did tell those guys to rape Alissa in exchange for a fix!”

“Thanks for letting me know, Dale.  I’ll take care of it!  Have the police arrested them yet?”

“No, but they have been take care of!”

Matthew didn’t ask any questions.   He was just relieved that Alissa was safe.  “Is she doing any better?”

Dale hesitated before answering.  There was something still bothering him about Alissa, but he wasn’t sure what it was. 

“I think she will be better.   I’m taking her and the children to France for a few days.”

“A change of scene will do her a world of good.  It’ll be good for you both.   Give her my love Dale and take care of her!”

“I will.   Goodbye, Matthew.”


That night after they went to bed, Alissa kissed Dale deeply and initiated their love making.  It was like it used to be before the attack. 

Dale was glad that she was doing better, but he was still worried.  He couldn’t sleep because of worrying about her.  He finally figured out what was wrong.

Dale quietly left the bed without disturbing Alissa.  He found Sammi’s number and called her.  He told Sammi about Alissa’s failed attempt to commit suicide.  Of course, he mentioned nothing about the two men.

“Sammi what scares me is that the next time, she might not think of me or the children.  She might really go through with it.”  Dale couldn’t even imagine how he would feel if he had to lose Alissa in that way!

“Dale, I’m afraid that we are going to have to commit her for inpatient treatment at the hospital.    She’ll have to remain there for at least a month, and then we’ll see how she is progressing.  Do you think she’ll go willingly?”

“I hope so!  I’ll talk with her tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll make the arrangements and contact you tomorrow.   The sooner the better, Dale.”

“Alright.  Thank you, Sammi, goodnight.”



Thank you, Karima for fixing Alissa’s hand in the first picture!

I just had to share this picture of Cara.

9 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Fifty-Six

  1. So much in this chapter. As you already know, I think Alex looked super studly! lol I’m glad he kept Alissa out of the killings, but she was right to tell Dale. I hope the Alissa wil get help, but that means no France trip. =(

    • Alex did look good in that leather with that hairstyle! 🙂
      He always tries to protect her just like Dale does.
      She can’t keep secrets from Dale. He always knows when something is bothering her.
      It does mean a delay in their trip. I haven’t played a vacation world since we got Pets.
      So I think I will have them go before the new storyline starts.

      I had to add another chapter to this storyline because I forgot something important.
      The next chapter will be the last before I start the new one!

      Thanks for reading Kate! 🙂

  2. Ok, I think Dale is right and there is something still off with Alissa. I’m glad I was wrong out her reaction with Alex considering he helped her kill and dispose of those men. I don’t think Alissa will go willingly so it will be a fight to convince her she needs. Cara looks a lot like Dale.

    • She still isn’t back to herself!
      It made her want to be closer to Dale, but she does appreciate what Alex did for her.
      This time, he’s not going to try to take advantage of her gratitude.
      She doesn’t think that there is anything wrong with her. So it won’t be easy to convince her.
      Cara does look like her Dale. So does Shawn. They are both so cute. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful picture of Cara!!! ❤ She has her momma's eyes. I do not like them putting Alissa in therapy. This Sammi isn't trying to make a move, is she?

    • I think Cara and Shawn are just adorable toddlers. Hopefully when they age up they will still be cute.
      I thought about Sammi and Dale, but decided not to do that to Alissa.
      Sammi is just a caring therapist and friend, although gorgeous.

      Thanks for reading Marissa. I hope to post another update this week.
      I still have to update Deceived! 🙂

  4. Mmmmmmmm!!!! ALEX IS HOT!! NO OFFENSE, BUT HE IS WAYYYYY HOTTER THAN DALE, ESPECIALLY IN GHETTO DISGUISE!! BUT, that DOES NOT mean that I don’t think that dale is better with Alissa than Alex!! I am sooo glad that the men are taken care of, Alissa is starting to return to her normal self, and that crystal is starting to tpreturn to her normal self!! I know that after Alissa trying to kill herself see,s like she needs to stay in therapy, but to be honest, I feel like her constantly being around her family will make her appreciate them even more than she does, and she will never want to do anything to hurt them, or to cause herself to never be able to see them again!!

    Great chapter, and I really think that they should go to France before she goes to therapy!!

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