Alissa: Chapter Fifty-Two

Dale started pacing around the living room.  He had tried to reach Alissa too, but his calls went straight to voicemail.  Where could she be?  His phone rang, and Dale grabbed it on the first ring.

It was an urgent call from the emergency room at the hospital.   Alissa was there.   They couldn’t give him any information on her condition!   He quickly told Brandon, and they rushed to the hospital.

Dale went up to the reception desk and asked about Alissa.  The nurse knew him.  

“Oh,  Dr. Stallworth!   I didn’t know she was your wife!”

Dale didn’t feel like chitchat!  He wanted to know about Alissa!   “Yes, is she okay? Can I see her?  What happened?”

“I’ll get the Doctor!”  She rushed into the examination room.  

Then she came right back out.  “The doctor isn’t quite finished with the kit yet.  You won’t be able to see her until after the detectives interview her!”

Dale repeated her words.

“The Kit!  Do you mean rape kit?  Alissa was raped?”  Dale felt momentarily numb.  This couldn’t be happening!

Crystal walked over to him.  She had been trying to get her nerve up.

“Dale,  I’m sorry this happened to Alissa!   I didn’t want her to be hurt!”

“What do you know about it?”   He demanded harshly.

Crystal recoiled from him.  She knew she deserved his anger. 

She explained about the club and the two men that Devra had met there.  Then she told him about the text message.

“I don’t know for sure that Devra was responsible, but she didn’t have any money.   So how did she get the Meth?”

Then the doctor rushed over to him.  “Dale, I didn’t know that she was your wife.  I am so sorry.  Come with me!”

He led Dale to an empty examination room.

“She told me a little of what happened.   The detectives are taking her statement now.   She was assaulted by two men!”

Dale could not even identify the emotions coursing through him.   He had never felt them before.   However, the doctor wasn’t finished.   There was another blow.

“She was pregnant.  She was too months along.  Because of the violence of the assault, she lost the baby!   I am truly sorry, Dale!”

“I’ll be in my office.  I need to be alone for a few minutes.  Please have someone call me when I can see Alissa.”

Dale didn’t even remember seeing anything on the way to his office.  Suddenly, he was just there.  He was still feeling numb. 

Then when he thought of those two animals assaulting his wife, the fear, pain, humiliation and helplessness she must have felt;  a red hot rage began to flow through him.   He had never felt such anger.  

He smashed his fist into the wall, cracking the paneling.   It was a miracle that he didn’t break his hand!

As suddenly as the rage came, it cooled down until it was just smoldering.    He began to feel a deep sadness for his child that was lost.   He needed to talk with someone who would feel as he did!  He surprised himself by calling Alex.

When Alex first answered the phone, Dale couldn’t speak.   He had been surprised to see Dale’s name on the caller ID.   He and Dale hadn’t spoken in months.

“Dale is something wrong?”

“Alex!”   Dale managed to say before his voice choked up.

“Dale, what is it?  Is it, Alissa?  Is she okay?”

“She was raped tonight, Alex.   She was raped by two men!”

Alex felt the same rage that Dale had experienced.   Only his was also with Dale.  He trusted Dale to take care of Alissa.   Once again, she had been hurt!   He stifled those feelings and didn’t express them.

“That’s not all!  She was pregnant, and she lost the baby!”

Dale closed his eyes as the pain and sorrow shot through his heart.   It felt as though he had suffered a physical blow.  Then he began to cry!   Strong gut wrenching sobs escaped from deep within! 

He dropped to the floor. 

Alex could hear and cried with him.

“Dale, I am so sorry, but you have to get yourself together.   You have to be there for Alissa!   Have you seen her yet?”  Alex pushed his own personal grief and anger aside.  He had to help his brother.

Dale tried to compose himself and grabbed the phone again. 

“No.   The detectives are still with her.   I can’t see her until after they take her statement.”

“I know you’ve received training on dealing with rape victims, but it’s different when it’s your own wife!”

“Yes.  I have received training!”

“Remember to let her talk about it if she wants to, but don’t force her.   Let her set the pace for physical contact or affection.  You both need to get into counseling as soon as possible!”

“That’s true.   Thanks for listening, Alex!  Please don’t mention this to the family.   I don’t know how Alissa will feel about everyone knowing what happened to her! “

“Of course, I’ll keep it between us.  Do you want me to come there, Dale?   I’ll catch the next flight out!”

“No.  I don’t think so, Alex.  I’ll have to get back to you!  I’ll  let you know how she’s doing!”

“Alright.   Dale, I’m sure the police will find those two animals soon!”

“If I don’t find them first!”

“Dale, don’t do anything stupid!  Alissa needs you now more than you need revenge!”

Dale remained silent.

“Dale, promise me you’re not going after them.  You can’t be there for Alissa if you’re in jail!  Let the police do their job!”  

“Alright, I’ll give them a chance to do their job!”

“Okay!  Call me if you need to talk or for anything at all.   Tell Alissa….”  He broke off because his voice was breaking.   He was losing his composure.

“I know Alex!  You love her too.   Goodnight!”

“Goodnight, Dale!”

Dale went to the restroom and washed his face.   He wondered how his family’s lives had gone so wrong so quickly. 

Then he went back down to the emergency room.   Brandon knew what had happened.  Of course, he wouldn’t mention it to anyone else.

“I’m sorry, Dale!”   He knew how angry and hurt that he would feel if this had happened to Lala!  He could only imagine what Dale was feeling.

Finally Dale was able to go in to see Alissa.  She was facing the window.

“Alissa.”  Dale called softly.   She didn’t look at him.

He wanted to pull her into his arms, hold her tightly and never let go.   However, he knew that she might not want to be touched right now.

All of his victim’s awareness training suddenly flew from his mind.   He didn’t know what to do or say.   He decided to speak from his heart.

“You’ve always been and you will always be the most precious person in the world to me!  I love you with all that I am!  If I could do anything to take away your pain, I would do it!  I am so sorry that this happened to you, Alissa.   You deserve all the happiness in the world.  You bring joy and light to all of us who have the privilege of knowing you and loving you.”

She finally turned to face him.  There was a haunted, wounded look in her eyes that hurt Dale deep in his heart.  

She reached for him.    He rushed over to her and climbed on the bed with her.   Then he held her as she cried, and he began to cry with her.

An orderly came in and they moved her to a room.  The doctor wanted to keep her overnight for observation.  The doctor had given her a sedative to help her through the initial shock and make her sleep.  After she was settled in the room, she fell asleep.  Dale quietly left.

He returned to the waiting room.  Brandon and Crystal were still there.

“Can you excuse us for a few moments Brandon?”

He took Crystal into an empty exam room.

“Crystal, this is your one and only chance.  Do you want to get clean?”

“Yes.  I don’t want to be like Devra!”

“Then you have to go into rehab tonight!  Are you willing to do that?”  If she said no, then Dale was going to call child protective services and let them deal with her.   He couldn’t let her return to Devra, but there was no way she was coming back into his house!

Crystal was afraid, but she was more afraid of where staying with her mother would lead.

“Yes.  I’ll go.”

Dale could see the fear in her eyes, and his attitude softened.  She was after all, just a fifteen year old girl, and she was Alissa’s little sister.

“I promise that if you really stick with it, everything will be okay, Crystal!  What’s the name of the club where it happened?”

As soon as he was sure that Alissa was going to be okay, Dale intended to go and find those two men and beat the life out of them.

She told him the name.   He took her back to the waiting room, and then he spoke with Brandon.

“Brandon, Crystal has agreed to go into rehab.  I’m going to call and make the arrangements.  I guess they can send someone for her.  I won’t leave Alissa.”

“I’ll take her, Dale.  She has to be terrified.  At least, I’m someone familiar.  I’ll make sure she gets settled.”

Dale called and made the arrangements for Crystal.  Brandon called Lala and then he and Crystal left.  

When they arrived at the house to pack a suitcase for Crystal, it looked like a tornado had hit it!  It was in worse condition than when Dale and Alissa had returned home a few nights before.

Brandon called Dale and then the police.  To Brandon, Dale had sounded as though he were almost at his breaking point!   He quickly called a friend of his and Lala’s.   She was a crisis counselor.  The best he knew.  He told her the situation, and she rushed to the hospital.  Then he called a cleaning company so that the house would be clean when Alissa and Dale returned home.

Dale had returned to Alissa’s hospital room.  She was still sleeping.  Every once in a while, she would cry out in her sleep.   He knew she must have been dreaming about the attack. 

Each time she did it, he winced and spoke with her soothingly.  She settled back down into a peaceful slumber.

After a while there was a soft knock on the door.  Dale stepped outside.


“Yes.”  Dale answered, wondering who this woman was and how she knew him.

“I’m Sammi Paulson.  I’m a crisis counselor and a friend of Brandon and Lala’s.   Brandon asked me to come here.”

She could see the deep pain in Dale’s eyes and the stress in the way he held his body.  He was fighting to stay strong.  He didn’t realize that he was also a victim of this crime against his wife.  Her first step would be to take some of the responsibility off of his shoulders.

“I understand that your wife is sedated?”

“Yes, she is.  I need to get back to her!”

“If she’s sedated, she doesn’t know you’re gone!  Is there someone else who she trusts and feels safe with, that could come and sit with her.  You need some time to let everything sink in.  Then you can be here for her!  If you don’t get that time, Mr. Stallworth, you are going to have a breakdown!”

Dale immediately thought of Alex.  No!  It was selfish, but he didn’t want Alissa and Alex to become close again!  Matthew!

“I can call her father!  I know he will come right away!”

“Good.  You go call him, and I’ll sit with your wife!”

Dale called Matthew and told him everything.   Matthew caught the next flight to Legacy Island.

After Matthew arrived,  Sammi sat with Dale in his office.  At first he didn’t say much.   They just talked about generic things.   Then as he began to feel more comfortable with her, he started to open up.

She asked leading questions.  “Was this baby planned?”

“Planned?  We wanted more children.”

Dale fought for composure as he remembered the joy that he had felt when he realized that Alissa was pregnant again and told Sammi about the pregnancy test that he had bought to give her.

“Dale, you need to let your emotions out.  If you don’t do it now, you will collapse and you won’t be able to be there for Alissa!  It’s not a sign of weakness!   You are a victim of this crime too.  Your child died!  Your wife was brutally assaulted!”

Dale understood what she was saying, but he still continued to hold it in.

“Do you feel that you are responsible for what happened?”

That hit Dale hard. 

“I should have thrown that Bitch out of our house the first night!  I should not have left Alissa alone with them!  Then I would have been there and stopped her from going alone to the club.  Then those two animals would not have been able to touch her!  She probably was thinking about me, wishing  that I was there to protect her!  I should have been there!”  Tears were falling down his cheeks as he spoke.

Sammi was silent for a few moments.

Then she asked,  “What about Alissa?”

“What about her?”

“Do you think that she is responsible for what happened?  It’s only natural, Dale!  You have a right to your feelings no matter what they are.”

At first Dale didn’t say anything.  Then he answered.

“Alissa…” his voice broke as he tried to speak.  “She has had a very difficult life!  Most of it due to her mother.  How can I blame her for wanting to save her sister?”  He paused.

“I know that I shouldn’t blame her, but I do!   She knew what her mother was like!  She knew better than to go that part of town alone!  She should have called me!  She should have called anyone!” 

He continued,  “Even though I’ve had those thoughts, I really do know that she isn’t responsible for what happened to her.  There was no way for her to know that those two men would be waiting for her to come out of the club.  They won’t ever hurt anyone else though!”

Sammi was used to that type of reaction from a rape victim’s partner.  She reasoned with Dale until he finally agreed that he couldn’t take a chance on going to jail and leaving his family without him when they needed him most.

When Alissa awakened the next morning, Matthew was beside her.  

At the sight of him, she burst into tears.

“Its going to be okay, Alissa.  You’re safe now.”

Matthew was furious too!  This time Devra would have to pay.   He swore that she would never hurt his baby again!

18 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Fifty-Two

  1. Wow, such a powerful chapter. Of course this is such an emotional time and you did so well writing about it. I can’t wait to see how Alissa is going to act now. I know how hard it is to lose a child, all the blame that goes with it. All the hurt and the sadness and the months of not feeling right. And when you think you’re over it, something someone says or something you see or hear or read will bring back all of the emotions and you can’t help but find yourself crying, yet again, for the life lost.

    I feel so sorry for Alissa and Dale, what they feel must be so far beyond the death of their child that is burdening them now. With the rape and the fact that it is due to her mother’s cruelty. I really am waiting to read more, because this is not something that will just blow on by.

    I really hope that Crystal gets better, I think Alissa would be a great role model for her and she could have a good life if she tries. She is so pretty, I’m sure it won’t be hard for her to find a good man.
    I also hope that Alissa sees her dad being there as a good thing. You said she started crying, I just hope it’s not because of fear or anything bad.

    • Thanks Kate. I am glad you felt the emotions. I worked very hard on it.
      I’ve never lost a child but I’m trying to imagine how I would feel.
      You’re right it will be very hard for them both.
      I can’t imagine how it would feel to know that your own mother was the cause of your being hurt like Alissa was.

      Crystal has a long road ahead of her too! If she sticks with it!

      Alissa cried because at least she has one parent that she can trust and count on to be there for her when she needs him.
      Thanks so much for reading Kate!

  2. That was wonderfully written Daisy! Dale reached out to Alex of all people. That was tough for him but he was the one person that would understand what he was going through because of his love for Alissa.

    Derva needs to be shot, then stoned, then placed under the jail! I can’t believe she was such a selfish bitch to try and trade her 15 yr old and then her other daughter. That woman just makes my blood boil!

    I hope this doesn’t tear them apart. I know it can happen with alot of couples because they both have guilt and anger that they don’t talk about. It’s a good thing his friend sent the counselor because they are going to need it!

    Very moving chapter!

    • Thank you Jazen! I’ve really been trying to improve my writing.
      You’re right about why he called Alex. Alex does feel as he does.

      Devra cares for no one but herself. She doesn’t know how to love!

      It will definitely test their relationship.

      Thanks for reading my story Jazen! 🙂

      • On the relationship part of it:
        1) With the rape side of how it will effect their relationship, that could be testy. Of course it is neither of their faults, however, I am sure there will be blame and self doubt. Dale loves Alissa and he will feel compelled to get his revenge, however he will also feel the blame that she let it happen. However the self doubt side will feel that he should have stopped it all before it even got that far. Alissa was only trying to help out her sister, of course, she didn’t want it to come to this. She is probably going to put a little blame on Dale for not having kicked them out sooner. Obviously most of the blame will go to Devra because she is a back stabbing bitch. The self doubt for Alissa is clearly that she should have known better and that she shouldn’t have left to get Crystal by herself and so on. With so many emotions, it will be hard for the couple to reconcile.

        2) On the loss of the baby side, their relationship could also go either way. In my experience, it brought us closer, but we have days that we completey shut each other out. (More me than him.) I can’t really say too much from the guys’ perspective, but I my experience, it was really hard at first. I could see nothing but the fact that it was my fault. Despite my man’s loving ways, I refused to believe it wasn’t me. It’s been about 6 months now and I still have lapses where I completely revert back to the day it happened and I shut down and go into depression and can do nothing but cry. However, after a long chat with my love, he makes me feel better. Knowing that you have had a child taken from you is not something you ever forget. It’s not something you just pass by or get over. Like a tattoo, it’s with you for the rest of your life.

        BTW sorry for the long long post. I hoped I could give you a little personal feedback to help you write the later chapters. If you ever need anything, let me know, I’ve tried to be very open about everything and nothing is appropriate to ask me. you can message me on FB too if you want. I am following your page for this site. =D

      • Kate, I am so sorry about the loss of your baby, and I really appreciate you sharing your feelings the way that you have!
        I sent you a FB friend request. I’m not sure if it was as Daisies or under the Alissa page. I want to give you a link to read
        the next chapter before I post it! I’d like to see what you think.

  3. wow! I hope Alissa can recover from all of it. I hope that those two monsters get caught and are tortured. I am hurrying along to finish all the chapters you have posted as I don’t have internet where I’m at currently. So glad I decided to find this story and continue reading it during my stay at my mom’s house. 🙂

    • She is going through a very rough time! Monsters describes those guys perfectly!

      I hope you enjoy what you’ve missed, Whitney. I miss your stories too! 🙂

  4. Wow!! This was a very emotional chapter, but you did a really good job incorporating ALL the characters feelings and thoughts!! It was a VERY good chapter, and I can’t wait to see what happens to Alissa and her family!!

    I hope the police catch the men and make them pay, and that dale doesn’t do anything stupid to get himself in trouble!!

    I am soooo sad that they lost their baby!!! I hope Alissa isn’t afraid to have more now!! I want them to hav 5 of more kids!!!

    I can’t believe that Devra did that to Alissa! What kind of MOTHER gets her own DAUGHTER RAPED, a miscarriage on her child, and potentially KILL HER, and cause trauma to her???!!!!

    This was a SICK and AMAZING chapter!!!!

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