Alissa: Chapter Fifty

The next morning, Alissa awakened with a throbbing headache and nausea.  She hoped she wasn’t coming down with something.  That was the last thing she needed. 

She went downstairs and prepared breakfast.  Although the smell of it made her feel like she had to empty her stomach. 

Dale came into the kitchen.  She couldn’t even look at him because she didn’t want to see the exasperation in his face.

He walked around the counter to talk with her.

“Alissa, I don’t have time for breakfast this morning.  The hospital called, and they need me in surgery for an urgent case.  I should still be back in time to take everyone to the beach.”

He studied her face for a few moments.  She was a little pale.  She wasn’t taking care of herself.

“Sweetheart, you didn’t have to leave last night.  That’s your bed too.  Are you feeling alright?”

“I think I might be coming down with something, but I’m okay!  We don’t have to change our plans.   I’m going to take Crystal out today, and then we can go the beach!”

Dale wanted to say more, but he had to get to the hospital.  Although he was upset with Alissa for allowing her mother and sister to walk all over her, he was determined not to let them cause a rift between him and Alissa.

He gave her a  kiss goodbye.

“I love you, Baby!  Don’t overdo it this morning and try to get some rest.  I’ve gotta get to the hospital!”  He rushed out the door.   

Dale never ceased to amaze Alissa.  Despite everything, he was still loving and considerate of her.

Sharlee came into the kitchen for her breakfast.   “Good morning, Mom.   I just saw Dad leave.  Are we still going to the beach today?”

“Yes.  We’re going this afternoon.”

Sharlee sat at the counter and started eating.   Alissa was finally overcome by the smell of the food.

She rushed to the bathroom!  She felt better after her stomach emptied, and she held a damp washcloth to her forehead.

Alissa returned to the kitchen and sat at the counter with Sharlee.  She tried to nibble some toast.

“Sharlee, I’m going out with Crystal this morning.   Do you want to stay here with the babysitter or would you like to go over to Dana’s?  Her mother said that she is taking the day off since Dana is out of school.”  Lala owned the local bookstore and coffee shop.

“I want to go to Dana’s.”

“Okay.  I’ll drop you off.  Daddy or I will pick you up before we go to the beach!”

Alissa went upstairs and dressed the twins and then she fed them.  

She finished dressing.  By this time, she hoped Crystal would be up and ready.  After the night that Crystal and Devra had, Alissa had let her sleep as late as possible.  She knocked at Crystal’s bedroom door.

“Come in!”

When Alissa entered the room, she was disappointed to see that Crystal wasn’t dressed.  She pulled a chair over to the bed.

“Did you forget about our plans for today?”

“You mean, your plans?  I know the real reason why you want to take me shopping.  You want me to dress like a mini you!”

“No Crystal.  I want you to be yourself.”  Alissa was disappointed but not completely surprised.

“Crystal, I’m our mother’s daughter too!  I know that she taught you that everyone is out to get you and that you have to get them first.  I hadn’t realized until after I met Dale, how much her beliefs had affected my own.”   She paused, debating what to tell her.

Then she continued, “Did you know that Dale is not Sharlee’s natural father?”

She had Crystal’s interest now.  

“No, I didn’t know that!”

Alissa gave her a brief version of what had happened.  “When I was sixteen, I left the foster program and became an emancipated minor.  I moved to Bridgeport to live on my own.   Sharlee’s father was my boyfriend.  After I became pregnant, he didn’t want anything to do with me.   Dale was working at the local hospital.  He found out that I was seventeen, pregnant and had no one.  He started helping me by anonymously putting money into my checking account.  He didn’t even know me, Crystal!”

Even thinking about it now, Alissa was amazed at how unselfish and compassionate Dale was with her then and even now!

“He never sought me out.  I found him!  He would have just continued helping me anonymously.  After we became friends, he was there with me throughout my pregnancy.  He gave me a place to live and never asked for anything in return.  From the moment that Sharlee was born, he has loved her and cared for her.   I don’t know any other man who would allow you and Devra to live under his roof with the disrespect you both have shown.  Dale has done that because for some reason, he really, really loves me!”

Crystal didn’t say anything.

“Do you understand what I’m saying Crystal?  Yes, it’s true that there are people who are always trying to take whatever they can from you, but there are also unselfish, loving people like Dale who want only the best for you.  His family is the same way!  My father is the same way!  I want to be that way too!   You can set your own goals for yourself!  You can decide for yourself what kind of person you want to be!

“You know what Alissa, I have decided who I want to be!  I like my life!  I don’t want to be like you, always trying to conform to the rules.  Always trying to fit into society’s mold.   I like getting high and partying!”

Alissa was stunned by her reaction.  Then she asked,  “Have you been with Devra on one of her special dates yet?”

“No.  I haven’t.”

“Well, she intended that when I was older I would go with her on a few and then start going out on my own.  You are the same age at which she said that I would begin.  Although, I was a bit more mature physically than you are.  However, I bet it won’t be much longer for you!   Devra is getting older, and I’m sure that she has plans for you too!”

“I don’t want to talk anymore, Alissa.”  

She stretched out on the bed and closed her eyes.

Alissa left the room.   She pushed the irritation she had felt at her sister’s response aside.  Winning her sister over was proving to be even more difficult than she expected.   She called and cancelled  the babysitter.  She decided to follow Dale’s suggestion and just relax until he came back home.

“Sharlee, I’m not going out after all.  Do you still want to go to Dana’s?”

“No.  I’ll just stay home with you!”

“Why don’t we have a tea party?”  Alissa decided to take advantage of this time and spend it with Sharlee.

Sharlee smiled from ear to ear.  “I’ll get everything set up!”

“This is the best tea party we’ve had!”  Sharlee told her bear Oliver.

After Dale came back from the hospital, they all went to the beach.  Devra and Crystal decided to go with them as well.   Alissa had hoped they wouldn’t come. 

She knew that Dale had had his fill of them.    If she were honest with herself, she had also.  She didn’t fully understand her own feelings. They were mixed. However, she knew the guilt she would feel if something happened to her sister, and she had not done all she could to help Crystal change her life.

As soon as they changed into their suits, they all spread out to do different things.

Crystal and Devra immediately stretched out on the beach blankets to soak up some sun.  

Sharlee  and Dale went to work on building a sandcastle. 

“Boy Dad, this is good enough to enter in a contest!”

Alissa sat with the twins as they played.   It felt so good to relax and recharge in the warm sun.

When Cara and Shawn began to get cranky, she put them on the blanket to take their naps.

Devra  flipped over to her stomach and called to Dale.  “Dale, come help your mother-in-law out and put some sunscreen on my back for me.”

Dale looked at her scornfully and went to look out at the ocean.

“Devra, just stop it!  If you need sunscreen, have Crystal put it on for you.”

Then Alissa walked over to Dale.   She started to apologize, but Dale stopped her. 

“Don’t say anything, Alissa.  There’s no point.”

Alissa tried not to cry.  She was oversensitive and having a hard time controlling her emotions lately.  

Dale looked at her and saw her struggle for composure.

“Let’s just walk a little bit.  We can keep the kids in sight.”  

They walked along the beach and then stopped a short distance away.  Alissa draped her body around Dale’s and held onto him tightly.  They stood quietly for a few minutes enjoying being alone together in the sun with the soothing sounds of the ocean. 

Then Alissa noticed a commotion with the others. 

She and Dale rushed over to them.

“You ruined my sandcastle!”

“I didn’t touch your d!@n castle!”

“Crystal, don’t talk to Sharlee like that!”  Alissa said angrily.  She had tried to reason with Crystal and be patient, but she wouldn’t stand for any more abuse of Sharlee!

Then everyone was shocked when Devra said, “Apologize to Sharlee, Crystal!”

Crystal looked at her mother for a few moments and then she apologized. 

The sun had set, but the beach was well-lit and warm.  So, they didn’t feel a rush to leave.

“Who would like to play beach ball with me?”

Alissa was tired and not feeling very well again.  She didn’t say anything though because she didn’t want to ruin the rest of the day for everyone else.  She knew that Dale would insist that they go home if he knew how she was feeling.

“I’ll play for a while.”

“So will I!”  Crystal chimed in.

“I’m going to make another sandcastle!”  Sharlee said.   She immediately got started.

Devra stretched out on one of the beach blankets for her answer. 

The argument had awakened the twins, and Dale grabbed their swings from the car.  It was a shame that they could not trust their grandmother to watch them!    Cara fell asleep again while Shawn giggled.  They loved their swings.

Dale spiked the ball into the air!

Alissa leaped up to catch it, and then she batted it away!

Crystal caught it down low!

Alissa had only played for a few minutes when she began to feel dizzy.

“That’s it for me!”

She sat down on a blanket and watched the others. 

Dale found her distracting.   He kept looking at her, and Crystal hit him with the ball! 

Alissa and Crystal both laughed at him! 

They stayed for a couple of more hours and then returned home.  Alissa didn’t feel up to preparing dinner, and so she suggested that they order a pizza.

“Devra, why did you make me apologize to that brat?”

“Because, I think that Alissa is nearing her limit!  I’m not ready to leave yet.  Tomorrow, I’m meeting with those two guys who came to the party.  I’ll know what we’re going to do after that!  So you behave yourself!”

After the pizza arrived,  Alissa didn’t have any appetite.  The smell of the pizza made her want to retch.  

She excused herself and went into the bedroom to stretch out on the bed.   She drifted off to sleep.

Dale checked on Alissa and saw that she was sleeping. 

So he and Sharlee cleared up the kitchen. 

Then Dale bathed the twins and put them to bed.  He read Sharlee a bedtime story. 

Afterwards, he returned to the master bedroom and saw that Alissa was still sleeping.  He didn’t want to disturb her, and so he quietly changed for bed.   Then he laid close to her and held her as she slept.

8 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Fifty

  1. we all know what she has planned, what I don’t understand still is why. What does she really gain from having Alissa raped? Does she think it will put the wedge between she and Dale which will lead to Alissa letting her back in her life permanently?

    I don’t know why I’m trying to think logically when Devra is anything but that.

    • We’ll see why Devra’s doing this in the next chapter.
      Although, I don’t think most of us understand mothers like her.
      The mother of a friend of mine was sadly a bit like Devra. Of course, I did exaggerate her character a bit more!

      Thanks for reading Jazen! 🙂

  2. Hmm interesting chapter here. I can almost say 100% Alissa has to be pregnant again, due to the emphasis on the nausea and oversensitivity to emotions and actions.

    Devra is a naughty woman. She should be jailed. I can’t believe Crystal is such a meanie. I hope she realizes what she did to her sister, in the next chapter.

    I see you came up with a pretty good summary of the beginning of the story. I still plan on trying to get one written for you. And seeing how tomorrow (technically today) goes, I might get it done. I want to try to get my next chapter done too.

  3. Okay well, obviously Devra is planning for Alissa to get raped, but WHY??!!! What good comes out of that??? Why does she hate her daughter so much?? Because she led a successful life, she has a loving family and a husband who cares for her?? I mean Devra is the one who put her up for adoption!! So, why does she care what Alissa does??!!!!

    I hate Devra and I wish that crystal just became better!! I mean I want her to be a fun party animal, but not to that extent! Not with drinking and drugs! Aye she is a little slutty but that’s fine as long as she doesn’t follow in her mothers footsteps!!!

    • Devra is giving the drug dealers Alissa in exchange for drugs. It’s so sad that that is the kind of life she’s chosen to lead and using her daughters is a part of it. You’re also right that she’s jealous of Alissa. 😦

      Hopefully it isn’t too late for Crystal!

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