Alissa: Chapter Forty-Five-Mature

As Alissa walked out of the club, she felt a mixture of emotions.   Disappointment, sadness but also relief.  She knew that she had done everything she could.   She had done her best.


Alissa turned in the direction of the male voice calling her name.  She didn’t recognize the man and she felt uneasy.

“Yes. Do I know you?”  She asked him.

He rushed over to her.

Before she had time to react, another man grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth.

Then he quickly pulled her into the alley.   He held his hand so tightly against her throat that she could not scream.  Drawing a breath took immense effort.  As she struggled to breathe, Alissa managed to whisper,  “Please don’t! “

The red haired man looked her up and down.  Even in the dim light of the alley, she could see the lust and craving in his eyes.

“She was right about this one!  She is sexy.  We’ll have to give her an extra fix as a bonus!”  The man said.

“I’ve got a good grip on her!  She can’t move!  Go ahead!”

Alissa was terrified.  She struggled against the man holding her.

“Stop fighting, or it’ll be even worse!”  He told her harshly.

As the other man removed her dress, tears started falling from Alissa’s eyes.  A gut wrenching sob escaped her throat.

He removed her underwear.   As he forced himself inside of her, she felt completely helpless and humiliated.   He had no right to do this to her!    Maybe it would be over soon!  He thrust himself into her over and over again, harder and harder.  She finally felt him vibrate as he reached his climax.

“Hurry up so I can take my turn!”  The man holding her said.

Alissa forced her mind away from what was happening to her, as they switched places.   She thought of the day Sharlee was born and Dale holding her and playing with her.  He had become Sharlee’s father from that moment on. 

Then she remembered the day that she had met Dale.  She thought of the way he had smiled at her.  She loved him so much.  She thought of their precious babies, Cara and Shawn.  She had to survive this and go back to them.  They could take her body but not her soul.

“I want another turn!” The one holding her was saying.  “She’s the best we’ve ever had.  We should take her with us!”

The other man leaned his head over and kissed her breast.    He was rougher with her than the first.  He jabbed himself forcefully over and over again inside her.  Alissa could hardly bare the pain.  He  finally shuddered as he released himself within her and then withdrew before he spoke. 

“We can’t take her!  She’s wearing a wedding ring.  I’m sure her husband would search for her.  She’s gorgeous!  If she belonged to me I wouldn’t give up looking for her!  I’m sure her husband wouldn’t either.  If you want another turn, we better hurry!” 

He zipped his pants and prepared to change places. 

“She’s worth taking the risk.  I want to take my time and completely enjoy her.  I still say let’s take her!”   The redheaded man said.  Alissa felt completely hopeless at his words.

A sound came from the back door of the club.   One of the workers came out into the alley.

“Let’s get out of here!”  The man holding Alissa shouted.  He dropped her to the ground, and they ran out of the alley.

Alissa knelt on the ground.  She felt a searing pain in her abdomen!  She knew what the pain meant.  “I’m sorry Dale!”  She whispered. 

The worker rushed over to her.

“My God, lady!  What happened?”    He pulled out his phone and called an ambulance.


About a month earlier in Riverview,

Sharlee was watching through the window.  She was excitedly waiting for Dale and Alissa to arrive back from France.  

As soon as she saw them she ran outside, and Dale caught her and held her in his arms!

“I missed you and Mommy, Dad!”  She cried.

“We missed you too!”  Dale responded.

“Did you bring me anything?”  She asked.

“Of course we did, sweetie! ”  Alissa assured her.

As soon as they got inside, Dale gave her the gift.  They also had gifts for Dale’s parents and the twins.

They caught the afternoon plane home.  Everyone was glad to be back.

The next morning Dale went off to work and Sharlee left for school.   Alissa decided to take the twins to the park.  As she sat on one of the benches, she noticed that one of the other mothers kept staring at her. 

Finally she came over to Alissa.

“I’m sorry to keep staring, but you look so familiar to me.”  She told Alissa.

Alissa hated when people recognized her either because she was Matthew Hammings daughter or because she had been the intended victim of a hitman.   She tried not to look annoyed.   She found it simpler to just introduce herself. 

She stood up.  “I’m Alissa Stallworth.”  She told the woman.

As Alissa looked at the woman more closely, she realized that the woman looked familiar to her as well.   Suddenly, she realized who she was!

“Lala!”  Alissa cried.

“Alissa!”  Lala responded with a happy smile. 

They grabbed each other and held on tightly.

Lala and Alissa had become best friends when Alissa was ten years old before her mother was sent to prison. 

They sat on the bench to talk.

“I missed you so much after they took you away Alissa!  I never had another friend as close as we were.”  She said.

“I missed you too, Lala.   I wished that we could have stayed in touch, but with the way they moved me around to different foster families it was impossible.”    Alissa told her.

“Did you know that my parents tried to get custody of you?”  Lala asked her.

That was a surprise to Alissa.  “No.  I never knew that!”

“Yes.  They went to see your mother in jail.  She refused to let them take you.  She said that you were where you deserved to be.   She made the social worker put a note in your file that they were not permitted to have any involvement with you.   My parents told me after I was older.”  Lala explained.

That was just another example of her mother’s inexplicable hatred for her. 

“I found out that my father tried to get custody of me too.  She blocked that as well.   At least I have a good relationship with him now despite her efforts to keep us apart.  I haven’t seen her since I was put in foster care.”  Alissa said. 

It made her feel good to know that even back then there were people who really cared about her.  Although thanks to her mother, she hadn’t known it.

They looked over at the children. 

“Which one is yours?”  Alissa asked.

Lala pointed to the cute little brunette playing with Cara and Shawn.  “That’s my little one!  I also have an older daughter.   She’s in school now!  Which one is yours?”

Alissa smiled.  “Actually its those two little brunettes.  They’re twins.  I have an older daughter too!  She’s at school.  Our girls may even know each other!”

Alissa checked her watch.  She was supposed to be meeting Dale for lunch.  “I’m sorry Lala, but I have to go meet my husband!    We will have to get together very soon and catch up!”

They exchanged phone numbers. 

Then Alissa grabbed the twins and went to meet Dale.  They decided on Mcdonalds since it was the twins favorite place.  They loved the rides.

After the rides, they sat down to eat.    Dale cleared his throat.  “Alissa, I know that this is extremely short notice, but I invited one of the doctors and his family for dinner tonight!  I can pick something up for dinner on my way home.”  He said quickly.

“Dale, that’s okay.  You know I love to cook, and I’d like to meet them.    I’ll stop at the store and pick something up to cook.   Don’t worry!  I’m not upset at all!”  She told him smiling.

“That’s a relief.  I told him to come about 6:30.  Is that alright?”  Dale asked.

“Sure!  I better get Cara and Shawn home soon.  It’s past time for their naps and they will be cranky!”  She said.  As they quickly finished lunch, she told him about seeing Lala again.

Dale gave her a kiss goodbye and returned to the hospital.   Alissa and the twins went to the grocery store and then home.

Alissa had everything ready by the time the guests arrived.   She had prepared Sharlee and Dale’s favorites.  It was her roast chicken, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes.   She hoped the guests enjoyed it too.

She went to the living room to meet them and was surprised to see Lala.



They both started smiling.

“I take it you two know each other!”  Dale said pleased.

“Yes.  Lala is the friend that I was telling you about at lunch!”  Alissa told Dale.

“Brandon, this is Alissa.  My friend from Sunset Valley!”  Lala said to her husband.

They all sat down and got to know one another better.

The girls already knew one another and played monopoly until dinner. 

The twins and Lala’s son played on the floor as the adults talked.

After dinner, Alissa was putting away the leftovers and preparing a coffee tray, when the doorbell rang.

She answered the door.  There was an older woman and a teenage girl at the door.  Alissa was stunned into silence.

“Well, well Alissa!  Aren’t you gonna ask your long lost mother inside?”   The woman asked.

Note to Readers:
I hope that this chapter is not offensive to anyone!   It was necessary for the storyline, as you will see in later chapters if you stick with the story.  Thanks for reading Alissa, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!


Lala’s Husband

12 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Forty-Five-Mature

  1. Tell me her mother doesn’t set her up to be raped. Please that can not be the case!!!!

    That is horrible, I really hope I’m wrong but I get a feeling that her visit is not going to mean good things. 😦

    • Her mother’s visit won’t be a happy reunion for any of them!
      She has not changed over the years. If anything, she is worse.
      You’ll see what I mean in the next chapters!

      Thanks for reading and commenting Jazen! 🙂

  2. ZOMG!! I don’t know what to say, but I do think her mother had something to do with the rape. How aweful! You mentioned a pain in her abdomen, but you didn’t say why it was familiar. I was expecting to see that she was pregnant, but maybe I’m wrong. I can’t wait for the next chapter! =D

    Poor Alissa, after having had such a great time with Dale, she comes home to this.

    • Things just don’t seem to go well for Alissa for long!
      You’ll see the explanation for what happened to Alissa in the upcoming chapters.

      Thanks for reading Kate! 🙂

      • Wow, you must have changed it? I re-read the beginning. You did well writing it, I don’t think it was too over the top. This is marked mature and if someone can’t handle it then they shouldn’t have read it.

      • Yes I changed it back to what I had before.
        Thanks so much Kate! I wanted to show how horrible it was for Alissa!
        I also had more pictures but I must have deleted them.
        I decided to remake them today. 🙂

  3. Poor Alissa! How horrifying for her 😦
    I gotta say well done on how you tackled such a sensitive subject. The scene was very raw and quite chilling. A very delicate situation, but you did it justice. Alissa’s pain was very evident and the images were heartbreaking but captured the emotion brilliantly. You did an amazing job.

    I love the introduction of the new characters! The old friend, the sister she never knew she had and the long lost mother (boy, what a piece of work SHE is!)… This is going to be yet another great plot line coming on! Can’t wait! 😀

    • Thanks Caz! You saw it just the way I hoped everyone would! I really appreciate that! 🙂

      There are a few more flashback chapters until we get beyond the assault.

      I’m glad that you like the new characters!

      Thanks for continuing to read the story Caz! 🙂

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