Alissa: Chapter Forty-Four

The first place Alissa wanted to visit was the Eiffle Tower.  So they left the house before it got dark and went to see it.

They threw coins in the fountain and made wishes.

Dale grabbed Alissa and kissed her.  “See, I make my wishes come true!”  He told her.

Later that evening, they went to a cafe for dinner.  Then they walked around the city center.  

Dale was very affectionate and romantic.
They made some wonderful memories.

“Let’s do something different from what most tourists do here.  Let’s go treasure hunting!” Dale said.

Alissa was surprised.  “Treasure hunting!”  She repeated.

“Yes.  It’s something Simone mentioned.   We won’t go anywhere dangerous, but let’s take a day and do it.  It sounds like fun!”  He explained.

Alissa looked at him doubtfully.  “If that’s what you’d like to do, of course we can!”

Dale saw a boutique.   He knew Alissa wouldn’t say it, but she would enjoy shopping while they were there.   She was looking through the window. 

“Let’s go in!   Since we’re on our honeymoon, let’s each pick out something special for the other to wear tonight.”   Dale suggested.

“I like that idea!”  Alissa agreed, and they went inside.

They split up and started shopping.   Dale went to one part of the store. 

Alissa went to another.  

Dale found what he wanted Alissa to wear and took it to the cashier to pay for it before she saw it.  

Then after Alissa had paid for her selection for Dale, she shopped for other things.

She found a few pretty outfits and tried them on.   “What do you think of this one, Dale?”  Alissa asked.

“I really like that one.  I think you should get it too.  We also better buy something to wear for treasure hunting!”  Dale told her.

After they returned to the house, they each changed into the outfit that the other had selected.

“Wow!”  Alissa said as she looked at Dale.  “That leather looks great on you!”

“It’s definitely not something I would have bought for myself, but I’ll wear it for you!”   He smiled.   “That teddy looks even better on you than I imagined it would!  You look irresistible!”

“Why don’t you come and show me!”  Alissa told him.

She didn’t have to ask him twice. 

The next morning, Alissa awakened early and went outside on the deck to admire the view of the river.   Dale found her there.   She was deep in thought.

“What are you thinking about?”  He asked.

Alissa hesitated.

“Alissa you know you can tell me anything.”  He reminded her.

“I know, Dale, but this is hard for me!”  She told him.

“What is?”  Dale asked.

“Yesterday when I saw you with Simone, I was afraid.”  Alissa answered.

Dale hadn’t thought about Simone again other than in relation to the treasure hunting.  It surprised him that Alissa was still concerned about her.

“Alissa, it isn’t like you to be so insecure.   What is it about her?”  He asked curiously.

“It was the chemistry that I saw between you.  I know that after what happened with Alex, that I have no right to feel this way, but I can’t help it.”  She explained.

“Alissa, lets once and for all forget about what happened between you and Alex.  I have forgiven you for that.  I thought that we were past it.”  He  said.

He caressed her cheek.  “Please stop feeling guilty.  You pretty much raised yourself.  You are young, Alissa, and I don’t expect you to always behave as a more experienced woman would. ”  “However for Alex,”  He thought to himself, “there is no excuse!”

“Dale, I don’t deserve you, but I’m thankful that I have you!”  Alissa said.

“You’re going to give me  a big head!”  Dale said.  “As for Simone.  Yes, she is very attractive, but I would not even want her as a friend.”

Alissa looked at him in disbelief.

Dale continued, ” I saw the expression on her face when you came over to us.  Even after she knew that we were married, she still tried to pursue a relationship.  I don’t like people who show that kind of disrespect.  It was disrespect for you and for me.  So, she is not a person that I would want in our lives either!”

Alissa sighed in relief and hugged Dale happily.  “Okay.  I won’t mention her again, and I’ll trust your judgement!”  She told him.

“Come on!  Let’s get some breakfast and get started!”  Dale told her.

They stopped at the general store to pick up some supplies and a customer in the store told Dale about an even better place to go.  It wasn’t a well known spot, so they had a better chance of finding something.

It was located in a creepy abandoned burial site.  Alissa felt uneasy as Dale tried to find a hidden switch to activate the opening.  He pulled the switch and they searched for the opening.

As they were searching Alissa spotted some relics on the ground.  She took a few pieces although she doubted that they were valuable.  She found a bottle of nectar that clearly looked old.

“Come on Alissa, lets try the other side of the cliff.  There’s no opening here!”  Dale told her.

It didn’t take them long to find the stairway.  Dale led the way down.

Their path was blocked by  a pile of stones.

Dale had brought a pick axe just in case it was needed.  He started clearing a way through.  Once the rubble was gone they were faced with a brick wall.

“Dale, do you think we came to the wrong place?”  Alissa asked.  She was a little disappointed.  She had just begun to enjoy the hunt.

“I don’t think so.  Let me feel around and see if I can find another switch.”  Dale answered.

He started feeling around on the brick wall, pressing bricks, trying to make it open.

Finally the door swung open.  Dale looked at Alissa.  He was having second thoughts about taking her inside.  This was not a tourist spot.  This might be more dangerous than he had planned.  However, he knew she would refuse to remain outside.

“Come on Dale!”  Alissa said and headed through the opening.  Although nervous, she had caught his excitement.  Dale followed close behind her.
The next door was locked by a chain.  

Alissa saw a panel on the floor and started to step on it to see what would happen.

“Wait Alissa!”  Dale shouted when he saw what she was about to do, but he was too late.  She stepped on it.

He was relieved to see that she was okay.   The chains had dropped from the door.  This time, Dale went through first. 

Dale hugged Alissa close.  “Please don’t scare me like that again!”  He told her.

There was another chained door and another pressure switch.   Dale stepped on it.  This time nothing happened.  

Another pile of rubble was against a wall.  Dale decided to try clearing it to see what was behind it!  There were some gold coins.

A hole in the wall was also revealed.   Dale stuck his hand inside it and the chain fell from the door.

They entered the room.  Alissa wondered how long it had been since anyone else had been there.  She knew that they were going deeper into the tomb.

There was another chained door and another pile of rubble, but no pressure switch.  Dale started removing the rubble again.

This time there was a pedestal with a heart shaped stone on top.

“Dale, look on the wall by the door!  That stone fits that opening!”  Alissa told him.  

“I think you’re right Alissa.  Let me clear this other pile first and then we’ll try it!”  Dale said.

There was a huge bar of gold and some more gold coins under the rubble!

Then Alissa pressed the heart shaped stone into the opening.  The chain fell from the door.

The next room was the oddest so far.  The walkway was lined with huge strange statues!  Alissa’s nervousness returned.

Dale stood on the next pressure plate and the chains fell but when he got off of it, the chains returned again. 

Alissa’s enthusiasm waned again.  “Dale that is just so weird!  How could that happen?”  She asked nervously.

“I know you’re nervous, sweetheart.  I promise if it gets any worse, we’ll turn back!”  He reassured her.  “Maybe I can pull one of these statues onto the pressure plate.”   They had come so far, and Dale wasn’t ready to give up yet.

The first one he tried wouldn’t budge, but the next one he was able to pull onto the plate.

Through the open door was a fairly large room.   Dale thought it would be a good spot to sleep for the night.  He hadn’t told Alissa about that.  He put his arms around her and whispered in her ear.  “You know very few people can say that they made love in a tomb!”

Alissa was so surprised that she laughed.  “You’re serious?”  She asked him.

“Well it will take a long time to go back the way we came.  I brought an air mattress.  So why don’t we stay here tonight?”  Dale responded.

The last thing Alissa wanted to do was to spend the night in a creepy old tomb.  However, she knew that for some reason, Dale really wanted to do this.  Besides, she wouldn’t be alone.  Dale was with her.  “Alright, Dale!”  She agreed.

Dale set up the mattress, and they settled down for the night.

The first thing Dale did the next morning was kiss Alissa.   “Thank you for doing this with me!”  He told her.

They squirted each other with the shower’s in the can that Dale had brought along.

Then they ate some of the dehydrated food that Dale had brought along for breakfast.  “This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be!”  Alissa told Dale after she took her first bite.

After they were dressed they continued their search.  They ended up in a strangely beautiful room with a maze.

Alissa hadn’t yet seen it, but in the next room there was a tent with a human skeleton next to it.  Dale regretted bringing Alissa with him, but they were here now.

“Please stay close to me, Alissa!”  Dale requested.

They found another hole like the one that contained the switches and this time Alissa insisted on inspecting it.   “You can’t have all the fun Dale!”  She told him.   She stuck her hand inside and felt around.

She suddenly jerked her hand out and screamed as her hand and arm were covered in squirmy bugs.   Dale tried not to laugh.

He was surprised when she stuck her hand back inside. 

Instead of a switch, the location of a beautiful yellow sapphire was revealed within the maze.  They went and retrieved it.

“Look over there Alissa!”   Dale pointed out another heart shaped stone on the other side of the maze.  They made their way over to it.

They worked their way through the maze to the other side where they found another door locked by a chain.  Dale placed the heart shaped stone in the matching niche on the wall.  The chain again fell from the door.

They went through the door.  Inside was a wood paneled room with lovely statues and a large chest.

“You should be the one to open it Dale!”  Alissa insisted.

Dale opened the chest.  Inside was a statue of a gargoyle, a solid bar of titanium and an ancient vase.

“This is what we came for!”  Dale said.

Good!  Are we going to find our way out now?”  Alissa asked him.

“Yes.  We can leave now!”  Dale responded.

Alissa had the sudden thought, “What if we never find our way out of here!”

They went back through the maze and found another locked door.  There was another pressure plate. 

This time Dale knew what to do.  He slid a statue onto the plate.

Once again the chain fell from the door.

As they went through the door, they found that there was more treasure to be had!

While they collected the gold coins and aged bottles of nectar, another door swung open.  “This has to be the way out!”  Dale told Alissa.

Dale was wrong.  It was another wood paneled room with another treasure chest. 

This time Alissa opened it.  It contained an ancient vessel and an ingot of gold.

“I’m sorry, love, but we’re going to have to go back the way we came!”  Dale told Alissa.

“It’s okay, Dale.  I understand.”  Alissa assured him.  However, she was becoming concerned that they might not be able to get out.  She didn’t say anything because she didn’t want Dale to feel bad.

They went back to the room with the maze.  They found their way back to the room they had first entered.  Dale breathed a sigh of relief and had Alissa go up the stairs to leave the tomb ahead of him.  He didn’t want to take a chance on something happening  to her.

Alissa was so happy to be back out safely and breathing in the fresh air.  She grabbed Dale and hugged him! 

Dale had loved the adventure.  He was hooked.  He knew that he would continue treasure hunting other places but without taking Alissa with him.  He wouldn’t again take a chance with her safety.

They spent the remainder of their honeymoon visiting the usual tourist attractions.   They enjoyed tasting nectar at the nectary.

They visited the museum, but they were more interested in each other than in the art.

Dale’s final part of the surprise for Alissa was that he purchased the home that they had rented!  It would be perfect for family vacations.  The days flew by until it was time to return home.  Although they had a wonderful trip, they had missed the children and were looking forward to seeing them.

10 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Forty-Four

  1. Great trip. Dale is such a sweetheart! Ummm, with all that honeymoon woohooing wonder if another little one will be on the way…..

  2. What an adventure! I’m glad they didn’t run into any fire or electric traps! I’ve always thought about doing a tomb search in my story, but never knew how to do it. You pulled it off amazingly!
    Loved the updates! It’s great to see them having fun together and not worrying about anything bad happening. I’m sure their kids will be eager to see their treasure! You should have them give each kid a present with a piece of treasure in it. =P

    • Thanks Kate!
      I was hoping it wouldn’t be boring.
      I picked the wrong adventure for the fire traps.

      I thought that they should have some time just enjoying being together for a change.
      Especially before the new storyline starts.

      They’ll definitely give the children gifts. 🙂

      • What lucky kids!

        New storyline? Does this mean new site or are you continuing it on here? You must like Alissa, I think this is the longest story you have done. Are you planning to go all the way to elder with them?

        I’m glad they didn’t run into any fire traps! Alissa got bugged, that was bad enough! LoL!

      • I’m going to continue it on this site.
        It is the longest story I’ve done. I had written the final chapters and posted a message on the forum saying that I was about to end it.
        Then ABEERKHAN asked me not to end it. So I decided to continue it for a while longer.
        I have the next storyline in mind for it, but I might end it after that. If I can think of another interesting storyline after that one, then I’ll do that one too.
        If not, I have the end already planned.

        I had planned to post my two other new stories next, but since I found out that my stories are pretty much the same, I won’t post another one for awhile.
        I’ll take a writing break until I can think of something new. If I don’t come up with a different idea for a story, I’ll just read other people’s stories. 🙂

      • You are so good at your romance stories though! Yours are always so drama filled! I understand needing a break though.
        With pets coming out, I might take a little break to play around with it. Depending on how gameplay is, I’ve had a lot of story ideas to incorporate pets. My legacy will totally have pets in it thought. Cuz who doesn’t love cute animals?
        When I need writing ideas, I listen to music on youtube and just follow links to songs I’d never listened to. Then I pick one that really stands out to me and I just listen to it over and over. When I was doing Gen 2, I listened to Papa Roach all the time. Gen 3 I’m listening to a lot of Rise Against.
        Anyways, I always hate feeling like I’m taking over your comment board. =/ Sorry. lol
        I will be an avid fan of your work so as long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

      • Thanks Kate!

        You don’t take over the comment board. I like reading your comments!

        I’m looking forward to Pets too. I hope my computer system can handle it. I really need to get rid of the tons of custom content that I don’t use!
        I never thought of listening to music to get ideas! I might try that. Jazen suggested making a movie that I really like into a story. I might try it after I take a break.
        I’ve only been writing stories since May and I’ve written six. So, that’s probably why I am out of ideas! 🙂

        Thanks Kate! You made my day! 🙂

      • Oh wow, that is a lot of stories in very little time! What happened to the other two that I haven’t seen?
        You are on your way to a well deserved break. =D

  3. Wow!!! What a great trip!! That treasure hunting sure looked like fun!! I’m glad that they had a good time and enjoyed each other! They deserved it! Ooooh, I REALLY hope I that another one is on the way!!! I REALLY want them to have 5 or more kids!!!

    GREAT CHAPTER!! I LOVE this story!!! 🙂

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