Alissa: Chapter Forty-Nine

A couple of weeks later, Alissa called to talk with Miki.

“So, do I need to set aside an important date on my calendar yet?”

“No.  For now, Jamil and I are happy with things the way they are.  Maybe next year we’ll set a date.  You’ll be the first one I call!”

Devra heard Alissa talking on the phone, but  she couldn’t make out the words.  On the spur of the moment, she quietly picked up the extension and listened to the conversation.

“Have you spoken with Alex lately?”

“No, I haven’t spoken to him since I last saw him before we went to France.  We don’t talk anymore.”

“Alissa, I know that if you wanted me to know what’s happened between you and Alex you’d tell me.  I’m not trying to pry.  It’s just that I talked with Leslie yesterday and she told me that Alex got a big promotion.  He can’t tell them much about what he does now!”

“Well, I’m very happy for him.  I know I haven’t told you much about my relationship with him.  I’ll just say that we came to a mutual agreement that we should stay away from one another.”


“Don’t say it like that!  Everything is fine.  Dale knows everything, and Dale and I love each other more than ever!”

“Then why do you sound so funny, Alissa?  What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine.  I just wanted to see how you’re doing.”

Alissa hadn’t told her about her mother and sister staying with them.  She didn’t want another person telling her that she should make them leave!

“Well, I’m glad you called.  I saw your Dad this morning.  He’s fine too!   He said he’s planning to go see you next month.”

“That’s good!  I really miss him.”  Alissa knew that there was no way her father would understand why she had allowed her mother through her front door!  He would be very upset!

“I’ll talk with you next week, Miki.  Take care!”

“You too, Alissa!”

Devra waited until they had both hung up, before she disconnected her extension. 

Alissa called a babysitter and then left the house.  She had some errands to run.

Devra went and found Crystal.

“It looks like your perfect, Stepford wife sister is not as perfect as she pretends to be!”

“What do you mean?”  Crystal asked.

Devra told her what she had overheard, and what she thought it meant.

“We can use this!  When Dale gets home, ask me in front of him if Alissa took me for my interview today.  Then follow my lead!”  Devra continued.

“What interview?”

“I didn’t have one, but Dale doesn’t know that.”

Dale came home about an hour later.  He grabbed a snack and sat at the kitchen counter.  Devra came into the kitchen and looked out the window, pretending to admire the view.

Crystal followed her and asked, “Did Alissa take you for your interview today?”

“No.  She said she had an appointment again today.  I heard her on the phone with someone named, Alex.  She told him that she’d meet him at their usual place!  Do you know him?”

“No, Alissa has never mentioned him.”

“It’s so nice outside today!  I think I’ll go for a swim in the pool.”  Devra said.

“That sounds like a good idea!” 

Dale had become motionless at the mention of Alex’s name.  He trusted Alissa, but how else would Devra know about Alex?  He tried to push suspicious thoughts out of his mind.  

He went upstairs to the nursery and dismissed the babysitter.

A battle raged within him over whether or not to call Alissa.  He finally dialed her cell.

“Hi Hon, how’s everything going?”

“Everything’s okay!  I just had a few errands to run.  I still need to go to the grocery store!”

“It’s been a while since I went shopping with you!  Why don’t I grab the twins, and we’ll come meet you!”

“Well, if that’s what you’d like to do!  I’m going to the Food Mart on Tulsa Blvd.”

“Okay!  I’ll meet you there!”

“Wait a second, Dale!  Sharlee wants to speak with you!”

“Hi, Dad!” 

Dale was so surprised and relieved that she was with Alissa that he didn’t really hear what she was saying.

“What are you doing out of school so early?”

“I told you, Dad!  It’s a teacher’s workday, so we got out early.  Mom picked me up and took me to the library!  Ever since Crystal erased my book report, I don’t like to do my big assignments at home.”

“Okay!  I”ll see you in a few minutes!”  Dale told her.

Dale was relieved and ashamed of himself for ever doubting Alissa.  He knew that Devra and Crystal had deliberately made him believe that Alissa was with Alex.  Somehow they had found out about Alissa’s past relationship with him.

This was just another example of how much Alissa’s mother wanted to hurt her.  He could see clearly that she wanted to destroy their marriage.   How could he just stand by and allow her to hurt Alissa over and over again!

He went upstairs and got the twins.  Then he went to meet Alissa and Sharlee.  It didn’t take Dale long to find them. 

The first thing he did was to grab Alissa and kiss her.   She was still his!  Alissa was surprised but pleased. 

As they made their way around the store,  they ran into Lala and her children.

“And how are all the Stallworths today?”

“We’re fine!”

“I’m glad I ran into you!  Brandon and I were going to call and ask you all over for dinner one night this week.  If you don’t have any plans, why don’t you come over tonight?”

Before her parents could answer,  Sharlee said, “Can we please go?  I don’t want to stay home!”

Alissa felt her heart constrict at Sharlee’s words.  Sharlee didn’t want to be at home.  She understood, but it still hurt that she had allowed home to become such an unpleasant place for her.  She decided that she would make a change soon!

Alissa looked at Dale.  He nodded his head yes.  “Alright, we’d love to Lala.”

“Why don’t I just take Sharlee  with me now.  Then you can take your groceries home and come right over too!”

Alissa smiled at her.  “Thank you, Lala!  We’ll see you in a little while!”

Dale and Alissa took the groceries home.

When Dale headed back out the door carrying Shawn, Alissa’s mother stopped her.

“Where are you all off to tonight?”

Alissa was surprised by her question.  She normally showed no concern for their comings and goings.

“We’re having dinner with friends.  We’ll see you later!”  Alissa responded and then headed out to the car with Cara.

Alissa and Dana  were outside playing tag when her parents arrived at the Rutherwells.

“Let me help with dinner Lala!”

“No, no.  You just sit at the table and keep me company!”

“I’m glad you guys could make it tonight!

“Thanks for having us!  You know what things are like at home.”  Dale said.

“Yeah.  It’s a shame that its not any better.  Alissa just won’t give up will she?”

“Well, she hasn’t yet, but I’m afraid that I’m going to have to take it out of her hands.  I just hate to do that!”

“She doesn’t seem to know what is best right now.  Eventually, she will probably thank you!”  Brandon responded.

“I hope so!”

They had a nice, enjoyable evening with the Rutherwells and then they returned home.

Sharlee was the first inside and Alissa was behind her.

“What is that horrible smell Mom?”

“I don’t know Sharlee.”  Then suddenly Alissa thought of what it might be.  “Wait here, Sharlee!”

Sharlee stopped and Alissa put Cara down on the floor beside her.   Dale came in with Shawn.

“What’s wrong?” 

Then he too smelled the odor and he knew what it was.   He fought down the anger that immediately arose.   

He put Shawn down.

“Keep your brother and sister in here,  Sharlee, until we call you!”  Then he too went into the livingroom.

The livingroom was a mess.  There were empty vodka and wine bottles.  Spilled glasses and cigarette butts.  Empty pizza boxes and underwear on the floor.  Devra and Crystal had thrown a wild party while they were out.

Alissa spotted some pills sitting on the coffee table.  She hastily scooped them up.  She did it quickly not only because it was dangerous for the children, but also because she knew that Dale would go even more ballistic.

“Alissa they have to get out!”

“Please, Dale.  I just need more time!  I’m taking my sister out tomorrow.  It will be just the two of us.  Then I can really talk with her, and then we can all go to the beach like you planned!  I know this is awful  and I’ll talk with my mother about it!  I promise this won’t happen again!  I’ll talk with her and then I’ll clean it up!”

Dale was trying hard to keep his temper!  How could a woman with Alissa’s intelligence be so unreasonable?   He didn’t say another word.  He went and got the twins and Sharlee.   He took them to the stairs without going through the livingroom. 

He put the twins to bed and tucked Sharlee in for the night.

Alissa went to find her mother.  She was sprawled on her bed completely out of it!  Alissa didn’t know what the pills were but it was clear that she was high off of them and probably the drinks.  There was no point in trying to talk with her tonight.

Then she checked on her sister.  She was in the same condition.  Alissa helped her into her nightclothes and into bed.

Afterwards, Alissa returned to the livingroom and started to clean it. 

She started to feel sick as she almost finished.  Her head was throbbing, and she felt extremely nauseous.

When she finished, she went into the master bedroom, and changed into her nightclothes.   Dale was already in bed. 

“Alissa, we can’t go on like this!  You know this situation is impossible!”

“I know Dale, but please just let me have a little more time!  My sister is softening towards me.  I  promise that it won’t be for much longer!  You would do everything you could to help your sister too!” 

She couldn’t stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.  She wiped them away angrily.  She had no one fighting for her as a child, and she was determined to help her sister.

Dale looked at her and didn’t say anything else.  Crystal’s attitude toward Alissa was not softening.   Alissa was fooling herself.   She was still refusing to see things as they really were.  He lie down on his side facing away from her again. 

This time, Alissa got up and went to sleep on the spare bed in Sharlee’s room.

25 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Forty-Nine

  1. Aw no! I hope that this whole thing does not break up Dale and Alissa! They have held together through a lot worse.
    What is up with Alissa feeling sick? Is she pregnant again? This would be a terrible time for a baby.

    I seriously hope that Devra leaves soon. I don’t mind her sister, but Alissa’s mom is evil.

  2. I still want to kick Alissa’s butt. Both her husband and daughter are unhappy at home yet she refuses even after the mess they made to change anything. If I were Dale I would have taken my kids from that house that very night. Alissa needed a real wake up call, and he won’t do it! If he had left her, even just for the night, it may have been enough to save her from what her mom is planning.

    Each chapter pisses me off a little more with her!

      • She sees that they aren’t happy, but she thinks that she can make things better.
        She is not being reasonable. She refuses to accept the fact that her sister doesn’t want her help.
        She’ll wake up soon! 🙂

    • You are going to want to shake her in the next two chapters! 🙂
      She sees her sister as herself at that age had she remained with her mother.
      She refuses to see that they are not the same type of person!

      Just stick with it for one more flashback chapter before you choke her! 🙂

      • that is going to be hard to do because right now I just want to slap some sense into her! I wasn’t even this upset when she was playing with fire in maintaining that muddy relationship with Alex. This is just plan infuriating!

  3. Ugh. I really don’t like Alissa or Dale, to be honest. Alissa is being stubborn and not helping her family, but Dale isn’t trusting Alissa to deal with things like a grown woman. Take it out of her hands- pft. It’s her family and he has not right to go over her head.
    Though it’s his house.
    Gah, so confused as to who I should hate more. Though, I’ve disliked Alissa for awhile. She’s too perfect- pretty, good at everything, every guy she meet falls for her. She’s pretty one-dimensional, as far as a person goes.
    So I’d pick Dale over her- because at least Dale has some flaws nomatter how small they are.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • I’m sorry you don’t like Dale and Alissa anymore!
      Do you really think that Alissa is perfect?
      I tried to make them a little imperfect, but I don’t want everything in the story to be exactly like real life.

      In real life, we would not have allowed Devra in the house, but I wanted to make Alissa take it to the other extreme.
      I wanted her to try and help her sister the best she could.

      In real life, no man would be like Dale!
      There’s no way they would have allowed Devra or Crystal to remain in their home, behaving as they do!
      But of course, I had to make Dale do it. At least for now, he is allowing it.

      I love your story, and I don’t want you to feel like you have to read mine! 🙂
      I’ll continue to read yours either way because it is exceptionally good!

      I’m almost finished with the pictures for the next chapter. I’m working on both of my stories and the game crashed on me!
      I should have the next chapter posted Saturday or Sunday.

      Please read it only if you are still enjoying the story. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and letting me know how you feel! 🙂

      • Maybe you are mistaking me for someone else because I am not currently writing a story lol.
        I like the plot, and I can understand the exaggeration of the characters. I’m going to keep reading because I’m too curious and have to see what happens now.

        It’s not a bad story, I’m just annoyed with Alissa and Dale. I’ll keep reading though, no worries. We can’t like ALL the characters. =)

      • I’m so sorry! I did think that you were someone else!

        That’s true! We can’t like all of the characters and not all of the time.
        If you ever have any suggestions for the story, please feel free to make them.
        I love suggestions and comments! If I use your suggestion, I will make sure to give you credit.

        It’s very nice meeting you!
        Thanks for reading! 🙂

        I was doing the pictures for the next chapter, when I saw your comment. I’m going to bed now! 🙂

  4. I really want Crystal to straighten up or something because she seems to not mind Alissa and it would be nice for Alissa to have a proper sister. I hope shes not pregnant coz it would be such a bad time. What if one of the guys that raped her are the father.

    • Yeah, Crystal isn’t making it all easy for Alissa or her family. Hopefully, she will get better!

      Alissa was pregnant before the rape so she at least knows that Dale is the father.
      It would have been even more awful for them if one of those guys was the father. 😦


    Why is Alissa feeling nauseous??? Is she pregnant again?? THAT WOULD SUCK!! This is the worst possible time for a baby!! I feel like they are always having a baby when they are fighting!!

    What ever happened with those raper guys??? I don’t get it??!!! And when she felt a sharp pain in her stomache?? What was that??? OH BOY!!!

  6. I feel bad for crystal because I feel like she wants to trust Alissa and be friends with her, but she is too afraid of her mom! She ALWAYS wants to please her!! That is terrible!!

    • Crystal does have twisted thinking because of her mother. She’s never been around people like Alissa and Dale. Because of her mother and the people they associated with all of her life, Crystal is afraid to trust anyone. 😦

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