Alissa: Chapter Forty-Two

I apologize in advance for the pictures.  They are definitely not my best!

As Dale drove up to the house, he immediately saw that something was wrong.   The guards did not approach him and he did not see them at their posts.   He pulled out his phone and called 911.   They instructed him to wait outside the gate until law enforcement arrived.

Of course, Dale didn’t listen.   He entered the house and heard a muffled gunshot.  His heart was in his throat.  In that moment, he didn’t care whether Alissa slept with Alex or the man in the moon.  He loved her, and she was in trouble!

He rushed up the stairs in time to see Alissa struggling with a man.   The gun went off again before he could get to them.

The man slumped down to the floor with a look of surprise on his face.   Dale rushed over to Alissa.  Bryant was dead.  The local police arrived.


Time flew quickly by.

Alissa placed the candles on the table.   Dinner was ready and she wanted to make it a special night.  Dale would soon be home from work.   The children had already been fed and were sleeping.

She and Dale had gone for couple’s counseling, and they were finally past what had happened between her and Alex.   They were past the mental anguish caused by living with the stress of having a hitman after her.  Bryant had been pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Betty’s whereabouts were still unknown.  However, Dale and Alissa weren’t worried.  They refused to allow her to have any more influence on their lives.   They appreciated how much they loved each other and were committed to making their relationship work.

They were living in a town called Legacy Island.  It was a beautiful, peaceful town.   A wonderful place to raise their family.  The local hospital had made Dale an offer they couldn’t refuse.   He was working as a trauma surgeon there.   They even provided them with a house.  Alissa loved it!

There was even a small television station, but Alissa was not ready to return to work.  Eventually she would, but for now, she was happy being a wife and mother.

“Dinner smells good, Alissa.”

She turned to face Dale.   She looked very lovely. 

“You’re beautiful!”  He told her.

Alissa smiled.   It was always special to her when he said those words.  

She moved into his arms and kissed him. 

 Then they sat down to eat.

“I have a surprise for you, Alissa!”  Dale told her.  “We’re going to Riverview tomorrow!”

Alissa felt a moment of panic.   She hadn’t seen Alex since their failed rendezvous.  She knew that he had joined the FBI and was dating someone.   Although he no longer lived in Riverview, he visited his family regularly.  It wasn’t that she didn’t trust herself, she just didn’t want any problems between her and Dale.   They were so happy again!

“Why are we going?”  She asked him.

“That’s a part of the surprise.”  He answered.

They all settled into their seats on the plane.  During the flight, Dale noticed that Alissa was quiet and not very excited.   He finally guessed the reason.   Of course, it was because of Alex.    

“Alissa, stop worrying.  Even if he is there, it won’t matter.  I know that you love me, and he can’t change that!”  He reassured her.

He put the armrest up and wrapped his arm around her.  Alissa felt better and started to look forward to seeing the rest of the family.   

Everyone was there waiting when they walked through the door.   Valerie grabbed Shawn and Robert took Cara.   Alex hugged Sharlee.

Then he looked at Alissa.   He experienced a strong flood of emotions as he looked at her.  He had tried to rid himself of his love for her, but just seeing her again showed him how completely he had failed.  It wasn’t fair to Isabel.  He would have to break things off with her.  He was still in love with a woman he couldn’t have.

Dale came over to Alissa and took her hand to show her that he understood and a reminder for Alex to back off.  

“Hello Alex.”  Alissa said with a small smile.  She still felt that attraction for Alex, but her love and appreciation for Dale was greater.

“Hello Alissa.”  Alex responded.  

“How have you been, Dale?   Do you like the hospital there?”  Alex asked trying to make things easier for all three of them.

Alissa walked over to Leslie and took little Kaylie into her arms.  Kaylie was Leslie’s and George’s first child.  She was only a couple of months old.

“She is so precious Leslie!”  Alissa told her.  It made her want another baby.  Maybe she and Dale would talk about that soon.   The twins and Sharlee were growing up so fast.

Late that night, Alissa was in the kitchen warming a bottle for Shawn.   Alex walked in.

“How have you really been, Alissa?”  He asked her.

“I’ve been very happy, Alex.”  She told him.  “I hope you have been too!”

“I’m alright.  My job is going well!”  Alex said.

“I hear you’re dating someone!  That’s great Alex.”  Alissa told him.

“Oh, that’s over!”  He told her.  “I never was really serious about her.  How could I be when I’m in love with someone else!  No matter how much we try, we can’t force our hearts not to love someone we shouldn’t love.”

“Alex I am sorry!  I wish it didn’t have to be this way for you, but I can’t help you!   Goodnight, Alex.”  Alissa said and took the bottle upstairs to Shawn.

Alex made himself a sandwich.  “I’m truly glad that you are happy, Alissa.”  He said to himself.

As Alissa got back in bed, Dale stirred.  “Are you okay?”  He asked sleepily.

“Yes, sweetheart!  I’m fine.  Your son was hungry and I gave him a bottle.”  She answered.

Dale smiled and fell back asleep.   Alissa snuggled up close to him in the bed and thought about Alex.  She wished that he had been able to move on.   As for herself, she would never again let anyone or anything come between her and Dale.  Dale held her in his arms as they slept.



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25 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Forty-Two

  1. Sharlee has really gotten cute. I kept seeing Cara and thought it was Sharlee.
    This wasn’t a real long chapter, but it was good. I’m glad that Bryant is gone now, but it’s sad too cuz he was cute. =P
    Stupid Alex, why would he break up with his girlfriend?! He knows he can’t have Alissa!! Gosh, I hope Isabel doesn’t go coo-coo bananas and come after Alissa.
    More babies? =D YAY BABIES!!

    • Other than the color of their eyes, Sharlee and Cara do look a lot alike.
      Shawn and Cara look just like Alissa.

      Thanks Kate! I’m glad you liked it. No, it wasn’t very long.
      It didn’t really take a long time to do the pictures, but I kept having to stop and do other things.

      Alex never really wanted to settle down with anyone anyway.
      He was just trying to get over Alissa.
      Now he’s going to concentrate on his career.
      No. I thought about it, but we won’t ever meet Isabel.
      She’s gone.

      They might have another. Not yet though! 🙂

      • Good to know that Isabel won’t become evil. =D
        Poor Alex not ever having a woman. He is going to die alone.
        I totally understand the whole getting side-tracked. I do about 100 times a day. =P
        I think black hair is too dominate of a gene. I always try to get some cool colors into my gene pools, but I always get balck. I’m almost positive my whole legacy will be black haired dudes. =/ I don’t really like to change their hair color, but I might later on just so not all the kids look the same.

  2. Glad things are getting back on track for Dale and Alissa. The babies are so cute. Sharlee is going to give Dale a heart attack when she turns into a teenager and starts dating.

    Love the wrap up of that storyline, can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next as a family.

    • They are repairing their relationship.
      I was surprised when the twins had black hair, but it does run in the family.
      Sharlee is very pretty and Dale will have his hands full!

      Thanks Jazen! I’m glad to move on.
      I’ll post another update next week.
      Then we’ll get to see Dale’s surprise!

      I’m trying to see how to make some changes on the Blog! 🙂

      • If you go to your dashboard, and then appearence and then header. You can select a different one, or you can upload one. Even if it’s not the right size, it will bring up a thing so you can crop it to fit.
        Mine is just a picture of Riverview that I took. I think I will change it every generation. You could do a mugshot of Alissa or something like that for the header. Or like a picture of Alissa and Dale holding hands, but just show thier hands. That would be awesome too.

  3. It’s kind of surreal knowing Bryant is dead, since that means that chapter is closed… Or is it?…

    Awww, love seeing the kiddies aged up. So strange seeing Sharlee no longer a tot! But she’s such a cutie as a child 🙂

    • I know how much you liked him!

      I don’t leave them infants for too long. Sharlee looks like her mom and Bronson.

      Thanks for reading, Caz. I’ll try to do better with the next chapter! 🙂
      I’ve decorated their new house, now I have to work on Dale’s surprise for Alissa.
      I’ll post the next chapter next week. 🙂

  4. im glad now they’re done with the hitman, and i thought he was gonna spare alissa’s life when he pointed the gun to her, ’cause he looks like he have that kinda attraction towards alissa. and i can find similarities in both alex’s character and shane walsh from the walking dead. they both were obssesed with the woman they cant have and they were working in the enforcement law. but the difference was alex was dale’s brother and shane was rick’s collegue. and besides that, there’s still some sanity in alex which was completely absence in shane’s character, which makes me admired alex more.but i know you think of alex’s character yourself cause you’re so full of ideas! im relieved now that he had decided its time to let go of her but of course not the feeling! i still wanna know what happen to betty, havent had enough of her yet. and baby cara looked alot like her mama, she has alissa’s eyes and lips. and sharlee, she’s so beautiful. i hope you’ll use her character when she grew up a bit whenever you’re making another story, whatever story it is, i’ll always read!
    and by the way, happy one year birthday to your writing of alissa! hope you’ll continue what you’re doing now cause you’re very talented!!

    • The hitman was attracted to her, but he would have killed her and the girls. If Alissa had agreed to sleep with him he would have spared Shawn.

      I haven’t read the Walking Dead, but it does sound like a good story! They may find out more about what happened to Betty later in the story.
      For now, Alex is leaving Alissa alone.

      Doesn’t Cara look like Alissa! This is a picture of her as an adult. She looks like Alissa’s twin.

      I plan to continue the story after the children grow up into adults. Then the story will focus more on them, but of course, Alissa and Dale will be in it too.

      That’s so sweet of you, Deena! I do have other stories that I’ve written, but this one I’ve continued the longest. Here is a link to my main blog. It lists my other stories if you ever want to read them. All but one are finished, but I’ll be finishing it too soon.

      Thank you so much for your encouragement! It means a lot! 🙂

  5. AWW LOOK AT SHARLEE!!! TT-TT And Kaylie is just as precious! I was screaming at the computer when I first saw that her name was Kaylie since that’s my character’s name 😛 it shall be released soon!
    I am LOVING Legacy Island! How can I get it??
    Yay Alex is backing off, but how long will that last?

    • I just love how the children look as they have grown up! 🙂 This is the first time that I used the name Kaylie. It is a pretty name! 🙂
      Here is a link to Legacy Island. It is by RFLong7.

      I’ve used several of her worlds in my stories. I really like them. The characters in this story are living in her world, Mesa Valley. I’ve also used her Picaroon Island and Isolation Island in my stories.

      Thanks for reading my story and leaving feedback, Kiki! 🙂

  6. Look at Sharlee! Her green eyes compliment everything about her! She is the absolute cutest child ever!
    Great chapter! I hope they find Betty and lock her up. I’m glad Dale and Alissa are finally good with each other.

    • She does have really pretty eyes! I think she got the best of Bronson’s and Alissa’s facial features.

      Thanks Buckeye! Yeah Dale and Alissa have already been through so much that they had to make it through this too.

      Hope you enjoy the rest of the story! 🙂

  7. Well, for one thing I’m confused about why the twins have black hair. They should have blonde, they’re parents are both blonde! Unless Dale’s natural hair is black, his beard was black so maybe it was.

    • True Dale’s hair was originally blond, but I took creative license and made it black. I liked him better as a brunette. LOL Also his mother has black hair. So I just left the twins with black hair since they were born with it. Sorry, but sometimes depending on my mood things in the story won’t always be realistic. It’s not that kind of story! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Teresa. 🙂

  8. hi 🙂 i havent commented for a few chapters but i thought i’d let you know im still really enjoying it!!!! im at the point when i cant wait to read it every day! and i still have a load of chapters left so thats good!:D
    have you written any other stories apart from this, the mesa valley chronicles and love endures?
    i love all the clothes and furniture you have!

  9. GREAT CHAPTER!! I’m glad that the fam is back together and that Alex SOMEWHAT moved on!!! All the kids are soooooo cute!! SHARLEE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! AND SHAWN IS ADORABLE!!!!!

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