Alissa: Chapter Forty

Two months later, and Alissa and Dale were still in Barnacle Bay.   Alex and Dale’s parents had returned to Riverview as soon as Alex was well enough to make the trip.  There was around the clock security protecting Alissa.  The FBI was now officially investigating the case.

Dale and Alissa’s relationship was still strained. 

Dale wished that he had not agreed to her sleeping with Alex.  How could he have agreed to such a thing!  He knew she hadn’t done it yet because neither she nor Alex had been well enough.  Now they had both been fully released by their doctors.

After Dale left the nursery, Alissa’s phone rang.   It was Alex.  He had called from time to time to check on her for the past two months.

“Alissa, do you still feel the same way?”  He asked her.

Alissa felt momentary panic.   Then she answered.  “Yes, I do.”

“I’m flying out there tonight.”  He told her.  “When would you like to get together?”

Dale wasn’t working although he did volunteer at the hospital.   He was attending a seminar the next day.   She thought it would be easier for him if he didn’t know when she was with Alex.  The sooner she got it over with the better it would be for them both.

“Tomorrow Dale will be at a seminar at the hospital.  Alex please promise me that you won’t discuss our time together with him.  It’s hard enough for him as it is.”  Alissa said.

“Of course I won’t.  I won’t discuss it with anyone!”  He assured her.

There is one more problem.  I have two bodyguards.” She told him.

“I’ll come and pick you up.  I’ll show them my credentials and they will let you leave with me!”  Alex said.   “Is 9:00 alright?”

Yes.  That’s fine.”  Alissa answered.

I love you.   Goodnight, Alissa.”  Alex told her.

Goodnight, Alex.”  Alissa replied.   She couldn’t believe that she was actually going to do this.

I’m leaving, now!”  Dale told Alissa as he left the house the next morning.   He didn’t hug or kiss her goodbye.   He seldom looked at her anymore.   The reason was because he couldn’t bear to look in her eyes.  He was afraid that the special look she had always had just for him would be gone.

Alissa knew that it was because of her relationship with Alex.  However, she felt like this was something that she had to do.  If not for Alex, she believed that both she and their beautiful babies Shawn and Cara would be dead.  

The fact that she cared for Alex just made it easier for her to do.  She knew that Dale could not understand.  If their positions were reversed, she would feel the same as Dale.  She truly hoped that Dale and she would be able to work through it after everything was over.

The babysitter arrived, and then Alex came to pick her up.  Alex had rented a small home.  “I thought that you would feel more comfortable if we had more privacy than we would at a hotel.”  He told her.

He studied her face for a few moments.  “You look wonderful, Alissa.”  He told her quietly.

“So do you.”  She said.

He pulled her into  his arms and held her tightly.  Her pulse and his began to race. 

He pressed his lips against hers hungrily, and she responded with the same passion.   This was something that they had both wanted for a long time. As they made their way to the bedroom, they shed their clothing. 

Alex ran his hands over her body, happy that he was finally going to be able to have her completely.   Alissa ran her hands across his muscles passionately.  She had wanted to touch him for so long.

She looked into his eyes and then pulled his lips back to  hers. 

Then as they were about to go all the way, the light reflected off of her wedding ring, and Dale’s face came into her mind.  It was like a glass of cold water thrown into her face.  

She pushed Alex away from her and ran into the bathroom. 

 Alex sat on the bed wondering what had gone wrong.   He heard the shower running.   

He put his shirt and underwear back on and sat on the bed waiting for Alissa to come out.   She finally came out wrapped in just a towel.  Her clothing was scattered throughout the house.  She started gathering it to redress.  Alex stopped her.

Alissa, what happened.  You were ready just like I was.”  He said.

“I suddenly realized that I could not do it, Alex. I made a vow to Dale when I married him that I would be faithful to him. That means not just my heart, but my body too! I have already betrayed him by having feelings for you. I can’t make it worse by sleeping with you as well. I belong to Dale. No matter how much I owe you, I can’t repay you with something that I have no right to give!”  She explained.

Dale agreed to this Alissa.”  He reminded her. 

He saw the desire return to her eyes as she looked at his chest exposed through his shirt.  He came over to her and started kissing her again and carried her back to the bed.

He removed the towel that she had put on and removed his clothing again as well.  Alissa moaned in pleasure as he kissed her chest. 

“No, Alex.”  Alissa suddenly said with her last efforts at self control.   She pushed him off of her again and jumped off the bed. 

She was crying as she pulled her dress on, not bothering with the rest.   Alex sat up on the bed. 

“Alex, you told me once that you couldn’t bear it if I ever hated you.    I could never hate you, Alex, but I would hate myself.  We both know that if  we go all the way, once won’t be enough.  The attraction between us is too strong.   It’s even stronger now than it used to be.  We would end up having an affair.  I would feel dirty.   We can never spend time alone again.  If Dale ever found out, which he would, he would leave me!  I couldn’t bear not having him in my life.  I couldn’t bear hurting him more than I have already.  I just hope that with the way I have messed things up, it is not too late for he and I to repair our relationship.  If you really love me, please leave me alone!   Please let me be happy with my husband and children!”  She begged.

Alex knew that if he kissed her again, she would be his.  If he reminded her of all that he had done for her again, she would willingly return to the bed.  Desire for him still burned in her eyes and body despite her tears and her words. 

All of her defenses were gone.  She had given this one last effort to prevent it going any further between them.  The problem was that he truly loved her.  He couldn’t do this to her.

“Go home, Alissa.   I am going back to Riverview.  Please remember that I love you, Alissa.  If you ever need me for anything,  I will always be there for you.   If things don’t work out between you and Dale, you can always come to me.”  He told her.

Her eyes softened.   “Alex.  Don’t wait for me!  You deserve  someone who loves you as much as you love them.  I am not that person.  Live your own life!   I appreciate everything that you have done for me, but it is time for you to let me go!”  She gathered up her things and returned home.



Pictures of the Twins:




23 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Forty

  1. Turned out awesome!!!! I’m glad you didn’t have her go through with it. It would have killed poor Dale. I hope they can work past her feelings for Alex and get back their marriage. I know it will be damaged for a while because even though she didn’t sleep with him, Dale knows she wanted to and that alone is painful for him.

    I was happy to help.

    • I’m really glad you liked it, Jazen! 🙂

      Dale has been extremely hurt and angered.
      The aftermath continues in the next two chapters.
      The next one is short, so I’ve already started the pictures.

      I really appreciate you helping me! 🙂

  2. I can’t believe it even got as far as them getting naked together! Woah. I was thinking HOLY SHIT… SHE’S GONNA DO IT! :O I seriously thought Alex was dreaming again! Lol.

    It’s a good thing she grew a conscience at the last moment though. I don’t know how her relationship with Dale would have survived that in the long run.

    • This time she almost went to the point of no return!
      If she hadn’t thought of Dale at the last moment, it would have been over for her and Dale.
      Things would never have been the same between them.

      Dale has had enough! You’ll see it in the next chapter. 🙂

      I’ll post it in about an hour!

  3. Oh, but, Yay for naked Alex!!! Haha 😀

    And that hello kitty blanket on Cara is cute. Can’t wait to see the twins as toddlers 🙂

  4. lmao!! Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I read this like 3 hours ago while donating plasma, but I got home and wanted to see Joshua’s babies… I mean… Ugh… end his life… I mean! OMG! LMAO
    Just kidding… kinda,…
    Loved this chapter! I was like no! and then YES! and then NO!!! and then PHew!! Hahha btw naked sims = awkward…. lol You are so good with all your poses though! I wish I could get my camera in all the right angles that I want! I can’t wait for the next chapter! “Dale ahs had enough” ?!?! NOOOOO!!!!

    • That’s okay. You were busy with more important things!

      Joshua’s babies?!!! Is it Rent’s sister? You can’t leave me waiting!!! 🙂

      I’m glad you loved it! That last picture of Alex was for you and Caz!

      I’m almost finished with the pictures for the next chapter. I”ll post it in a little while. 🙂

      • *poke poke* hey where is this next chapter!! Stop reading mine and write yours!! *hehehe*
        I’m in a strage odd mood, this is normal when I have days off. I think it might be making my story writing a little wacky though!
        Oh, and I partially took your advise (yeah, your romantical advise!) But partially is the key! And unfortunately, Rent’s sister is gone. So no it is not her who is gunna have the Greymane heir. =D I bet you’ll never guess who it is! (atually you probably can cuz you are smart.)
        Anyways, I don’t mean to babble about my story on your story. So switching to your story!
        YAY for abs. I wish my man looked that hot. Unfortunately, the sims game killed him. (electrical shock, poor guy). LMAO Oh goodness, I think I need to get off my computer and go run some laps!

      • Kate, my eyes are watering from laughing so hard!!! 🙂

        You’re using my own words against me! I keep stopping to do other things.
        Things like reading your story! 🙂
        I don’t mind you telling me about your story here.

        I’m doing the last pictures now and I’ll post in about fifteen minutes. You made my night! 🙂

  5. *wipes sweat from her brow* ^_^
    I am glad it stopped, and now want to see Dale’s reaction. Still a bit of a tough patch to come I am sure.

  6. i was like “the hell is wrong with alissa, this is NOT her!” when she planned on sleeping with alex. seriously, i felt sorry for dale, he had never planned on sleeping with anyone, even before he and alissa had started dating. but thank god, she didnt do much as she wanted to do it, i guess her conscience were with her all the time. before you completed this chapter did you originally, even plan for a second that alex and alissa might continue with their concurrence?

    • Deena, you are so funny! 🙂 I felt sorry for Dale too!

      No, I never planned for her to really sleep with Alex.
      I just wanted to make her a little less perfect, but there was no way that I was going to have her hurt Dale like that.

      Boy, you’ve read a lot now! 🙂

      This month makes one year since I first started writing Alissa, and I’m working on a special bonus chapter. 🙂

  7. Wow, I haven’t been on in forever and just decided to see how much farther the story went. I left off last Aug. and was on chapter 24 and read last night and this morning to get to here. As always I am amazed and pleased with it. I can’t wait to read the following chapters to see what happens. 🙂

  8. THANK GOD THEY DIDNT ACTUALLY GO THROUGH WITH IT, AND ALEX ACTUALLY GREW A PAIR OF BALLS AND LET HER GO!!!!! There is absolutely NO WAY that dale and Alissa’s relationship would have survived that!!! Hopefully Alex can just move on and forget about Alissa and find his own wife!! He always said he didn’t want to be a family man so why would he want a wife and her three kids??!!

    AMAZING CHAPTER THOUGH!! It was really heart breaking and suspenseful seeing them get THAT FAR!!! I hope that Alissa and dales relationship can get repaired! She is ruining the one good thing in her life!! It’s not fair to dale that she is treating him like a doll! She is pushing his heart around and he doesn’t know what to think!! Sometimes dale can’t be solo understanding! Alissa can’t keep doing this!! Sue needs to pick one and stick with it!! What makes her think that she has the right to have BOTH?!?!?!??!!

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