Alissa: Chapter One-Part One

Seventeen year old Alissa examined herself in the mirror.  She still did not have a baby bump.  Maybe she would be able to graduate without the whole school knowing her secret.  Graduation would be in three weeks.

“Why did this have to happen to me?”  She asked herself.  Alissa thought back over her life.

She had been in foster care until recently, when she became an emancipated minor.  She was placed in foster care at the age of ten, when her mother was arrested for drug distribution.   She did not even know who her father was.

Foster care was fine until she entered her teens and began to blossom early.
She attracted too much unwanted attention from foster fathers and  foster brothers.  She refused to become a victim of molestation and whenever she became uncomfortable in a home she called her case worker and asked to be moved to another home.

The last home when she was sixteen was the final straw.  She remembered it like it was yesterday.

She lay in her bed pretending to be asleep, when she heard her foster father coming down the hall after everyone else had been asleep for hours.

“Steady slow breaths in and out.”  She told herself.

He crept into her room, and stopped beside her bed, looking down at her.   This was the third night in a row that he had come into her room.  He never spoke.  He just stared at her.  This night was different.

“Are you awake Alissa?   He whispered quietly.  Alissa didn’t answer.

He reached out and pulled the blanket back, looking at her.  When he grabbed her nightgown, tugging it down,  Alissa grabbed his hand and stood up.

“If you leave now, then I won’t say a word to your wife.  I will call my caseworker and she will find another home for me.  If you don’t, then you are going to have to kill me.   Because I will fight you with every ounce of strength that I have.  I will not remain quiet.  I will tell what you did to me to everyone who will listen.”  She told him defiantly.

A look of shock and anger crossed his face.  Then without saying a word, he left her room.  Alissa returned to bed with tears of anger, shame and sadness pouring down her cheeks.

The next morning, she called her caseworker, Ms. Sheldon.   Alissa was once again in Ms. Sheldon’s office.  Ms. Sheldon was reviewing Alissa’s file.

“Alissa that makes three new homes during the last two years.   I know that I told you that if anything happens to make you uncomfortable, to call me, and I would find a new spot for you.  However, I can’t keep doing this without repercussions against the families that you leave.”

“You are sixteen now.  I have a suggestion for you.  Why don’t you become an emancipated minor?  Legally you could make all of your own decisions and live on your own.”

Alissa looked at her hopefully.  “Could I really do that?”

“You would need someone to speak for you in court.  You know I think the world of you and I would be happy to do that.  We can also get recommendations from your teachers.  You will have to get a job and find a place to stay.  I don’t see why a judge wouldn’t grant your request.”

“Would I have to stay here in Sunset Valley?” Alissa asked.

“Where would you want to live?”  Ms. Sheldon asked her curiously.

“You know that I want to be a journalist.  One day I’d love to be a star news anchor.  The best newspapers and television stations are in Bridgeport.   There are also better paying parttime jobs in Bridgeport that I could have while I am still in school.”

“Let me find out what the laws are about emancipation in Bridgeport.  I can let you know later.  For tonight,  I think you can stay with me.  Would that be alright with you?”  She asked Alissa.

“Oh yes. That would be great!”

She gave Alissa her address and a key to her home.  After school,  Alissa went to Mrs. Sheldon’s house.  It was very cosy and comfortable.

Mrs. Sheldon had told her to make herself at home.  So Alissa got herself a sandwich and a glass of milk then did her homework.  She was just finishing when Mrs. Sheldon came through the front door.

“Alissa, I have great news.  You can live in Bridgeport!”  They discussed all the steps that Alissa would have to take to begin her new life in Bridgeport.

Alissa found a part time job as a receptionist at one of the best Spas in Bridgeport.  She also found a place to stay.  It needed some TLC, but it was hers.

Mrs. Shelton kept her promise to speak for her in court and Alissa was granted legal status as an emancipated minor.   She was happier than she had ever been in her life.

Her new high school had an interesting mix of students.  They were very different from the students at Sunset High School.  She had been popular in Sunset Valley, but here she felt very out of place.

Her clothes were definitely not in style here in Bridgeport.   They were hand-me-downs.  Even in Sunset Valley they were a bit old fashioned, but she knew it would be a long time before she could replace them.

When she entered her first class, she quickly took an empty seat.  At lunch time, she tried to find a table to herself.  She found an empty table and read over her psych notes as she ate.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?”  A male voice asked her.  She looked up into the face of the good looking blond boy from her Algebra class.  His name was Bronson Littler.

She said surprised,  “Um, no.”  He sat down.

Then came Jett Atkins.  He was the son of one of the biggest celebrities in town.  He took one of the other seats.

Lisa King, a girl from her psych class came next.

What Alissa didn’t realize was that her exceptional beauty and natural warm personality drew people to her.  Her clothes did not matter.

Before lunch was over they were all laughing and talking together like old friends.

Everyone is coming to my house after school today.  Why don’t you come too.”

“I wish I could,  but I have to work today.”  She told him.

Bronson  looked disappointed.  “When are you off?”

“I don’t have to work after school tomorrow.”

He told her, smiling, “I’ll be over tomorrow.”

“Alright.”  Alissa said.

When Alissa returned home from work, there were two shopping bags outside her door.

There was a note that read:  “Welcome to Bridgeport!  From your Friends!”

Inside the bag were two new outfits for everyday.  There was a new swimsuit and a new party gown.  Also there were shoes and accessories to match.

There was a vase of roses with a special tag.

It read:  “A rose has a rare beauty that pales when compared to yours.  From, Bronson.”

Alissa smiled in pleasure.


Alissa is played by Syzu, created by    ALICJA560  She is my favorite female sim.

39 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter One-Part One

  1. Love the story so far. How do you do Sims 3 stories like this? Do you have to buy a bunch of expansion packs? I’ve been wanting to make Sims 3 stories for a long time but have never figured out how.

  2. Ok, finally made it to reading this! I won’t comment every chapter, but I should hopefully comment about every 10 or so, just to let you know what I’m thinking 🙂

    This is a great start! I don’t know what you were saying when you said it was bad at the start, because if this is bad then your more recent ones must be mind-blowing!

    • Aww thanks Gemly. I really appreciate that. I was feeling sort of low today and this was really nice to read! You know how much I love yours and so that really means a lot to me! 🙂

  3. I was wondering if you’ve to upateding alissa and her husband and her kids yet because I really love this sims family and want to download it . And the house that thy have in mesa valley

    • Awww, I’m sorry I don’t have an update story summary. It’s because I sort of thought that in order to really get to know the characters in Alissa, you need to see how they’ve grown over the years. Five years worth of chapters is a lot to have to read though! 😯 Maybe I should update the summary.

      I know the earlier chapters are probably a bit hard to get through. I definitely understand if you don’t want to read them. ❤

      • haha! i’m fine reading… honestly i wont even the summery. your chapters are short enough i can breeze right through them. my chapters are so long. lol i like having each chapter one full day and i tend to cram a bunch into it…. but i like them long. not sure what everyone thinks. no one leaves me commets. lol

      • I had planned to have just short chapters, but then some of the readers asked me to start making them longer. They do get longer as you go further. 🙂

      • No, that doesn’t upset me at all! ❤ I agree. Poses were just beginning to be made and there wasn't a lot of custom content either in the beginning. It was in 2011. I was just starting to write stories when I started Alissa.

        I have sometimes wondered now if I've started putting too much narrative, but some of the regular readers told me that they like more narrative. I still have a long way to go with improving my writing. 🙂

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