Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Five

Cara sat in her seat in the classroom.  There was a sealed envelope sitting on her desk.   She slipped it open and read it .  

It was a card from Jared.  It had a message printed on it. The message read:  “I really like you a lot!   If you like me, check yes.   If you don’t like me too,  check no.” 

Cara smiled and put a big check mark beside yes.   Then she resealed the envelope and had the note passed to Jared.  Jared read the note and then looked at Cara and a huge grin spread across his face! 

At recess they played together and held hands.

One of Jared’s friends asked him,   “Is Cara your girlfriend now, Jared!”

“Yes, she”s my girlfriend!” Jared answered proudly.

They sat together at lunch.

Fae and Shawn were also sitting with them, but they missed what was going on because they were too busy arguing over the name for a foal.   “I think that Bubba is a stupid name for a horse!”

“I think it’s perfect!   You don’t know anything, Shawn!   His name is going to be Bubba!”  She sat there fuming.   Neither she nor Shawn was willing to give in and they didn’t speak with one another for the rest of the day!

After she got home from school, Sharlee did her homework and then excitedly started getting dressed for her date with Noah.  

When she was ready, she went downstairs.  Dale had arrived home.   “You look lovely, Honey!   Where are you off to?”

Sharlee looked at him silently for a few moments.   She wasn’t sure of his reaction.   “I’m going out on a date with Noah.”

Dale’s immediate feeling was to tell her that she couldn’t go, but he remembered his conversation with Alissa.   “Well, you know what I think about your friendship with him, but since you seem determined, just make sure that you are careful, Sharlee.”

“I’ll be careful, Daddy!   I promise that after you get to know him, you’ll like Noah too!”

Dale doubted that but he didn’t say anything.  “Have him come inside so that I can meet him properly.   I also want to thank him for defending you.”

Well, I don’t think that tonight is a good time.   He has a special surprise planned for me and I don’t want to ruin that.   I’ve invited him to the barbecue on Saturday.   So you can talk with him then!”

Sharlee heard Noah drive up.   “Bye Daddy!”   She rushed out the door.  

Dale watched out the window as she ran over to Noah.   He saw Noah’s bike and looked as Noah helped her onto the back.   “Of course, to top everything off he has a motorcycle too!”   He decided that he would take Sharlee shopping for her car the following week.

Noah carefully helped Sharlee onto the back of his bike.   After making sure that she was settled he took off.   “Please keep your eyes closed Sharlee.   I don’t want you to see where we’re going.”

“Alright.”   Sharlee closed her eyes.   She was filled with excitement.

After they stopped, Noah guided Sharlee over to a bench.   She still had her eyes closed.

“Just a few more minutes.”

A few minutes passed and Noah helped her rise and led her a little distance away from the bench.

“You can open your eyes now!”

Sharlee opened her eyes.  

Noah had set up a lovely candlelit table at the edge of the lake in front of the waterfall.  There were rose petals blanketing the ground leading to the table.   He had a table set to the side with their dinner placed on it.  

The wonderful aroma of the food set Sharlee’s mouth to watering.   Tears came to her eyes at how romantic the whole scene was.  Noah had done something this special for her!

Sharlee’s silence and her tears made Noah think that he had made a mistake, that she didn’t like it.

“I’m sorry, Sharlee!   I thought that you would like this.  I guess I’m just a big screw-up!”

Sharlee looked at him and threw her arms  around him for a quick thank you hug.  

“It’s the most wonderful, romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, Noah.   I love it!”

Noah held her in pleased surprise.   He realized that he didn’t really know anything about women, but he was determined to learn everything about Sharlee.

“I’m glad you like it!  Come and sit down, and I’ll get our first course ready.”   He turned on some soft music and served their Caprese salads.  

Then he hesitantly reached across the table and held Sharlee’s hand.  She smiled at him and he relaxed.

Under the soft glow of the candles, Sharlee looked like an angel to Noah.   The firelight made her eyes dance and formed a halo around her head.  Her smile made his heart throb. Holding her hand made his pulse race. 

“You look beautiful Sharlee.”

Sharlee smiled in pleased surprise.  “Thank you, Noah!   You look great too!”

Sharlee thought that he was the handsomest boy that she had ever seen.    He had even worn a tie!  She could see that he wasn’t used to wearing one because he kept fiddling with it.   She smiled because she knew that he had done it for her.  His eyes danced in the candlelight.  She loved the sound of his voice.  Sharlee’s heart quivered in response.

He was proving to be very thoughtful and considerate.   He was so brave, and she thought that he would be a loyal friend.   He was also really romantic.   He was more than a friend.   He seemed to feel more for her too.   She was so happy!

They talked comfortably together and held hands throughout the rest of dinner.

After they finished dinner, Noah asked her, “Would you like to dance, Sharlee?”


He held her as they danced, but not too close.   Dale would have been quite pleased.  He stepped on her feet a few times, but Sharlee didn’t complain.  

When they finished dancing, they sat close together beside the lake and looked at the stars and at each other.   

Noah didn’t want to upset Sharlee’s parents.   He wanted to gain their trust.   So before it got too late, he took Sharlee home.

After they arrived at her home, she stood beside him by his bike.

“Noah, thank you for the most lovely, romantic evening that I have ever had.”

Noah gently touched her cheek.  

“Thank you, Sharlee.   I’m glad that you had a nice time.  I’ve never known anyone like you before.”

Sharlee looked puzzled.   “I hope that’s  a good thing!”

He took her hand.

“I mean that I’ve never felt like….”  

He trailed off as Dale opened the front door.

“Sharlee, it’s time to come inside now!”

“Of all the timing!” Sharlee thought to herself, annoyed.  

“Alright!   I’ll be right in, Dad!”

“Thank you again for tonight, Noah.   I guess I’d better go inside.   Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Sharlee!”

She kissed his cheek and headed for the gate.  

Then she turned back.   “Don’t forget about the barbecue on Saturday!”

I’ll be there!”

Sharlee went inside the house.  She leaned back against the door with a dreamy expression on her face.

Noah whistled as he started up his bike.   Things were going well between him and Sharlee.  She seemed to feel for him what he felt for her.  Maybe not as strongly yet, but hopefully she would soon.   He didn’t use the word love because he hadn’t tried to put a name on his feelings for her.

Sharlee went into the entertainment room.   Shawn was playing a video game, and Cara was practicing chess. 

Dale and Alissa were playing pool.

“Did you have a nice time, Honey?”

“Yes, it was the best date I’ve ever had!”

“What do you mean by that!”

Alissa and Sharlee both laughed at Dale’s reaction.

“Dad, I mean that I had a very nice time.  Noah surprised me with a romantic candlelit dinner beside the lake at my favorite park.   He had nice soft music playing in the background.  After dinner we danced and looked at the stars and talked like I never have with anyone else.   To relieve your mind Dad, he was a perfect gentleman the whole evening.  He didn’t even hold me close when we danced, and he brought me home early because it’s a school night!”

“Well, I am glad that you enjoyed your evening, Sharlee.   I’m even more pleased that Noah treated you with the respect that you deserve!”

Sharlee hugged Dale.   “I love you, Dad!   Stop worrying about me and Noah!”

She went over and joined Cara at the chess table.

“She’s right, Dale.  Stop worrying.   Sharlee has a good head on her shoulders.   She isn’t me!”

“I didn’t think anything like that Alissa!”

“Well, Sharlee has had a completely different background from mine.   She has had both of us to raise her.   I think that we are going to have plenty of opportunity to get to know Noah.   I think this relationship may be long term.”

Dale sighed.   He too noticed that Sharlee seemed to have strong feelings for this boy.  He would make a genuine effort to give Noah a chance.

Both Jonathon and David had been suspended for three days for their part in the fight and passing the flyers around.  They also were not going to be permitted to play in the next two football games.   Dale and Alissa were consulting a lawyer to decide if they should take any legal action against them.

A lot of Sharlee’s classmates felt bad that Sharlee had been treated like that by the two boys who were supposed to represent the best of the school.  However,  a lot of the students were hostile toward  Sharlee, especially the girls.  They felt that Sharlee should have been flattered and honored by the attention that she had received from Jonathon and David.

“There she is, Miss High and Mighty!”   Lila, one of the cheerleaders said as Sharlee walked by.   “Noah isn’t here to protect you now!  We know what you had to give a cute guy like that in order to get him to fight for you the way that he did. “

Sharlee had been going to ignore her until she made that last comment.   She responded to her.

“Lila, I don’t need anyone to fight my battles for me!   I give Noah my friendship and my respect, and that’s what he gives me!   Those are two qualities which I bet you have never genuinely received nor given in return!  Do you have any other nasty, low comment you want to make to me?” 

She turned to the other girls.  

“Does anyone else!  Because I am sick of this mess!   You all need to grow up!”  The other girls remained silent and didn’t meet her eyes.  Sharlee continued down the hallway to her next class.  After that, they left her alone and the gossip about her stopped.


A special thanks to Zhippidy for the last dinner hand holding pose.    I tried to make the first dinner pose look as good as yours, but I still need more practice.

28 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Five

  1. Go Sharlee at the end of this chapter! You tell them! It soon shut them up didn’t it?lol:)
    Noah is such a cutie and I absolutely adored their date! You did it so well and when I saw the candlelit table by the waterfall I nearly cried! It was so sweet:)
    I hope that Dale will make an effort to like Noah because he’s making the effort for Sharlee. Aww I just wanna cuddle them!lol:) I’m looking forward to seeing their relationship strengthen and I hope there won’t be too many difficult things for them to get through!

    Wonderful chapter:)

    • Yes, it really shut them up! They hadn’t expected her to react that way and deep down they knew that she was right.

      Isn’t he a cutie! Thanks Clairey! I really tried hard to make their first date special and romantic like you guys suggested.

      Sharlee and Noah’s relationship is going to be hard for Dale. As Jaz said, he is in his “protective Daddy mode!”

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading, Clairey! 🙂

  2. Go Sharlee! Go Cara! I feel happy not because both of them have someone, but Sharlee stood up for herself!
    Even when I saw the romantic Noah had set up, I went OMG!
    I hope Dale can understand that one day he will give up Sharlee and even though Noah is a bad boy, he really cares about Sharlee!

    • Sharlee has a lot of spunk and doesn’t let people run over her. I think she got the best of all three of her parents.

      I’m so glad that you had that reaction from Noah and Sharlee’s date! I wanted it to special!

      Yes, it’s hard for Dale to realize that his little girl is grown up. No guy is good enough for her to Dale! LOL
      Maybe he will eventually accept Noah, but he’s not ready to yet. 😉

      You are so welcome, Anaiah! I’m happy that you enjoyed it so much! 😎

  3. WTG Sharlee! I’m glad she took a stand for herself. What a beautiful dinner scene on the date w/ Noah. Love the McDonald’s stuff too. Now my daughter will probably beg me to ask how you did that lol. Still nothing from Alex…that has got me wondering. Sounds like all the kids are growing up fast in this story. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next chapter.

    • Sharlee doesn’t back down and cower like those girls expected her to do.

      Thanks, Whitney! I’m glad that you thought that it was beautiful!

      I’d be glad to let you know where I got the McDonald’s stuff or any other CC.
      Yes they are growing up quickly! I plan to continue the story through their adulthood too. 😀

      The barbecue is in the next chapter! I haven’t finished writing that one yet! 😆 I better get busy!

      If you need any more help with the Mods, don’t hesitate to ask. I can try and walk you through it on Chat if you get stuck. 🙂

  4. *runs around*IT’S ME AGAIN!! LOL No seriously… I’m glad you released a new chapter! I’m just waiting for Deceived… LOL Ok… ok… XD You needs to post a link to all your posing mods ’cause like… O.o Imma gonna need them in the near futures… like… that hand holding pose, I’ve never seen it before… O.o And if I had, I totally don’t remember… LOL

    • LOL Jacqueline! 😆

      I know I promised another update this week for Deceived. I might finish it tonight. I hope so! 😉
      I have so many posing Mods that some I’m not sure where I got them.
      The first dinner pose where Noah takes Sharlee’s hand, I made that one. The last dinner pose which is my favorite, was made by a friend of mine for this chapter.

      Thanks for reading, Jacqueline! 🙂

  5. OMG this finally appears! xD I don’t know I feel like waiting forever for this chapter LOL 😛
    Like always, nice chapter 🙂 the dinner is so romantic, and it’s only just the first date xD I don’t know but I seem to be more focused to Noah and Sharlee’s relationship than the parents now, I’m sorry xP

    Sharlee’s got an attitude! Really love girl like her, Alissa and Dale’s hardships has been payed off 🙂
    And Cara is even a step further than her big sister! xD does Dale know about this? I’m sure he’ll be freaked out more, lol!

    I don’t mean to rush you, but seriously I want to see the next chapter ASAP 😛
    Just kidding, take your time though, I’ll be patiently waiting! *twiddling thumbs*

    Thank you so much for this chapter! 🙂

    • Deedee, hopefully now that I’ve uploaded the save file to another computer, I’ll be able to do updates more quickly.

      Thanks so much! I’m glad that you thought that their date was nice and romantic! 🙂 Right now I am focusing on Alissa and Dale’s children, but in a couple of chapters, I’ll get back to them. You’re right! Dale doesn’t know about Cara and Jared. He would be freaked out! LOL 😀

      You are very welcome! I really have to update Deceived before I do another chapter for Alissa though. I skipped the update for it in order to do this chapter of Alissa. 😉

      I’m really glad that you’re still enjoying the story so much! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  6. wow the setting beside the lake was incredibly romantic. and jared and cara, haha, they both are cute, in love just like lil kids in love.and so does shawn n really annoyed by those girls who would go around insulting ppl for the privillage they never have,they should mind their own freakin business. cant wait for the bbq evening. great update daisies!

    • I love lake side views and waterfalls and so I thought it’d be a romantic setting. I’m glad that you thought so too Deena! 😎
      I think that the little kids are cute too!

      You are so right about those girls at Sharlee’s school! They should have minded their own business.

      I hope to work on the next update this week. Thanks for reading my story Deena! 🙂

  7. GREATTTTTT UPDATE!!! Loved every last second. So thrilled to hear that you will telling the story into the children’s adulthood! YAY! Also glad you posted this update before deceived. Love both stories, but this one has so many more dimensions. Crowd pleaser! I think I’m falling in love with Noah. What a perfect gentleman. It only takes the right girl to bring out the right guy! Looking forward as always…..

    • Thanks Marissa! 😀 It makes me feel good to know that you loved it too! 🙂 I really wanted it to be special.
      For some reason, I have just not been able to make myself work on Deceived. The next update is almost finished though.
      There are only a few pictures left to take. I even made some poses for it, but it’s set up on my other slower computer! LOL
      I promise I’ll update it soon though. Although you guys might come after me with pitchforks after you read it! 😆

      I just love Sharlee and Noah together too! Noah is the sweetest guy!

      Thanks for reading, Marissa! 🙂 I always appreciate your comments! 😎

  8. How did I miss this update?!?!?! Anyway Dale is such a dad LOL. I don’t think it would matter who she dates, he’s not going to like them.

    Noah was very sweet. I didn’t know any teenage boys that would have gone through all that. I love how caring he is. I hope Dale can look past his roughness and see the huge heart he has.

    Cara…how freaking cute are they. If they date from childhood up til marriage that will be one heck of a romance. 🙂

    Sharlee has a good head on her shoulders and I’m glad she didn’t stoop to the level of those girls.

    • Jaz, I’m so sorry that I’m this late responding to your comment! I haven’t been on the computer for a few days, and I didn’t know that you had commented!

      Dale is really being a protective Dad, but thanks to Alissa he is trying not to over react. It’s getting harder for him though! LOL
      You are so right about Noah. He is very loving and caring with Sharlee and he does have a huge heart! 😀

      Aren’t Cara and Jared cute? I remember puppy love with the little notes even after all of these years! 😆

      Sharlee does have a lot of common sense and she see’s right through those girls. Thanks so much for reading my story and commenting Jaz! 🙂 Again, I am really sorry to be so late responding!

  9. Noah is such a little adult. I guess he had to be in order to survive. It is sweet and somehow a little sad how he adores Sharlee but worries of his own self worth. Dale best stay calm. haha Loved the update.

    • Yeah, Noah had to mature at an early age. His past hasn’t helped his self esteem. More will come out in the story about that.

      Dale is having a difficult time getting used to Sharlee and Noah!

      Thanks Zhip! 🙂

  10. OMG Sharlee and Noah are super adorable together! I hope that it works out well for them. And Dale was all fatherly, so glad Alissia choose him. Cara and Jarrod are cute as well. The check list was great.

    • Aren’t they the cutest couple! 😀

      Yeah, Dale missed out on time with all of his children. For Sharlee it was her beginning teenage years and he feels even more protective of her.

      Dale and Alissa make beautiful children!

      I’m glad you’re still enjoying reading the story, Popcorn! 🙂

  11. You need to post a link for this family and the house. Also I am really liking this story. Now that its summer I have more time to read it and your others stories too. You are a really good sims 3 story author. Please post a link.

  12. I love how sharlee isn’t shy and she is willing to stick up for herself!! You go girl!! Noah is literally the BEST bf EVER! I honestly don’t think there is a better guy out there! I wish he were real!! GREAT CHAPTER! I REALLY ENJOYED IT AND I HOPE THAT DALE CAN GET TO KNOW NOAH FOR THE LOVING, RESPECTFUL GENTLEMAN THAT HE IS! He has nothing but good to their family and for sharlee, so why does dale dislike him? Because he has a bad boy look, rides a motorcycle and can fight? So what? He is hot and he the perfect bf for sharlee or for anyone! You can’t ask for a more perfect guy! That not fair dale!! I am glad that he is giving him the chance that he deserves!!! 🙂

    • Dale has this idea in his mind of the right type of guy for Sharlee, and Noah definitely isn’t what he had in mind. LOL I think most fathers are like that. He also has a bad first impression of Noah because of what the principal told him about Noah. It will take a while for him to get to know Noah better.

      I agree, Noah is just the sweetest guy! 😀

  13. I want to meet someone like Noah one day.. I was squealing the whole dinner scene. Just too cute! Any bad boy can have his romantic side too!

  14. How did you get Noah? and have you ever thought of putting up your family on the exchange or mod the sims?

    I love your story thought! I have read it 1000 billion times over and over until new chapterss ❤ 🙂

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