Alissa: Chapter Seventy-One

“Dale, I have to be the one to tell Alex that the baby is his.  Of course, I want you there with me, but I have to tell him myself.”

“Why do you feel so strongly about this, Alissa?”

“Because I have to see for myself how he reacts.  I need to know whether or not to allow him to be a part of  this baby’s life!”

Alissa suddenly realized that when she thought of the baby she never thought or said the words our baby in regards to Alex.  She thought my baby or the baby, but not Alex’s baby.  Oh, how she wished the baby were Dale’s! 

She also felt uneasy about re-establishing contact with Alex.  Her pregnancy with the twins had not stopped Alex from trying to get her to be with him.  She didn’t know if he would behave any differently this time.

Dale pulled Alissa into his lap and hugged her close.

“Alright, we’ll see him together.”  He quit protesting.

Dale hoped that Alex would keep his promise to help Alissa remain stress free.   So far he had not contacted them since their move to Mesa Valley.

Mick did not recover from the wound.  The gang left his body on the street where the cops found it.  Of course, none of the gang would narc on Noah, but he knew that it would be best to leave Bridgeport until things cooled down. 

The cops had to at least go through the motions of looking for Mick’s killer.  Although everyone knew that they really felt like it was just one less gang leader to worry about.  They were probably glad that he was dead!

Noah gathered his few belongings and prepared to  leave Bridgeport with no definite destination in mind.   There was no way he was going back to his parent’s home.  He would probably not be welcome anyway! 

Then he suddenly knew where he was going.  He was going to Mesa Valley.  Sharlee had probably forgotten all about him, but at least he could see her again!  Mesa Valley was probably just as good as any other place to go.

Sharlee  went through her routine trying to ignore the two football players ogling her from the other side of the gym.  She hated that they did their workouts at the same time as the gymnastic team practiced.   She had decided against becoming a cheerleader and decided to try out for the gymnastics team.  She was happy when she received a position!

However those two boys made her uncomfortable.  Everyday for the past week when they finished their weight training they had come to the gymnastics side of the gym and watched practice.   At first she hadn’t realized that it was her who was the object of their attention, but when one of them called out her name cheering her on she knew that they were watching her in particular.  Their names were Jonathon and David.   David was the football team captain, and  Jonathon was the quarterback.

“Sharlee let me see your horse routine!”

Sharlee jumped on the horse and did her routine. 

She pushed the boys out of her mind and concentrated.   After she finished, she knew that she had done very well.

“Okay, I have the scores.  Rhonda,  Isabel and Sharlee you three will be competing in next week’s meet!”

Sharlee was all smiles.  “Yes!”  She thought to herself.  

Isabel came over to her.

“That’s great Sharlee!  Newbies don’t usually get to compete right away!”

“Thanks Isabel!”

The girls went to the locker room to shower and change.  

After school, Sharlee headed out to catch the bus home.  Dale had promised that he would take her shopping for a new car soon.   The one she had before had given out.   As she headed out the doors, Jonathon called out to her.  Of course David and their crew were with him.   Sharlee approached them.

“Sharlee, David and I have a bet, and we need you to settle it!”

She looked at him curiously.   “What bet?”

“I said you’re still a virgin, and he said that there is no way that a girl built like you is still a virgin!  Which of us is right!”  The others laughed.

Sharlee’s face reddened in anger.   “Not that it’s any of your business, but yes.  I am still a virgin, and I’m proud of it!   Let me assure you that if that ever changes neither of you will be present!”  Then she turned and headed toward the bus.

Jonathon’s friends laughed at him, and David said,” I guess she told us!”

“Yeah she did!”  Jonathon agreed.   “Hmm!  I think that she just issued a challenge!”  Jonathon continued.

“What do you mean?”  David asked him.

“I intend to be there!   I bet you that I can get her to sleep with me before you do!”

David was quiet for a few moments.  There was something about Sharlee that made him respect and like her.

“I think that we should leave her alone, Jonathon.  She’s a nice girl.”

“Nice girls are the wildest!  Does that mean that we don’t have a bet?”

David thought a few moments and then answered,  “Yeah, we have a bet!”

Before he left Bridgeport, Noah did decide to stop at his parents home, but it wasn’t to see them.  They were long asleep.  He crept into the garage and wheeled out his Harley. 

He had found it in a salvage yard and completely overhauled it.  It was the one thing he owned that was of any value to him and he had left it with his parents for safekeeping.  He put a note on his stepfather’s workbench to let him know that he had taken his bike.

After steering a distance away from the house,  Noah started up his bike.   He stopped and got a map and supplies. 

Then he headed to Mesa Valley. 

As he drove along his thoughts were on Sharlee.  He knew that seeing Sharlee again was really pointless, but he was going to do it anyway.   She probably already had a boyfriend.

He never had a problem getting dates or more when he wanted it.  For some reason girls seemed to be very attracted to him!  The ones he dated were very good looking like Sharlee.  However there was something special about Sharlee.  A sweetness, a gentleness in her nature that drew him to her.    Even though clearly well off financially, she seemed down to earth and honest.  He had to see her again!

When Noah arrived in Mesa Valley, the first thing he did was to find Sharlee’s house.   

He sat in front for a good while looking at it.    People who lived in a house like that would never approve of him having a relationship with Sharlee!  Maybe if he straightened himself out, they would at least allow him to be her friend.

He went looking for a place to stay.  All towns had empty abandoned houses.   It didn’t take him long to find one. 

The benefit of an abandoned house was no rent!   Now that he had an address, he needed to find a job.   The next morning he was able to get one part time at a car repair shop.   They were glad to hire him after seeing the work that he had done on his bike.

The last part of his plan would be the hardest and the part that he hated the most.  He had to go back to school!  He wanted Sharlee to respect him and he knew instinctively that she would not like him being a high school drop out.  He headed over to the high school.

The following day, the school administrator brought him the results of his test as he sat in her office.

“Alright Noah.  You scored very highly in science and mathematics, but your English scores are not where they should be.   However, I think that  with some tutoring you will be able to quickly improve.”

She pulled up some information on her computer.  “Okay, I think that the sooner you get started the better.  I have scheduled your first meeting with a tutor tomorrow after school in the school library.  I put a note in your file to inform your English teacher that you are in the tutoring program and she too will provide you with further assistance.”

Noah looked at her in surprise.  He hadn’t expected it to be so easy to go back to school!

Mrs.  Dennis handed him a copy of his class schedules.   “That’s it Noah!   We’ll expect you tomorrow morning!”

“Thank you Mrs. Dennis!”

Noah left her office.   As he walked through the hallways, he was hoping for a glimpse of Sharlee, but of course he didn’t see her.   He left the school and went to his job.

23 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Seventy-One

  1. Great chapter as always, and I can already tell Noah and Sharlee are gonna be girlfriend and boyfriend, or atleast I hope!

  2. Wow they let him in school without talking to his parents? That’s unusual isn’t it or is he 18 and able to re enroll on his own?

    Those boys are up to no good. Poor Sharlee is in trouble having their attention on her. Hopefully that Johnathon guy doesn’t do anything stupid to win the bet.

    That conversation with Alex is gonna be a good one. Can’t wait for that.

    The outside shot of the house looks great! They won’t ever need to move again.

    • Jaz,
      I forgot that you have to have parental consent to enroll in school. 🙂
      If I knew how to make the embarrassed emoticon I would put it here!

      Yeah those boys are a problem for Sharlee. I think that I’ve been watching too much Court TV and news shows. LOL
      That’s where I got this idea for Sharlee. You’ll see what I mean in a couple of chapters.

      Their conversation with Alex is coming soon! I think it’s in the next chapter!

      This storyline is the longest yet because I added more about Sharlee, Cara and Shawn.
      I’ll be getting back to the main plot soon, hopefully! LOL

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  3. I have a feeling that Alex is not going to respond well to the news that the baby is his. I can’t wait to see how you talk your way out of this one!

    Sharlee is such a good girl, and so bold too. Those football boys are no good and my gut says Noah is going to save Sharlee somehow.

    Can’t wait to see more of Cara and her boy toy. 😀 I’m making some special poses with those two in mind! Lol!!

    More when you can! I just love this story, and it’s getting even better now that Sharlee and Cara have their own side stories!

    • Alex’s response is in the next chapter! Maybe he’ll surprise you!

      Yes, Sharlee is a good girl and knows how to stand up for herself.
      I like how you said save Sharlee somehow! I think you’re getting to know me too well! LOL

      Cara and her boy toy are in the chapter after next! They are so cute together and you will be shocked at how well those new poses that you made are going to work for that chapter!

      More next week. Shawn’s side story is in the chapter after next too!

      Thanks for reading my story Kate! 🙂

  4. Dale is a very unusual, understanding and patient man. I cannot think of any man I have ever known who would go through what he has for his lady. And that is the reason we have wonderful fantasy stories ^_^

    I am actually dreading the meeting with Alex.

    Noah is adorable adorable. I want to pinch his cheeks! haha. I am glad he is in school and am glad that he may be able to prevent whatever bad things those other boys plan to try on Sharlee.

    Love the pictures, they were really bright and pretty 🙂
    Can’t wait to read more!

    • Isn’t Dale sweet? He loves Alissa a lot! He’s her “Prince”! 🙂

      We’ll see the meeting with Alex in the next chapter/ Alissa and Dale are dreading it too!

      I want to pinch Noah’s cheeks too. He is just so cute!

      Thanks Zhippidy! I’m really glad that you loved the pictures!

      I plan to post another chapter next week. First I have to update Deceived! 🙂

      Thanks for reading my story Zhippidy! 🙂

  5. Great chapter! I hope those boys don’t cause trouble for Sharlee!
    I wish boys/men would understand that no means no! It drives me mad!
    So good to see Noah taking control of his life, I’m sure Sharlee will be happy to see him:)
    I’m not looking forward to seeing how Alex reacts to the baby news…someone needs to get rid of him so Dale and Alissa can enjoy being together without having the stress of him!
    Looking forward to more!:)

    • Thank you Clairey! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      Those boys definitely have their eye on Sharlee.
      No is one of the first words that we learn and it should be one of the easiest to understand.
      Boys sometimes act as though a girl doesn’t have the right to tell them no and mean it!

      Sharlee will be happy to see Noah and he does seem to be trying to get his life together.

      Dale and Alissa wish he would leave them alone too, but we know that’s not Alex!

      Thank you Clairey! I hope to post another chapter next week after I finish with the Deceived update.

      Thanks for reading my story! 🙂

  6. Oh my, You really perfected the sleazy look with Jonathan! He certainly looks the part of a creep.

    I love Sharlee’s fire. She seems to have even more spunk than her mother. I guess it’s rather fitting that she falls for a bad boy. 🙂

    • Sleazy describes Jonathon perfectly!

      Yeah, Sharlee has both Dale and Alissa’s spunk combined!
      We’ll see it even more in the next chapters. Good girls love bad boys! LOL

      Thanks for reading Caz! 🙂

  7. AWWWWWWWWW sharlee and Noah are perfect together! I LOVE HIM AND I LOVE THEM TOGETHER EVEN MORE! He is going totally out of his way and working soooo hard just so that he can be with sharlee, and he doesn’t even know if she is available or if she’ll like him!! That is soo cute!! I LOVE HIM!! I hope that Alex doesn’t try to get custody of the child or anything or blackmail them! That would be terrible!!!!


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