Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Seven

Cara went into the backyard to find Jared.   He had been very quiet the whole evening.  Finally, he told Cara what was wrong. 

“We’re moving, Cara.” 

Cara looked at him, horrified.   She didn’t say anything.  

She rushed around to the side of the house and burst into tears.   Jared ran after her.  

“Don’t cry, Cara!”

“I don’t want you to move!”

“I don’t want to either, but my Dad got a promotion and we have to move to Fort Sim.  Please stop crying!”

Cara forced herself to stop.

“When are you moving?”

“In two more weeks.   I won’t ever forget you Cara.”

“I won’t ever forget you either, Jared.”

“Cara have you ever kissed anybody?”

“Do you mean a boy?”


“No, have you?”


“Don’t you think that kissing is icky!”

“I think that it depends on who you kiss.  I heard my Mom tell my Dad that she will never forget their first kiss.  Would you like to try it?  Then we will never forget each other!”


They hesitantly brought their lips together for a sweet innocent kiss. 

Dale came around the side of the house just in time to witness it!

“Oh no, Oh heck no!  Jared your parents are ready to leave and it’s time for you to go home too!  Cara it’s time to go inside!”

“But Dad!”

“Inside now, Cara!”

Cara ran inside and Jared ran to join his parents.  

Later after everyone left Dale told Alissa what he had seen.  Once again Alissa burst out laughing.   “Dale it’s just sweet, innocent puppy love.  He’s her first boyfriend.”

“What, you knew about this!”

“Yes, sweetheart.  He’ll be the first of many!  You’re just going to have to face the fact that our daughters are extremely attractive and boys are noticing.”

She saw the stress on Dale’s face.   “You poor baby!” 

She kissed him and then went to comfort and reassure Cara.

Sharlee kept trying Noah’s phone, but he wouldn’t answer.   Finally she called his job, and was surprised when his boss answered.

“Hello, my name is Sharlee Stallworth.  I’m a friend of Noah’s.”

“Yes.  He’s mentioned you to me before.”

Sharlee thought quickly.   “I was hoping that you could give me his address.  I want to surprise him.”

She held her breath waiting.

“Well, I don’t usually do this, but Noah has mentioned you several times.   Also my wife is a big fan of your mother’s show.  Sure, I’ll give you his address.”   He looked up the address and gave it to her.

Sharlee went to find her Mom.  She knew better than to ask her Dad.   “Mom can I borrow your car?  I accidentally hurt Noah’s feelings and I need to apologize!”

Oh, so that’s why he left so early!   Okay, Sharlee but don’t stay out too late.”

“Thanks Mom.”   Sharlee got the plate that she had prepared for Noah and some cookies and then left to find his house.   She wasn’t familiar with the street name and put it in the GPS.

Noah heard her drive up and came out front carrying a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.   He took a swig of beer as she got out of the car. 

Sharlee immediately noticed the sheer shirt that he was wearing and his muscles rippling underneath.   “Darn, he’s gorgeous!”  She thought to herself.

Noah again had the same thought about her as he again looked at her long legs stretching from her very brief shorts and the t-shirt that fit tightly across her bust revealing her bare midriff.  He smirked when he saw the expression on her face as she looked at him.  Still, it didn’t change the fact that she had hurt him.

“What are you doing here rich girl?”

“Noah, you misunderstood me!”

“You’re right!  I did misunderstand you.  I thought that you were different, that you were special.   It must have been those big green eyes that fooled me.  You are just another spoiled snobby rich girl!   You’re as big a snob as your father is!”

“If you had listened to the whole conversation, you would have heard that Cara didn’t understand why you smelled like motor oil and had grease under your nails.  I was going to explain to her that you repair cars and that you had just left from work.   I was going to tell her that I was happy that you had made it even though I knew that you had to be tired!”

Noah was silent for a few moments, thinking.   He was feeling a little buzzed, but not completely drunk yet.   He put the cigarette out.  “You know what Sharlee, maybe this is for the best!  I’m not a choir boy and I’m never going to be one.   As a matter of fact, I never want to be one!”  He took another swig of his beer.  Then continued.  “Maybe we are too different!”

He looked her up and down and then moved closer to her.   Sharlee flushed at his expression.   He slowly ran his finger across her chest.  

Sharlee was completely caught off guard.

“Why do you get to be the one to make all the decisions in this relationship?  What if I don’t want to wait?   What if I want you right here, right now!”

Sharlee stiffened in shock! 

She jerked away from him! 

Then she rushed to her car and stood beside it.   She was hurt and angry.  She  quickly told him,   “You’re right Noah!   I misunderstood too!  I thought that you were different from other guys, but you’re not!  You’re just another creep trying to get into my pants!”

Tears blinded her as she started up the car and took off.

Noah couldn’t believe what he had just said to Sharlee and what he had done.   He went into the house.   He emptied the beer out into the sink.   “Why did I just completely push her away!”

He answered his own question.   He who prided himself on never being afraid, was afraid!   What she said at the house had hurt him and he was afraid of putting himself in the position of being hurt again.   He was afraid of the power that she had over his emotions! 

He had never felt this way about anyone else!  He had never completely trusted anyone else the way that he did Sharlee.  Trust wasn’t easy for him.   So instead he had done what he knew would push her away.

From the pained, stricken look on her face, he knew that he had deeply disappointed and hurt her.   He was totally ashamed of himself.  He regretted it more than he did anything else that he had ever done.   He already missed her.

Noah grabbed his cellphone and tried to call her.   She of course didn’t answer.   After a few more minutes, he called her home.  Alissa said that she wasn’t home.  

Noah knew where she had to be.   He jumped on his bike and headed to the park.   Her car was there.  She was sitting on the ground beside the waterfall.

Noah sat down beside her.  She turned away from him, but she was still sobbing.

“Sharlee, I have never been more ashamed of or sorry for anything that I have ever said or done than what I did to you tonight!   I am sorry from the bottom of my heart.  I didn’t mean what I said.   One of the things that I most appreciate about you is your high moral standards.  You are the sweetest most loving person that I have ever met.  I’m honored to know you and even more honored that you care about me too!  I’m sorry that I hurt you Sharlee!”

Sharlee wiped her eyes.   She looked at him.   “I guess we both were misunderstood tonight!   If you forgive me, I’ll forgive you!”

Noah smiled in relief.   “From now on, I won’t run away.   If we have a disagreement, let’s promise to always work it out!”

Sharlee smiled too.   “That sounds like a plan.”

Noah looked serious again.   “But Sharlee, what I said about not being a choir boy.   That is true.  I’m trying to be legit, but I can’t promise that I’ll be perfect or like the guys that your father would pick for you.”

Noah, all I expect is that you be yourself.   You’re who I….”  She trailed off and then started again.   “I like you as you are, Noah.  I don’t expect you to be a choir boy.   Just try not to break any laws!”  She smiled at him again.

Noah was relieved.   She liked him the way he was!

“What about your Dad?”

“What about him?”

“Sharlee, your Dad doesn’t like me!”

“He doesn’t know you, and even if he doesn’t ever like you.   That doesn’t matter.  It won’t change how I feel about you!”

“There is one thing though Noah.”


“The drinking and the smoking.   I mean you’re underage for both and the smoking especially is bad for you.   I would hate for you to hurt your body!”

Noah smirked again.  Then said teasingly,  “So you don’t want anything to happen to my body?”

Sharlee blushed more deeply than she had at any other time.

“Alright, Sharlee, I’ll work on quitting.”   He smiled at her.

“Did you ever get anything to eat?”

“No.   I just grabbed the beer.”

“I have a plate and some cookies for you in the car!”

They went over to the car and Noah munched on the cookies.   He was going to take the plate of food home and heat it up.

It was after 9:00 and Sharlee had to get home.   “Are you okay to drive, Noah?”

“I’m fine Sharlee.   I’m not drunk.”

She still looked at him doubtfully.   He didn’t want her to worry and so he promised to stay at the park for a while longer to give the alcohol a chance to get out of his system. 

He saw her off and then returned to sit by the lake and think about his future seriously for the first time.

He knew that he wanted Sharlee in his life from now on.  She was like a ray of sunshine and he didn’t want to lose her.   He wouldn’t let Dale drive him away even though he knew instinctively that that is what Dale would try to do.


Kate, I love how the child kiss poses look in the chapter! 

26 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Seven

    • They just had a big misunderstanding, but now they’ve forgiven one another.

      Thanks so much Lauren! I’m glad you liked it! 🙂
      Thank you for reading it and giving me feedback! 😀

  1. lol dale is funny.he got freaked out at almost everything that he saw.and i have to say the kids’ kiss are very cute,haha. i hope they will always be together. when noah had his finger on sharlee’s chest, i was like, “oh no” because i thought he was going to like rape her or something, especially when he was on beer. but thank god he’s already sober shortly after that. and i adored that park. it was so beautiful, but even more when both of the teenagers were in it. it seems like the place are built for them, hehe. a very nice story! ❤

    • Isn’t he funny! I loved that expression on his face! 😆

      Thanks Deena! The park is their special place. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I’m getting some more things organized for the story on this computer. It’s so much easier doing the updates on this one.
      I’m posting a poll either today or tomorrow to choose a dress for Alissa to wear for hers and Dale’s vow renewal ceremony in the next chapter.
      I hope you’ll vote to help me decide which one! 🙂

      • sure, i will be happy to vote. just dont forget to remind me when you’ve done posting it. i didnt know they are going to have renewal sure both of them will be beautiful 😀

  2. LOL Dale is going to have a heart attack! First Sharlee and now Cara the poor guy is going to send them off to a convent somewhere.

    I’m glad she and Noah worked things out. Noah was a bit of a jerk for how he acted but Sharlee has a big heart.

    Send me a PM to remind me to vote. I may not see it on the forums.

    • He does look like he’s going to have one at any time! 😆 He was completely shocked by Cara and Jared.

      Yeah, Noah was a jerk, but he was scared. It’s good that Sharlee sees past to his good heart.

      Of course I’ll PM you! You don’t seem to be online as much either. 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  3. My jaw dropped so qiuck when I read that Dale saw them kissing. Then I loled. I can see that both Sharlee and Noah got hurt, but I guess that they were caught up in the moment!

    Thank you for this chapter! I really wanted to see what was going to happen next!

    • Wasn’t that funny! 😆

      Yeah, Sharlee and Noah hurt each other, but now their relationship will be better.

      You are so welcome for this chapter, Anaiah. 🙂 I’m starting the pictures for the next chapter either tonight or tomorrow.
      I’m really glad that you like the story so much! 😀

  4. Another excellent addition to the saga! I was scared when Noah lost sight of his love for Sharlee. They are too cute! Ah, to be young again!!! I just voted for the dress for the next chapter. Can’t wait to see the ceremony. I bet all of the children will be so excited.

    • Thank you so much Marissa! That means a lot! 🙂

      You’re right that he lost sight of his feelings for her. He was scared by them, but immediately realized what a huge mistake he was making.

      Thanks for voting for the dress! 😀 I’m starting the pictures either tonight or tomorrow.

  5. phew for a minute there I thought Noah had totally blown it with Sharlee. I hope Alissa can continue to assure Dale that the things the girls are doing are normal part of growing up. How cute that Cara had her first kiss. I can’t help wondering about Alex…I’ll just keep waiting cause I know he can’t just back off. Can’t wait for the next chapter to see what happens. Once again another outstanding update.

    • Yes, he really almost blew it!

      Alissa is going to try to keep Dale balanced, but it won’t be easy for him or her.
      Alex is back in a couple of chapters. I think it’s chapter Eighty, but I don’t want to spoil it for you! 😉

      Thanks, Whitney! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! That means a lot! 🙂

      • I always do and I can’t wait until the next chapter. I had a glitch on the story I was doing but I left a link on your facebook page to my new one. I might try some mods or something later but am super busy hardly have time to play currently but will be working on this next story whenever I can.

  6. You had me worried there for a minute! I thought that they were actually going to “break up”. I’m glad that Noah apologized to Sharlee.

    I can’t believe that Cara’s friend is moving away. I’m sure they will meet again someday. The kiss did turn out really cute and it’s too bad that Dale had to intrude. He is way too overprotective of his kids and it kinda bugs me.

    • It did look that way for a while, but Noah came to his senses!

      Yes, the Brokes are moving, but like you said maybe they will meet again someday. 😉

      The kiss was just perfect. As soon as I saw that pose, I knew it would be cute! 🙂
      Dale is being extremely protective. Maybe because of the time that he missed with them!
      Thanks for reading, Kate! 🙂

  7. Aww poor Cara! I hope they meet up later on in their lives and realise they still love each other:)
    Poor Dale it’s tough being a dad to two beautiful girls!lol:)
    I’m glad Noah and Sharlee made up, I got worried about the way he spoke to her. I’m glad they sorted things out:)

    • Wasn’t that sad for her? Maybe they will meet again! 😉
      Dale is having a really hard time seeing his baby girls grow up!

      It is good that they listened to each other and Noah apologized. Their relationship has had a rough start!

      Thanks for reading, Clairey! I really appreciate your following the story! 🙂

  8. Bad boy Noah. It was very surprising since he’s only shown a very sensitive side, with some loss of control in fighting, but each time has been to protect. Who cannot love him? Sharlee has a gem for sure. Dale is a being a shrew. I think he thinks too much and his bottled rage on Alex is getting to him. I hope he does not do or say anything dumb, I mean really dumb.

  9. Is this the last chapter? 😦 I hope not. GREAT CHAPTER!! LOTS OF DRAMA! KISSING!! ROMANCE!! Great poses! Noah is so sweet. He is changing his life for Sharlee! He is doing all he can to impress her! so sweet! Only 3 things to look at.Woohoo! The suspense is killing me!

  10. Yay!! I am glad that NOAH and sharlee are friends again!!! I mean the drinking is okay to me, all teenagers do it, and in some weird, sick way, when he was walking out of the house with the beer on his hand, it was kind of hot!! The smoking is TERRIBLE though!! NO, NO, NO, NOOOOO NOAH!! WHAT ARENYOU THINKING??!!’GREAT CHAPTER THOUGH!! I literally cannot express how fricken ADORABLE they are together! She is hot and soooo pretty and he is soooooooooooooooooo H. O. T!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Teens may drink, but here in the U.S. it’s still illegal for them to do it. Sharlee doesn’t want him to get into any trouble. Too much drinking at a young age can be just as damaging as smoking to a young brain and body! Wow! My Momma age is showing! LOL

      I love Noah and Sharlee together too! 😀 Princess Lala from the Sims 3 forum made Noah for Sharlee. He is the cutest sim guy!

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