Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Three

Dale and Alissa debated whether to have Alex come to Mesa Valley or go to see him.    Dale didn’t want him to become too comfortable there in Mesa Valley.   So since Alissa’ s doctor said it was still okay for her to travel, they flew to see Alex.   They only planned to stay long enough to talk with him and then catch a plane to return home.

Alissa held onto Dale nervously as they walked up to Alex’s apartment door.    For the hundredth time since they had received the results of the test, Dale tried to calm Alissa’s nerves.

“Sweetie, please stop worrying.  Everything is going to be fine.”   

Alex must have been watching for them because he answered the door before Dale could ring the bell.

Alex looked into Alissa’s face searchingly.   “You don’t have to tell me.   I’ve known all along that it was our baby!”

He smiled.  “Are we having a girl or a boy?”

“It’s a girl.”

He knelt down before her then reached his hand out to touch her abdomen and feel the baby.

She doesn’t really move around much yet.”

“That’s okay.”   He continued to rub his hand across her abdomen.

Dale walked over to look out the window.   He couldn’t stand watching Alex with her.   He couldn’t stand Alex’s happiness that Alissa was carrying his child!   Dale hated having those feelings of resentment, but he couldn’t help it!

Alex didn’t feel the baby move, but he did feel her tiny body inside of Alissa.   He smiled in awe.  Alissa watched him closely.   He seemed to be genuinely pleased that he was going to be a father.  

However, Alissa wasn’t as happy as he was.   As she looked at him she realized that the emotions that she had felt for him before had become just a dim memory.  

They had been based on her illusions of Alex, not Alex as he really was.  The real Alex was the one who had assaulted her.  He was the man who had threatened the true love of her life, threatened her soulmate.

As Alex continued to feel the baby, Alissa looked over at Dale and saw the tension in  his shoulders as he looked out the window.   Even though he was trying to hide his emotions from her, she knew that this was hurting him inside.  Yet he was still trying to be there for her.   Alissa nonchalantly moved away from Alex because she knew it was making Dale increasingly upset.  Alex stood up.

“Well Alex, I’ll keep you posted on how the baby is doing, but there is one thing.”  She took a deep breath.    “I know how happy you are about the baby, but for the baby’s sake, I think that it would be best if we keep it between us that you are the father and not Dale.   When she is old enough to understand, then we can tell her.”

Both Alex and Dale looked at her surprised.  

“I want everyone to know that you’re carrying my baby, Alissa!   I am proud of it.  I’m not ashamed.”

Alissa’s hands were trembling with stress.   Dale saw it.  “Alex maybe it would be better.  You know that the baby is yours and Alissa knows.   Think about the added stress that explaining how this happened will place on Alissa right now.”

“I’m going to have to think about this.   I’ll have to let you know what I decide.”

“Alright, Alex.   I understand.”

Alex was staring at Alissa with lust in his eyes.   He wanted to pull her into his arms and feel her body pressed against his.   His eyes roamed her body. 

Alissa was very uncomfortable. 

Dale saw Alex’s expression.  He didn’t like the way that Alex was looking at her.

Dale said firmly,  “We have to catch our plane back to Mesa Valley.  Goodbye Alex.”    

Dale took Alissa’s hand and started to lead her from the room.  Alex stopped them.

“Alissa, don’t you think that you owe me at least a hug goodbye!”

Dale started to answer for her, but Alissa spoke before he could.

“No, Alex.   I don’t owe you anything except to do everything that I can to make sure that this baby is born healthy and strong.”

Then she headed to the  door with Dale following behind her with a smile on his face.

Alex saw Dale’s smile, and it infuriated him!  He believed that Dale’s presence was keeping Alissa from feeling relaxed and comfortable with him.   They needed some time alone together.  

He was sure that she missed him as much as he missed her, but she couldn’t let Dale see that!   By now she had to realize what a mistake she had made in going back to Dale.   He decided to find a place in between his home and hers so that they could see each other just as he had originally planned.

While they waited for the elevator to arrive,  Dale thought about Alex’s behavior and his anger returned.   Alissa wrapped her arms tightly around him.  

She said again,  “Please just know how much I love you, Dale!”

The next afternoon at her lunch time, Sharlee walked into the cafeteria.   She had run into Noah before first period and they had made plans to eat lunch together.   As she went over to an empty table, she noticed that people were staring at her and whispering.  Some were laughing and looking down at flyers.

Isabel walked over to Sharlee’s table with a flyer just as Noah came into the cafeteria.   He spotted Sharlee and headed over to join her and Isabel.  

Sharlee looked at the flyer.  Then her face turned red,  and she looked at Isabel in shock.

She burst into tears and rushed from the cafeteria.  Noah ran after her.  

“Sharlee!   Wait!  What’s wrong?”

He caught up to her as she ran out of the exit doors, and he grabbed her arm.  

“What happened, Sharlee?   Please tell me what’s wrong!”   He couldn’t stand seeing her cry.

She was so upset that she couldn’t speak.  He took the flyer from her hand and looked at it. 

It was a picture of Sharlee wearing nothing at all.  She was posed provocatively on a bed in a hotel room.  The caption underneath read:   “I’m always ready to catch a quick pass.   Jonathon threw me one last night!”

Noah looked at Sharlee.   He was furious!   He knew it had to be a lie!

“That’s not me, Noah!   I never posed for that!”  Sharlee managed to say.

Noah rushed back inside the cafeteria and went right up to Jonathon.

Noah said firmly,  “I’m only saying this once.   Apologize to Sharlee and admit it is a lie!”

Jonathon stood smirking at him and said,  “What?   Did she catch a pass from you too!”  

Noah furiously punched Jonathon in his smug face.  

Jonathon managed to raise up and ram his knee into Noah. 

Noah flung Jonathon down hard onto the cafeteria floor, and then he overwhelmed Jonathon with blows until David and others pulled him off.  

As two guys held Noah, David sucker punched him.

Noah pulled loose and punched David in his nose.  

Sharlee came back into the cafeteria and saw the guys ganging up on Noah.  She started to rush over and try to help him when Isabel held her back.

“No Sharlee!   You’ll get hurt!”

“Let me go Isabel!”

School resource officers entered the cafeteria and broke up the fight.  An ambulance was called.  Jonathon had two broken ribs and David had a broken nose.   Noah wasn’t badly hurt.

“I want him arrested for assault!”   Jonathon cried.

“I want you arrested!”  Sharlee shouted.   She rushed over to him before he was taken out to the ambulance and slapped him across his face! 

“You tell everyone  the truth!   You know I didn’t pose for that flyer, and I’d rather vomit than sleep with you!”

Resource officers forced Sharlee away from him.

“Noah are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”  He forced himself to smile and reassure her.   His lip was bleeding, and one of the paramedics cleaned it.   It wasn’t a bad cut.   To him a cut lip was nothing.

Sharlee just looked at him.  She couldn’t believe what he had done for her.

Before they could continue their conversation, Noah and Sharlee were taken to the principal’s office.

Dale quickly entered the receptionist’s office.   He couldn’t believe that he was there because Sharlee had been involved in a fight.   By the time that Dale arrived, Mr. Simon, the high school principal had heard the full story.

Dale saw Sharlee waiting in the outer office.  She and Noah had been kept separately so that they could not discuss what had happened. 

Sharlee rushed into Dale’s arms and burst into tears.  “Baby, what happened?”  He asked her worriedly.

Mr. Simon’s office door opened.  Noah stood there.   They heard Mr. Simon tell Noah,  “Remember Mr. Hall, your suspension means that you must remain off of school property and activities for the next two weeks.   However, I cannot promise that that will be all of the consequences of your actions.  Mr. Davis and Mr. Henderson’s parents may wish to file charges against you.  Don’t forget that I must meet with your parents before I can allow you to return to school.”

“Alright, Mr. Simon.”  Noah turned to leave.

“Oh, Noah,  I am so sorry.  This is all my fault!”

“No it’s  not Sharlee.  Don’t worry about it.  I’ll be okay.   I’ve got to get going.”

Mr. Simon called for Dale and Sharlee to come in.

Dale led her into the principal’s office.   He was appalled when he heard what Jonathon had done and angry as well.

“I don’t care whether he’s the football team’s quarterback or not!   I want him punished for what he has done to my daughter!  That is inexcusable!”

Mr. Simon said,  “Well thanks to Mr. Hall he has two broken ribs.   Don’t you think that is punishment enough?”

“No.  It’s not!   I want him to make a public apology to my daughter admitting that he faked that picture and lied about being with her!   He intentionally tried to humiliate her and damage her reputation.   “Do you know why he would do that, Sharlee?”

“Because I refused to go out with him and I told him that if I ever lost my virginity neither he nor David would be there!”

Dale stifled a smile.   He was proud of his daughter for standing up for herself.

“This Noah Hall.  I gather that he was defending my daughter.   Is there anything that can be done for him?  I mean most people just stand by or join in when someone is being bullied, but he didn’t.  He should be rewarded for that, not punished.”

“Well, he took it too far.  It’s my understanding that if he had not been pulled away he would have continued his assault on Mr. Davis.  If I may give you some advice, Ms. Stallworth. Although you have not been with us very long, your teachers here as well  as from your previous school, have given glowing reports on you.   I’ve been a principal for many years and I detect a rebellious streak in Mr. Hall.   He has been with us for an even shorter time than you.  It would be to your benefit to limit your association with him!”

Dale looked at Sharlee.   “Sharlee have you and this boy become friends?”

Sharlee flushed.   “Yes we are friends.   This is my fault, not his.   Please don’t punish him just because he was helping me!   If you have to punish anyone, punish me, not Noah.”

“Ms. Stallworth, you are clearly the victim in this situation, but I’m sorry.   Mr.  Hall’s suspension stands.   I am going to meet with the school counselors, and we will start a bullying awareness program that will be mandatory for all students.   I agree with your father.   What Mr. Davis did is inexcusable!”

After he said that Noah’s suspension  was still in effect, Sharlee quit listening. 

Dale took her home soon after.   She didn’t feel like talking and went straight to her room.

19 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Three

  1. I think that Mr. Simon was showing favoritism. Showing that kind of flyer is almost child porn. He should be arrested and suspended as well. The school should punish him in someway. Noah kicked his butt! Good for him. But if one gets suspended for fighting they all should. At one point it was 3 against one. If I were Dale, I would threaten to sue the school and press charges against Johnathon.

    Alex is delusional! He truly thinks Alissa wants to be with him. Even if she did have feeling for him, those all died the moment he raped her. And sadly Alissa is a little if she thinks for one minute Alex is not going to claim that child as his. He still wears his ring, he still wants Alissa and he’s going to hang on to whatever he can. That being his child means he has a reason to be in her life. He won’t allow them to pass it off as Dale’s. He hates his brother, it will be bad enough Dale will be there with the child daily while he may only get visitation but to not say he’s the father. That kind of an agreement will come at a price. One that I fear would put Alissa back in his bed. 😦 He’s not above trying to blackmail or force that issue on her so I could see it happening again.

    • Mr. Simon was showing favoritism! Athletic stars, particularly football players seem to get a free pass to do whatever they want. I got the idea for the flyer from some cases that I’ve seen in the news recently on bullying using sexting and the internet. Some teenagers are being prosecuted for it. For some reason they don’t think it’s wrong to do that to someone! This situation will lead to more problems for Noah and for Sharlee. 😕

      Alex has been obsessed with Alissa for a long time now. You’re right. He has become delusional. It won’t be easy times ahead for Dale or for Alissa. 😦 After the next couple of chapters, I’m getting back to the main storyline!

      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  2. Jonathon is sick! I’m glad Noah broke his ribs, he deserved it and more! Poor Sharlee how embarrassing for her. Noah is such a sweetie standing up for her even though it got him into trouble. I agree with Jazen that Dale should threaten to sue and press charges!
    You know what I think of Alex and I didn’t think I could hate him anymore than I already do! But, my god, he needs to leave Alissa alone. SHE’S NOT INTERESTED!!! As if he kneeled there feeling her tummy I would have kneed him the head!haha!
    Please say something happens to him soon before he does something terrible to Dale and Alissa:(

    • You’re right, Jonathon is sick. He picked a way to get back at Sharlee that he knew would humiliate her and make his friends think that he had won the bet.

      Noah is so sweet to Sharlee. Dale is very upset over what happened. It’s not over yet.

      Alex’s job changed him.
      His thinking has become twisted and he is obsessed with Alissa.
      He also doesn’t understand how she could possibly prefer Dale to him!

      You have me laughing, Clairey! “kneed him in the head!” 😆

      Do you really want me to tell you if something is going happen to him? LOL

      Thanks for reading my story, Clairey! 🙂

  3. Jonathon would of had really got it from me if he tried to pull that crap with me. He would of not only had 2 broken ribs, but a broken leg, a concussion, and bite marks all over his skin.

    Alex needs to stop! Doesn’t he see that Alissa and Dale hate him?! He assaulted her and acted like it was nothing. Scum like him need to be just like Jonathon.

    Noah should of not gotten suspended. It should be Jonathon! Jonathon should get arrested also!

    • Jonathon would have deserved every bit of that! “bite marks all over his skin”, I bet he’d never have done it again to another girl!
      What he did to Sharlee was low and unforgivable.

      Alex refuses to see or accept Alissa’s changed feelings for him. He thinks that she is putting on act because of Dale.
      In his distorted thinking, there is no way that Alissa doesn’t want him!

      You are right! Noah should not have been suspended, but most of the time, star athletes get away with whatever they want to do.

      Thanks so much for reading, Anaiah! I’ll post another update next week. 🙂

  4. I read this a few days ago, but I just realized that I never commented. So I will now. 😀
    I don’t like that they told Alex. Honestly, it wouldn’t have hurt anything for Dale to say it was his and write his name on the birth papers. Things are only going to get worse because now he is going to want to be with that baby and Alissa is going to let him because she is nice like that. I have a feeling that he is going to try to take Alissa and the baby away from Dale. Perhaps this baby should die too? =X

    Jonathan is a bully and I’m glad that Noah stood up for Alissa. That is a really really low thing for him to do. I can’t believe that he didn’t get in trouble! Did the principal not see the letters? Did all of the teachers just brush it off like it was nothing? How can you do that?! I don’t care if he was a star athelete, there is more to life than being good at throwing a ball. If I were Alissa’s parents, I would contact the school board or even the Mayor if I had to. There has to be some social services person they can talk to that will see it their way and fine the school or something.

    Sharlee doesn’t deserve to be picked on in school. She is a pretty girl who has standards and beliefs. She is a role model for all of those pretty tramps in school these days. I feel for her, having to change schools so much plus all of the crap she has gone through in her life. I credit her for being able to say no when her mother never does. She is a strong woman and I can’t wait to see what she does with her life.

    This was a great chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Especially at that Barbeque! I bet Dale will give Noah a special mention for helping Sharlee out!

    • You know Alex really well, but Kate, “this baby should die too!” You shock me! LOL

      You are so right abut Jonathon! Yes the principal did see the flyers and it isn’t over yet.
      It’s not fair the way that athletes get away with so much, but they do.
      It still remains to be seen whether or not Jonathon will get away with it.

      Sharlee does have high standards. I guess when I really think about it now, she has been through a lot!
      Even though she may not remember a lot of it, her mother and father have tried to help her learn from their mistakes.
      That is why she has come to the decisions that she has made about her own life.

      Thank you, Kate, you don’t know how much that means to me coming from you! 🙂

  5. an imbecile like jonathan deserves more blows than noah had given him. i wished he had beat the life out of him but only few ribs gone, that wont be a big problem for a long time. what he did to sharlee was highly invidious and detestable!! it was really humiliating, i cant think of whether sharlee can face the people in the school again or not. i hope you gave jonathan and his friends more fists in their face in later chapters. and i love the fact that sharlee’s still stick to her plan of sleeping with a man after married, i hope you remain her like that. I CANNOT wait to read more! heheh

    • Noah would have continued beating him if the other guys had not pulled him away!
      You are so right about Jonathon! I can’t stand people who do things like that to others, especially if they think that they are making themselves look good.

      Sharlee has strong standards that she has set for herself.

      I feel better today, so hopefully tonight I will work on more pictures for the next update!

      Thank you for reading my story, Deena! 🙂

      • okay, i will look foward to see your next didnt matter how you gonna plan the coming storyline, im gonna always read it cause i know it’ll be awesome.
        btw i’ve been sick for two weeks now.i’ve discovered your story while i was in bed, unable to do anything but to feel drowsy and severe headache out of taking too much of the i went google for sims 3 stories cause i somehow go addicted to reading it.well, good story to be precise.and idk how but i came across yours and yours just what i’ve been looking for! but im recovering now, but throughout the process, i read your story, and i think this piece of art you’re writing was kinda remedy too cause i can actually feel a piece of joy while i was ill. thank you. and now knowing you arent well too really saddening but please take care of yourself and be healthy again and dont push yourself too hard.good story takes time too. and thanks again for your story and i will always read more of, goodluck and do your best! cant wait to see what’s alex’s plan and how sharlee and noah are goin!

      • Deena, I’m sorry that you’ve been sick too!
        I hope you feel better now, and I’m glad that Alissa brought you a little enjoyment while you were sick!

        Thanks so much for all of your encouragement. It makes me want to keep writing! 🙂

  6. Wow, I am not sure where to start I I hope that Sharlee and Noah can work things out I feel it was very honorable for him to defend her. I don’t trust Alex at all and hope that Alissa’s pregnancy goes smoothly and that something bad doesn’t happen after the baby’s born. I can’t wait to see more what’s going on w/ the twins either. So glad I got to this chapter before heading home later today. I must get internet to keep reading. I miss reading these stories as well as making my own. 🙂 If you leave me somewhere I can email you privately I’ll fill you in on my almost a year of absence ok.

  7. Ok, Alex is very self absorbed and possibly, frighteningly, delusional if he thinks Alissa will bend to him. With his expertise, I fear for Dale and their family.

    The school scene was horrible and isn’t it always the popular guy who gets away with things? The principal and the jocks should be removed with no hope to return. Poor Noah (I love him!) has no parents to vouch for him. Maybe he can meet a nice older couple in the park. hehe Love the update.

    • Alex really became selfish and delusional when it comes to Alissa.

      It seems like the jocks get away with just about whatever they want to do! :frown:

      Thanks for reading, Zhip! 🙂

  8. I HATE THE PRINCIPAL SO BADLY I WANT HIM TO HAVE A BROKEN NOSE AND 2 BROKEN RIBS! BUT not to punch him. Just that for some other nature reason. I’m not crazy! I’m totally sane but I think everyone at school thinks I’m insane and crazy! 😦 I like the chapter a lot. -voice gets quieter and quieter- great job so far. im very close to the end.

  9. Mr simon is TOTALLY showing favoritism!!!! What Jonathan did was child porn! He should be AT LEAST suspended or expelled, if not, ARRESTED!!!! Good for Noah kicking his ass!! He was defending her when she was being bullied! It’s high school! You think he’ll just stop when you yell at him??!!! Noah should REWARDED!!! NOT punished!!!!!! I hate this principle he is favoring Jonathan just because he is the star quarterback of the football team, and Noah is a bad boy off the streets who just started here!! That us TOTALLY unfair!! Alissa’s family should file a case against Jonathan! And what about David!! He punched Noah and what was he doing?? Sticking up for Jonathan! We’ll, that is EXACTLY what Noah was doing for Alissa!! This is bunk!!

    Great chapter tho!! I really hope that dale and Alissa take him in as legal guardianship because he CANT go back to his parents!!

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