Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Two

Apology:  I had a lot of problems with my game when doing the pictures for this chapter.  So some of them are not as planned and had to be taken quickly before my game crashed again.


The next day, Sharlee was leaving the gym when Jonathon stopped her.

“Hey!  Your routine is terrific.”


Sharlee started to walk away, and Jonathon put his arm beside her against the wall blocking her way.

Sharlee couldn’t believe his nerve!

“Not so fast, Sharlee.  Go out with me tonight!”

Noah came down the hallway towards the gym and saw Sharlee standing there close to Jonathon.  

He felt his heart sink.  During the time he’d been in Mesa Valley, he had asked around town about the Stallworths.   He’d found out that Sharlee’s mother Alissa had her own television show and her father was a surgeon.  Her grandfather was Matthew Hamming the movie star.

Still he hadn’t let that stop him.  He’d asked around school and had the impression that Sharlee did not have a boyfriend, but here she was with Jonathon.   He turned around and headed in the other direction.

Sharlee took a deep breath.  She was furious, and she did not like Jonathon.   He must think she is a naive fool.

“Jonathon, I’m only going to say this once.  Move away from me and leave me alone, or I will use my foot routine on your nads!” 

She had placed her heel on his foot to show that she meant what she said.  She might start with his foot, and then he wouldn’t be able to play in the game the following night.   Jonathon moved away from her.  His face was flushed and angry.   

Sharlee headed to her locker, and Isabel came over to her.

“Oh, I’m glad that I caught you, Sharlee!  I have a huge favor to ask you.”

“What’s wrong, Isabel?”

Isabel and Sharlee had become close friends.

“My Mom got called in to work and the babysitter is sick.  So she needs me to come home right after school to stay with Dillon.  I’m supposed to have my first tutoring session today with a new student.  Can you please do it for me?  It’s for English.  I’ll owe you big time!”

“Of course I’ll do it for you.”

“Thanks Sharlee.  I’m supposed to meet him in the library after school.”

She dug around in her pocket to find the paper where she had written the student’s name and couldn’t find it.”

“Darn it!   I left his name in my locker!”

“That’s okay.  I’m sure I’ll be able to find him.   Not too many students stay in the library after school.”

Isabel thanked her again and then left for her next class.

Noah sat in the library waiting.  He was experiencing a pain in his heart that he had never felt before.  He realized that he had fooled himself into believing that all he wanted from Sharlee was her friendship, but that wasn’t true.   He had wanted much more.

He had never before this tried to change himself for anyone, but he had done it for Sharlee.  He had wanted to become the type of person that he thought she would respect.   It was all for nothing.   

The question was should he stay in Mesa Valley or should he leave.  He knew that he couldn’t stand seeing her with any other guy.  How could he have developed such deep feelings for her in such a short period of time?   It was more than attraction.   He didn’t know how she had done it,  but she had!

Sharlee walked into the library and looked around.   She saw several girls and one lone guy sitting at a table as though waiting for someone.   She rushed over to him.

Then she immediately put her books on the table without looking at him.   “I’m so sorry that I’m late, but I’m filling in for your original tutor at the last minute.”

Noah was looking at her silently.  He was surprised that she was his tutor!   Sharlee sat down and finally looked at him and was shocked to see that it was Noah.   A huge pleased smile spread across her face.

“Noah!   I didn’t know that you were here in Mesa Valley.    I am so happy to see you again!”

Noah couldn’t help but smile at her too.   “It’s good to see you again too Sharlee.”

Sharlee looked around them.   She wanted to ask what had happened in Bridgeport, but there wasn’t any privacy there.   She considered asking him to go to her house with her, but her Mom and Cara and Shawn would all be there too.

“Noah, I’d really like to talk with you, but not here.   Would you like to go with me to a really pretty park that is not too far from here?  I mean of course I’ll still give you your tutoring lesson too.”

For his answer, Noah stood up.   Sharlee followed him outside to the parking lot.

“Did you drive?”

“No, my father is going to get me a car, but he hasn’t had time to yet.”

He looked at her dress a little unsure.   “Well we can take my bike if you want to.”

“You mean that I can ride on the handlebars?”

“Ride on the handlebars?”   Noah started laughing when he realized that she thought that he meant a bicycle.   

He led her over to his motorcycle.

“Oh that’s what you meant!  I’ve never ridden on a motorcycle!”

“I promise not to go too fast.  I’ll make sure that you’re safe, Sharlee!”

Sharlee noticed how fervently he said it and looked at him surprised.   The way that he was looking at her again made her blush. She headed closer to the motorcycle.

“Let’s go!”   She knew that her parents would probably not be pleased that she was on a motorcycle, but they had never said that she couldn’t do it.

Noah climbed on and helped Sharlee climb on behind him.  

“Wrap your arms around my waist and hold on tightly.”

Sharlee wrapped her arms around his waist and they took off.  

She felt the breeze blowing her hair and cool on her cheeks as they rode along.   She told him where the park was located.  

It felt good to be so close to Noah and Sharlee laid her head against him.   It felt perfectly natural.    Although he was enjoying having her so close to him, Noah wondered why she was laying her head against him so affectionately when she was Jonathon’s girl.  He didn’t think that Sharlee would be the type to cheat on her boyfriend in any way.

When they arrived at the park, he helped her off of the bike.

“That was so cool, Noah!”

“I’m glad that you enjoyed it!”

They walked over toward the lake.  Noah looked around him.

“This is a pretty spot!”  Noah told her.

“Yeah.   I like to come here to be alone and think sometimes!  It’s very peaceful.”

Noah was staring at Sharlee.   Her hair was glowing in the sunlight.  He thought that she really was the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen.

Sharlee felt his eyes on her and turned to look at him.  “Noah, you are a really gorgeous guy!”

Noah thought that he had heard her wrong!   “What?”

Sharlee’s face turned completely red.  “I didn’t mean to say that out loud!  I mean you are, but I…”  Her voice trailed off in deep embarrassment.

Noah smiled at her.  “It’s okay, Sharlee.   I think that you are gorgeous too!”

Sharlee changed the subject quickly.   “Was that man okay after the fight?”

“He didn’t make it.”

“Oh!  I hope you  aren’t in trouble because of me Noah.”

“No.  I’m not in trouble.   The police don’t know that I did it and they have stopped investigating the case.   When it’s someone like Mick they just go through the motions and then forget about it.”

“Well, I’m glad that you’re okay, Noah.   You don’t have to worry.   I will never tell anyone what happened that night!”

“Thanks Sharlee.”

“How did you end up here?”  She asked.

“I had to get out of Bridgeport for a while and I had seen on your driver’s license that you lived here.   So I decided to see what this town was like.   I’ve got a job and decided to go back to school.”

“That is so great!   Noah, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but where are your parents?”

“They live in Bridgeport.   I pretty much burnt my bridges with them.  Besides, I want to make it on my own!  One day I hope to have my own bike shop.”

“It must be nice to know exactly what you want to do.”

“Don’t you know what you want to do, Sharlee?”

“Well, my Dad is a surgeon.   Even though he’s my stepfather, I’m more like him than anyone else.  He’s a surgeon, and I had thought that I wanted to be a research scientist.  Lately I’m not sure!”

“You still have time to decide.”

“Yes.  There is still time.  Speaking of time, we better get to your English!”

“Yeah, I guess we should.”  He agreed reluctantly.

He wanted to ask her about Jonathon, but he was afraid of her answer.   The way that she was behaving was as though she wasn’t dating anyone. 

Noah got their books from his bike.  They sat down, and she helped him with his English.   They also did the rest of their homework together.  Then she called her parents and told them that she was at the park and would be home later.  

They talked for hours, telling each other things that they had never told anyone else.

“I love my stepfather as though he were my real dad.  I mean I care about Bronson, but it feels like he’s a close family friend, not my father.   I wish that I was really Dale’s daughter.   I have his name, but I wish that he could adopt me.  I know at my age that I shouldn’t care, but I do!”

“I understand what you mean, Sharlee.   I lived with my stepfather too!   My birth father was just a sperm donor!   He has never wanted anything to do with me and I want nothing to do with him either!  I guess that my stepfather tried, but I know that I didn’t make it easy for him.   I don’t think that he really wanted children, but my mom was pregnant with me when he fell in love with her.  I know he and my mom care about me, but I prefer to be on my own.”

Sharlee told him about how Alissa and Dale met and married.  She told him about the two years that Dale was missing and how much they had all missed  him.

“I don’t think that my Mom could handle it if anything happened to him again!  My parents love each other more than any couple I’ve ever seen.   They each truly would die for the other.”

Noah looked at Sharlee.   That was how he felt about her.   He would die for her. 

Sharlee looked at him.   “That’s the kind of relationship that I want too.”

Noah got his nerve up and asked her,  “Sharlee, how long have you and Jonathon been going together?”

Sharlee rolled her eyes and made a gagging noise.   “Me and Jonathon!   I can’t stand him!   He thinks that he can get any girl he wants and that we should all kiss his feet just because he is the team quarterback!   Well he can’t have this girl!  What in the world gave you the idea that I was dating him?”

Noah told her what he had seen in the hallway at school.   Sharlee flushed in embarrassment.   “You saw that?”   She told him what had happened.   “After my threat, I bet he won’t try that again!  After what he and David said to me I don’t know why he could possibly think that I would go out with him!”

“What did they say to you?”

Sharlee wasn’t embarrassed when she was talking with David and Jonathon in front of a lot of their classmates about this subject.   However, for some reason talking to Noah made her embarrassed about it.

“What did they say?”   He asked again.   He saw her red face and smiled.   “I’ve never known a girl who blushes as much as you do.”

“I know, I’m weird!”

Noah told her sincerely,  “I don’t think it’s weird.   I think it’s cute!”

Sharlee smiled at him.  Then she told him about the conversation that she had had with Jonathon and David.

Noah was becoming angrier and angrier the more she told him about those two and their behavior towards her.   He didn’t believe that Jonathon would leave Sharlee alone now just because of her threat.   Nothing against Sharlee, but she was a petite little thing, and Jonathon was the quarterback on the football team!   He’d have to make sure that Jonathon got the message.   It’d have to be off school grounds though because he refused to be expelled or suspended from school so soon.

“So you don’t have a boyfriend, Sharlee?”


“You’ve never had one before?”

“I didn’t say that.   Why do people assume that just because you’re a virgin that means that you don’t date or that you’ve never had a boyfriend!”

“I’m sorry.   I didn’t mean to upset you!'”  Noah laughed.

Sharlee laughed too!   “I have dated and I had a boyfriend when we lived in Riverview.   It was really just for fun.   We both knew it wasn’t anything that would last.”

“Sharlee, why are you still a virgin?   Are you very religious like my grandparents?”

“Well, I am religious, but I don’t know if I’d say that I was deeply religious.   My grandparents are very religious people.   My parents taught me that it is better to wait until after you are married before you sleep with someone.  My mother wished that she had waited, but she also said that if she had she would not have me or my stepfather.

They said that it is a precious gift, a special intimate part of myself that I should only share with the man that I will love for the rest of my life.   That it should be with the man who loves and respects me more than he does himself.  Of course, they said that it is my decision, but I feel as they do. Although I do realize that sticking to my decision won’t always be easy.”

“So, did your stepfather wait?”

“Yeah, he did and they said their first time was very special.”

“Sharlee what if the guy has slept with other people?”

She looked at him intently.   “As long as he loves me and won’t sleep with anyone other than me again, then it won’t matter.”

They were both quiet for a while after that.  Each was thinking deeply about their conversation.  Then Noah broke the silence.

“I’m not a virgin any more Sharlee.   I haven’t been for a long time, but I understand what you are saying.   I’ve never thought of it like that before, and I wish that I had waited too.”

Sharlee got a text message on her phone and read it.

“That was from my Dad!   He says it’s a school night, and I need to come home.”

“So you have a curfew?”

“No.   I’ve never really needed one.   He just doesn’t like for me to stay out here alone too late.   He doesn’t know that I’m not alone.  I usually am when I come here.”

“I guess that I’d better take you home now.”

“We’re having a barbecue at our house on Saturday, Noah.   I’d really like it if you’d come!”

He had to work on Saturday.   “I wish I could Sharlee, but I have to work on Saturday.”

“All day?”

“I get off at 5:00.”

“Well if you want to, you can come over after you get off from work.   That’s when we’re starting!   My parents host a barbecue for friends and family every month.”

“Are you sure that you want me to come, Sharlee.   I don’t do too well around people.”

“Noah, I would love it if you would come.   I promise that you will like my family and they will love you!”

“Alright, I’ll be there.”

He drove her home after that and she held onto him even more tightly.  

When he helped her off from the cycle after they arrived at her house, he held onto her hand for longer than he needed to.

“Goodnight, Sharlee!”

“Goodnight, Noah!”

He watched until she made it safely inside her house and then he rode off.


There was a lot of dialogue in this chapter because I thought that Noah and Sharlee needed to get to know each other.   I promise that there will be more drama in the next chapter! 

16 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Seventy-Two

    • There is lots of drama in the next chapter! It’s not very long, but a lot happens in it.
      I really like Noah a lot, but things aren’t going to go smoothly for him.

      I’m working on my game tonight and hopefully it will cooperate for the next pictures.
      Thanks for reading my story, Anaiah! I always enjoy your comments! 🙂

  1. She should have kneed that Johnathon in the groin! What a jerk.
    Noah is sweet and it’s nice to see he is trying to turn his life around. I can’t wait to see what her parents reaction will be to him. Will Dale go into over protective daddy mode?
    I already know Alissa has a soft spot for those that need to be rescued 🙂

    • He is a big jerk. He is an even bigger one in the next chapter.

      I think Noah is sweet too. He is trying very hard, at least right now!

      That’s funny that you said that about Dale. He finds out about Noah in the next chapter.

      Yes, Alissa really does feel for those in bad situations.
      Thanks for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  2. Grrr! Leave her alone Jonathon! She’s not interested!
    Loved the interaction between Sharlee and Noah, I’m glad he asked about Jonathon and didn’t just presume that they were together.
    Can’t wait to see how their relationship develops and I hope Sharlee’s family like him. He seems very sweet and willing to try for Sharlee!
    Looking forward to the next chapter:)

    • Jonathon just doesn’t want to see that she isn’t interested in him!
      I’m glad that you liked Noah and Sharlee together. It’s been such a long time since I was a teenager, that I’ve forgotten what they talk about. LOL

      Dale sort of meets in Noah in the next chapter. Noah is really trying, but it won’t be easy for him.

      I’ll post another update next week. I plan to start the pictures after I do the update for Deceived.

      Thanks for reading my story, Clairey! 🙂

  3. Ugh Johnathan makes me think of when I was in school and the group of stupid jocks that thought everyone fawned over them. They all just need a Noah to woop their booties!

    Noah is soo super cute and Sharlee is clearly falling for him. I loved his “bad boy” getup in this chapter and I can’t wait to see him get dressed up for that barbeque. I wonder what her parents will think?

    Drama? Ohhh I can’t wait!!!

    • “woop their booties!” That is so funny, Kate! 🙂

      You know how I love custom content, and it’s hard to find the right thing for Noah. There just doesn’t seem to be so much for teen boys, but as soon as I saw that jacket and jeans, I grabbed them!

      Yes, Sharlee is falling for him. Dale sees him in the next chapter, but doesn’t get to meet him till the barbecue. I’m going to finish Deceived today. It shouldn’t take long. I have my fingers crossed that my game will cooperate! Then I can’t wait to do the next chapter of Alissa. Just a hint. Alex!

      Thanks for reading my story, Kate! 🙂

  4. I was wondering wether the home would be able for download? ;] I really love the stories by the way! Great story lines.

    • Kathryn, I was planning to upload the house, but I installed it on my other computer and it looks a little different.
      Some of the content doesn’t transfer. After I finish decorating it, then I can upload it if you’d still like to have it.

      I’m glad that you’re enjoying the story! Thanks for reading Alissa and for commenting! 🙂

  5. I love Noah. Another almost too good to be true, despite his baddish boy past.
    I am sure that Jonathon will be dealing with an angry Noah soon and I hope it doesn’t turn bad.
    Maybe Dale will be fatherly to him and help him on an emotional level. Loved the update. 🙂

  6. Wow!! That Jonathan is an as hole! I would have kneed him in the balls if he said that to me! I can tell that David is a sweeter guy, but literally Noah is like one hot, bad boy fantasy! I can really relate to poor Sharlee though, because I’m kinda that girl at my school! It’s sooooo annoying because some of them can really be a bunch of ass holes! But the perks is when the cute guys ask you out, but now it’s annoying because my bf is the popular, hot, bad boy kinda guy of the school so it happens to both of us so we get really annoyed!! So yeah, I know how it feels!! Poor Sharlee!!

    Great chapter tho, and Sharlee and Noah are literally the cutest couple ever! He is sooooo hot!! If he was real I would TOTALLY marry him! HES PERFECT! Jake, if your reading this which I highly doubt, don’t pay attention to that last part! Your the hottest! Luv ya babe!!

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