Alissa: Chapter Seventy

Alissa was stretched out on the treatment cot.  Dale could sense her nervousness.  He took her hand.

Alissa, we don’t have to do this now.  We can wait until after the baby is born.  What difference will it make anyway?  Whichever of us is the father doesn’t matter.   You and I are raising the baby together!”

Dale, I just have to know!”

Dale quit protesting.   The doctor returned to the room and withdrew a sample of amniotic fluid from Alissa’s abdomen.   He prepared what was needed and sent it off to the lab for the test.  It would take a few days before they received the results.

Sharlee left out of the building and walked out onto the street.   “Please don’t hurt him because of me!”

“Sharlee stay back behind me!  This would have happened anyway sooner or later!  Mick and I don’t see things eye to eye!”

Sharlee backed up against the building.   She was terrified!  Noah was slimmer and younger than Mick.  She was afraid that Mick would kill him right before her eyes.

Mick lunged at Noah!   Noah sidestepped him!   The other guys stood around silently watching the fight.

Mick came at Noah again!  Noah laughed at him!  “Too slow!”

Mick was furious.  “You just wait until I get my blade inside of you!   That little princess is already mine!  She’ll be swinging her hips on the corner before nightfall tomorrow!”

His words filled Noah with a cold rage.  He had never fought for anyone other than himself before, but he thought of the innocence, the sweetness combined with sex appeal that radiated from Sharlee.   He thought of the life that the girls on the street led, of the way that they were brutalized and used on a daily basis.   No!   He couldn’t and wouldn’t let that happen to Sharlee!

At one point, Noah ended up on the ground with Mick up above him.  “I’ve got you now,  you little s$%!”

Sharlee’s heart stopped in fear for Noah!

Noah managed to push Mick away!   He leaped up and kicked Mick further away from  Sharlee!  He saw that Mick had fallen and had not regained his footing.   Mick was tiring.  Noah’s youth was in his favor! 

Before Mick could regain his footing, Noah forced Mick to plunge his own knife into his chest. 

Sharlee screamed and slumped down to the ground crying.  

Mick was still lying on the pavement.   The other guys rushed over to him. Noah didn’t have time to calm Sharlee.  He ran over to her and picked her up into his arms.   He was surprised by how light she was.   She smelled so good, and her skin felt soft and smooth like velvet.   

He quickly fled carrying her with him.  

He carried her to a safer part of town.  Then when he thought that they were far enough away, he sat her down on a bench and knelt down before her.

“Sharlee, I’m sorry that you had to see that, but you’re going to have to forget about what you saw!”

Sharlee just gazed at him speechlessly.   Noah again was affected by her beauty.  He could get lost just looking into her big green eyes. 

He opened her purse and took out her cellphone.  Then he called a taxi for her.   He also looked at her driver’s license.   He  didn’t know why, but he memorized her address. 

Then he joined her on the bench.  When the taxi arrived to pick her up, Sharlee spoke to him.

“Noah, thank you for what you did for me.   I will never forget it!  Will you be okay?”

“I always am.”

Sharlee started for the taxi and then rushed back over to him.   She hugged him tightly.  

“I won’t ever forget you, Noah!”  Then she climbed into the taxi.

“I won’t ever forget you either, Sharlee!”   Noah said softly as she drove off.

Sharlee lay on the sofa thinking.  She had arrived for Bronson’s showing late, but all she told him is that she had got lost in the city.  The next morning she had flown back to Mesa Valley.

She had never before kept anything from her parents, but this time she had decided to keep what had happened with Noah to herself.  She wouldn’t tell another soul.   She hoped that he was okay!

She had never met anyone like him before.  He had a hard side to him, but she had also seen that he had a gentle side.  Instinctively, she knew that he did not show that side to other people, but he had been gentle and kind with her.  He was also really hot!   Sharlee sighed with regret.  She would never see him again!

Three days after Alissa had taken the paternity test, Dale  went out to check the mail to see if the results had arrived.  There was an envelope from the lab.  He took it in to Alissa.

“The results are here, Sweetheart!”  He held the envelope out to her. 

Alissa didn’t take it.  She looked ill with anxiety.

“Dale, you open it please!”

Dale hated seeing her so stressed, so anxious looking.   He opened the envelope and read the results.

“Alex is the father.  The baby is a girl.”   He tried to keep the disappointment out of his voice but he didn’t quite succeed.

Tears slid down Alissa’s cheeks.  She had promised herself that she wouldn’t cry, but she couldn’t help it!  She had seen Dale’s disappointment, and it mirrored her own.

“Don’t cry, Alissa!  We knew that there was a strong chance that I would not be the father.   Now we just move forward!  We keep you healthy and make sure that the baby is healthy and strong too!  She’ll be loved and appreciated just like our other children.”

Alissa hugged Dale tightly.

“Thank you!   Believe me, I know how hard this is for you!   You’ll never know how special you are to me, Dale.  I don’t know any other man as loving and forgiving as you are and always have been!”

Dale hugged her tightly in return.    He loved children and loving this baby wouldn’t be hard for him.  She was a part of Alissa, but the problem was that she was also a part of Alex!  She would be a constant reminder of Alex and Alissa’s relationship.

The fact that she had a child with Bronson did not bother him as much, but he could not stand the thought of her with Alex!   He knew that ultimately this whole situation was his fault.  He should not have selfishly gone on that treasure hunt!  He would never do anything so dangerous and foolish again that might cause him to lose his family!

Alissa knew that Alex had to be told.   Alex had changed so much, that she didn’t know whether or not it would be good to have him in the baby’s life.   Just a year ago, she would not have believed that their relationship could have deteriorated to what it was now.

She now hated hearing his voice and being in the same room with him made her skin crawl.  It brought back vivid memories of his assault on her.  If he could do that to her,  she couldn’t be sure of how he would treat their baby!

Neither Alissa nor Dale voiced their concerns to the other!

Alex examined the pictures that he had taken of the house and town.  He had known the day they left and where they were moving all along.  He couldn’t believe that Dale would think that he wouldn’t know!   Finding out was child’s play for him.   Although he had made Dale promise to take care of Alissa, he had gone to check out the town and even their new house before they had even moved in.

He looked up at her portrait.   He had had it painted not long before Dale came back.  It was the one thing he had wanted from their house before they sold it.  He missed her in every way!   He missed the sound of her voice,  holding her in his arms,  the soft lilac scent of her hair!

He wondered if Alissa had taken the paternity test yet.  He didn’t need it.  He knew that the baby was his, and so was Alissa!

15 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Seventy

  1. Crap no way to get rid of Alex now. He is going to make life even more miserable since he has a right to be in it because of the baby. I can’t believe how blind he is to what he has done to Alissa.

    Sharlee, poor girl that is a night she won’t likely forget anytime soon. Mick didn’t look dead so I wonder if he will go after Noah or maybe one of the other guys in the crew will try to get revenge. I hope not.

    How did you get the portait? That is cool.

    • Yes he definitely feels that he has a right to be in her life. Especially now that she is pregnant with his baby.
      He refuses to face what he has done to Alissa.

      No, she won’t forget it anytime soon! That won’t be a good memory to have.
      It would be really bad for Noah if they do try to get revenge in some way!

      Thanks Jaz! I re-sized and cropped another picture of Alissa in that pose into the picture of Alex in his livingroom.

      Thank you for reading my story, Jaz! 🙂

  2. Well, it seems that I have missed the last two updates, but I am caught up now!

    Noah is super cute! I’m guessing he is going to track down Sharlee and they are going to fall in love. Just because I know you are such a romantic! However, going off of what Jazen said, I can see Noah’s “crew” tracking down Sharlee and holding her ransom or using her as a hooker. And Noah would come save her! I am excited to see where this is going now. It was good to see Bronson again, but I would have liked to see a little bit of how he and Sharlee interact with each other. That’s ok though, it’s not a real important part of the story line. 😀

    That really crushes my heart that Dale is not the father. I honestly thought that he would be. Well, now Alex has a reason to come back into the storyline and ugh… I just wish he would fall off a bridge and get washed away. I can tell that this baby is going to be hard for them to love. There are going to be so many memories attached to it and they are both going to have to put that behind them.

    Loved the updates! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

    • Kate, whatever makes you think that I’m a romantic? LOL
      Even when I say I’m not going to have any romance in my stories, it still finds it’s way in my storylines! 🙂

      I may as well admit it. They are going to fall in love. I have that part written, but I’m not so sure I like it.
      While I’m on vacation next week, I’m going to take a break from the story. Then when I get back home, I’ll take a look at those new chapters again and see if I want to change them.

      I didn’t think about having Sharlee and Bronson interact more in that chapter. That would have been a good idea! She does talk about how she feels about him in one of the next chapters though.

      Yeah, it is sad that Dale is not the father. That was a hard decision to make. You are right about Alissa and Dale’s feelings about the baby. Right now they both have very mixed emotions that they are not sharing with each other. Alex won’t make things easier for them!

      It means a lot to me that you loved the updates! Thanks Kate. I probably won’t have another update until the week after next. I’m working on the next update for Deceived right now, so that I can post it before I leave. Thanks for reading my story, Kate! 🙂

  3. Oh man, that last pic of Alex is kind of perfect. He’s got some serious crazy eyes going on there! Lol! (Although crazy eyes aside, he really is a beautiful sim. Damn it Alex, why must your crazy ass be so attractive?!)

    And Sharlee looks stunning in that close up shot on the couch. She looks more like Alissa than usual in that shot. I already have a huge soft spot for Noah. 🙂

    • Don’t Alex’s eyes look crazy in that picture? He looks like he has really lost it!
      I think he is really good looking too. 🙂 I’m going to use him in another story sometime, but not as a crazy guy! LOL

      Sharlee does look more like Alissa now. I don’t usually change the sims born in game, but her chin was too pointy. No other hairstyles looked right on her, and so I made her chin a little more rounded. Now she looks more like a combination of Alissa and Bronson!

      I really like Noah’s character too! He is going to have some bumps in the road though.

      Thanks for reading my story Caz and thanks for your help! 🙂

  4. 😦 I so dudn’t want it to be Alex’s baby!
    He’s such a creep having the photos of Alissa and I can’t believe he already knows about where they are! He’s such a head case!
    I really feel for Alissa and Dale:(
    Noah and Sharlee are adorable, I’m glad neither of them got hurt. I’m really looking forward to their story line:)
    Wonderful chapter ❤

    • I know! That makes it even harder for Alissa and Dale.

      Yeah, with Alex’s training and contacts through his position with the FBI, it was easy for him.

      I just love Noah and Sharlee together, but their relationship will have some bumps along the way!

      Thank you so much Clairey! That means a lot to me! 🙂

  5. Crap……….. Now Alex will have no problem to be in their lives and force Alissa back because the baby is his!! This SUCKS!! But I AM happy that the baby is a girl! After this girl I wanted them to have a boy!! 5 kids is like the perfect number! It seems soooo small to me!! I have 8 brothers and 1 sister! It goes girl, boy, boy, boy,, me and my two brothers are triplets, boy, boy, and….. Boy!!! It is soooo weird though! I look EXACTLY like Alissa except A LOT YOUNGER( I’m fourteen) and mot as big boobs! I have green eyes the same curl/ wave LONG beach blonde hair and I am really skinny and fit! Plus, my bf looks a little like Noah, his name is jake! It is sooo weird how I can kind of relate,to this!! FREAT CHAPTER! I HOPE THAT SHARLEE GETS NOAH AND ALEX D O E S N T I REPEAT D O E S N T GET ALISSA!!!!!!

    • That’s so cool, Bella! My mom favors Alissa too. I think that’s why Syzu/Alissa is my favorite Sim. I’ve used her for other stories. Alissa has the big boobs because I sort of think of her character as having an effect on men like Marilyn Monroe did.

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