Alissa: Chapter Sixty

Alissa talked with each child individually.  She wanted to know their honest feelings.  Cara and Shawn were both happy about it!  They really liked Alex.   However, Shawn did ask an important question.  

“Mom, does this mean that you don’t love Daddy anymore?”

Alissa’s heart constricted. 

“Sweetie there is no one nor anything that will ever make me stop loving your Daddy!  However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room in my heart to love your uncle Alex.”

After that Shawn was happy about the upcoming wedding.

Alissa spoke with Sharlee last.

“Sharlee, your uncle Alex and I care about each other a lot.”

Sharlee smiled.  She had suspected that things were different now between her Mom and Alex.  Her Mom looked happier.

“I know you do, Mom.”

“You like him don’t you?”

“Yes.  I always have.  I love him a lot.”

“I’m glad,  Sharlee, because I love him too.  He’s asked me to marry him. How do you feel about it?”

“If it will make you happy, Mom, I want you to do it!”

Alissa hugged Sharlee.  Then she called Alex and told him what the children had said.  They started to make plans and Alex decided that it was time to talk with his father and tell him. 

Alissa wanted to tell his mother, and so she drove over to their home.

Valerie hugged her. 

“I’m glad you came over, Alissa.  I wanted to talk with you about Cara.  She’s hit another growth spurt, and I want to take her shopping this weekend.  Maybe Sharlee too if she wants to go!”

“You know I don’t mind, Valerie!  I had been intending to take her myself.  I’m sure both girls will want to go!”  Alissa took a deep breath.  “I came to talk with you about me and Alex.”

“You and Alex?”

“Yes.  We love each other, Valerie; and we’re getting married.”

Valerie’s face went pale.  She had known that Alex had feelings for Alissa since the first day that he had met her.  She had guessed that was the cause of the rift between Alex and Dale.  They had tried to hide the tension between them from the rest of the family, but of course the family knew that something was wrong.

“So is this something recent or were you and Alex carrying on together before Dale’s death?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Alissa I know that you were the cause of the loss of closeness between my sons.  I had always thought that it was just one sided.  That you were devoted to Dale, but now this!  Were you two carrying on before he died?  Is that the reason for their broken relationship?  I can’t give my blessing!  It’s a betrayal to Dale’s memory!”

Alissa hadn’t expected this reaction from Valerie.   “Valerie, I loved Dale; and I always will.  I know that he would want me to be happy, to have someone else in my life!  I was always faithful to him!”

“Just leave now, Alissa!  I can’t handle this right now!”

Alissa left with tears in her eyes.

Alex was talking with his father up in his father’s office.  His reaction was not any better than Valerie’s.

“Of course I knew that a lovely young woman like Alissa would probably remarry, but not to her husband’s brother!  She is probably feeling lonely which makes her very vulnerable right now.  How can you take advantage of her like this?  Alex, how can you do this to Dale?  What will our friends say, Dale’s friends?  What will the children say to their friends?”

Alex looked at his father with anger.

“I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks.  Alissa and I are going to be married!  No one is getting in my way this time!  Your precious Dale is gone!  Get over it!”  Then Alex left the house.

Even Leslie and George had problems accepting their relationship.  Alissa and Alex decided that it would be best to leave Riverview and move to Virginia with Alex.  He would be able to take a lateral position at the bureau. 

He would still be home more often than with his other position and able to spend more time with Alissa and the children. 

A couple of months later, they had a small, private wedding ceremony.

Alex looked at Alissa.  He felt triumphant because she was finally his for the rest of their lives.

He took every opportunity to kiss her.

“Mommy, you look so pretty!”

“Thank you, Baby.   So do you!”

Alissa leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

They had a honeymoon in China.

Alex and Alissa had been married for six months, when Alex walked into the family room in time to overhear a conversation between the kids.

“I want a brother!”

No.  I want a baby sister!”  Cara said enthusiastically.

“I agree with Shawn this time, Cara.  I want a baby brother too!  I wish that Alex and Mom would have a baby!”

Alex had been thinking about that himself and had intended to broach the subject with Alissa.  

That night as he held her in bed, he mentioned it to her. 

“Alissa, how would you feel about having another child?”

Alissa laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“You are.  Is this the same man who told me that there are some people who don’t have the dream of marriage and family?  Now look at you!  Wife, children and wanting another child!”

Alex had to smile too!  “It’s funny, but sometimes you don’t really know what you want until you have it!  I’ve never been happier than I have been since we got together, Alissa.  I want to have a baby with you!”

Alissa stopped smiling.  “I don’t know how the children would react to another child right now.  We’ve only been married six months.  It might be too soon for them!”

Alex told her about the children’s conversation.  “Alright, Alex.  Of course, I want another child!”

Alissa went off the pill, and she and Alex started trying to get pregnant.

Cara walked into the classroom, and she saw the new boy, Tim, sitting alone at a desk.  He had just moved to town, and no one seemed to talk with him.  Robbie waved to her to sit with him.  She waved back.

She knew that Robbie really liked her a lot and had a crush on her, but she didn’t like him that way.  Boys were so silly.  They were always getting crushes.

She felt sorry for Tim and went to sit with him instead. 

Whispering started and Robbie looked disappointed.  Cara didn’t want to hurt Robbie’s feelings, but she only wanted to be friends with him.   Tim needed a friend too!

“Hi, Tim!”

“Hi, Cara!”  Tim felt tongue tied.  The prettiest girl in class was talking to him!

They talked until the teacher came to start class.

Shawn was walking home from a friend’s house, when he heard the soft barking.  He followed the sound until he found the source.  It was a small dog.

“Oh, you poor little thing.”  It was thin and looked lonely and sad.  There was no tag and Shawn decided to take it home with him.  He took the dog into the back yard and brought him something to eat.

Alex arrived home from work before Alissa.  He didn’t see any of the children. 

“Hey kids!  Where are you?”  He called.

“I’m upstairs!  Cara answered.”

“So am I!”

No answer from Shawn.  “Where is Shawn?”

“I heard him come in earlier.  He might be out back!”

Alex headed out to the back yard.  Shawn saw him coming and at first tried to hide the dog, but Alex saw him.

“So, who is this little visitor?”

“I found him, Alex.  He doesn’t have a collar!  Can we please keep him?”

Alex looked into his pleading face.  Then he smiled.

“I tell you what.  We’ll try and find his owners and if no one comes forward, we’ll keep him!”

“Yay!  Thanks, Alex!” 

Shawn named him Cocoa.

When Alissa came home, she saw Shawn playing with the dog and looked at Alex questioningly.

“He found him!  I told him that if we don’t find the owner then he can keep him!”

Alissa smiled.  “I’ve never had a pet either!  He is so cute!” 

She held the little dog and cuddled him.

Alex just looked at her!  He loved her smile so much!

Cara and Sharlee loved Cocoa too.  They never found his owners and he joined the family.

Sharlee had decided that she wanted to become a biochemist.   Alissa had helped her set up a small lab.  She loved trying out new chemical combinations.

“Mom, do you think that Dad would be happy that I want to be a scientist and not a doctor?

The mention of Dale, brought deep pain to Alissa’s eyes.  Sharlee seldom mentioned him to her because of that reason.  Her mother was still often sad although she tried to hide it.  Sharlee sensed it.

Sharlee was blessed with a strong sense of empathy and easily read the emotions of others.  Sharlee had hoped that marrying Alex would make her mother happier.  She was happy at times, but when she let her guard slip, Sharlee saw the unhappiness underneath.

“Yes.  Your Dad would be extremely proud of you, Sharlee!  He would want you to do what makes you happy!”

“He would want that for you too, Mom!”

‘Yes.  He would want that.”  Alissa said softly.  She honestly didn’t believe that she would be completely happy again.  She loved Alex and was trying to be the best wife and mother that she could be.  However, she felt lost!

Alex asked Alissa to join him in the office.

“Alissa, it’s only a matter of time until you’re pregnant, if you’re not already.”

Alissa looked at him questioningly.  “Yes, that’s true.”

We will make it fine on my salary.  After you become pregnant, you’re going to quit your job!”

Alex, I haven’t decided whether I’m going to quit working after the baby comes.  I see no reason to quit before the baby is born!  I’ll be fine working during my pregnancy, at least until close to the end!”

Alissa, you’re misunderstanding me.  I wasn’t asking you.  I’m telling you!  There won’t be any need for you to work and you’re not going to.”

Alex, that is a decision that we should make together.”

Part of the reason, why you’ve had so many problems is because Dale was weak.  He didn’t know how to take charge.  Well, I don’t have that problem.  I have the final say about everything that goes on in this house!”  Alex continued.

I’ve excused some of the disparaging remarks that you’ve made about Dale, but I’m not going to do it anymore!   Dale was  a wonderful, strong, loving man!”  Alissa said in a firm voice.

I’m not saying that he wasn’t a good man, Alissa!   He just didn’t know how to put his foot down!  When I make a decision, there will be no discussion.  It’s final!  If it makes you feel better, just remember that I love you and it is for your own good!”

Sometimes Dale would tell her to do things, and she always knew that if she refused, Dale might be upset.  However, he always recognized that she was an adult with the option to refuse.  Alex was treating her as though she were a child.  She and Dale always discussed things and came to decisions together.

“Alex, I’m not a child!  I refuse to be treated as one!”

“Then stop acting like one!  I am not going to constantly explain my decisions to you as though you were a child!”   He was becoming angry!  There was a hard look in his eyes that she had never seen before.

Alissa felt uneasy, but she decided not to say anymore for now.  She knew his job was stressful, and she didn’t want to add to it.

Alex and Alissa had to attend a formal reception that night.  His new position required him to attend many similar affairs.  He’d always avoided them in the past, but now that he had Alissa,  he looked forward to them. 

He was proud of her and loved the fact that he was the envy of every man in the room!  To him, she was his Marilyn Monroe.  He always helped her pick out her outfits for the occasion.  He didn’t mind them looking, but they had better not do more than that!

Alissa didn’t enjoy them.  She didn’t always feel comfortable in the outfits that Alex wanted her to wear, and if anyone asked her to dance, Alex would glare at them and tell them no rudely.  She didn’t like this jealous side of him.  His anger had become easily aroused.

All eyes were on them as they entered the reception room.  Alex knew that they made a striking couple. 

After greeting the ambassador and the director,  he took Alissa out onto the dance floor.

Alex pulled Alissa closer.  “Did I tell you how lovely you look tonight?”

“No, but thank you Alex.  You don’t look bad yourself!” She told him teasing.  Alissa closed her  eyes, enjoying the dance.

Dancing with Alissa was something in which Alex took great pleasure .  She followed his lead so effortlessly and having her so close always made his heart race.  As they continued dancing, he couldn’t resist kissing her.

After they sat at their table, one of Alex’s coworkers approached and asked Alissa to dance.

Without giving her a chance to respond, Alex said,  “Beat it, Rodney!”

Rodney looked at Alex in surprise and retreated from the table.

“Alex, why do you do that?”

“What, did you want to dance with him?”  He asked.

“No, it’s not that, but there was no harm in a dance!”

“He wanted more than a dance, Alissa!”

“Just because you wanted to sleep with a married woman doesn’t mean every man has those thoughts or intentions.”   The words flew out before Alissa could stop them.

“What does that mean?”  Alex asked as he glared at her.

“Nothing.  I didn’t mean it.  I’m just tired.”

Alex didn’t believe her and continued to stare at her for a moment.

“For the record.”  He said leaning closer to her.  “You wanted to sleep with me as well.”

Alissa didn’t say anymore.  She knew that there was no point.  She was relieved when they returned home.

That night after they were in bed,  Alex tried to pull Alissa into his arms.  He felt content and completely happy!  He was expecting to make love as they usually did before going to sleep, but Alissa pulled away from him.

He knew that she was upset with him about something.  He’d found that showing himself understanding about her feelings for Dale smoothed over a lot of conflicts.  He knew that she felt guilty about her feelings.

“The older he gets, the more Shawn looks like Dale!”  Alex told her.

“Yes.  He does.”  Alissa was silent after that.

“Alissa, I’ve told you that it doesn’t bother me if you talk about Dale.  I know you loved him!  You had children with him!”

She appreciated that, but talking about him was just too painful, even after almost two years.  If Alex knew how she really felt, it would hurt him.  So she kept her feelings private.

“Thank you, Alex for trying to be so understanding!”

“I love you, Alissa!  Being understanding is a part of it.” 

Dale was gone, so Alex felt there was no harm in acknowledging Alissa’s feelings for him.  Alex didn’t want her to hide anything.

17 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Sixty

  1. Alex is an ASS!!!! If I were Alissa I would have thrown a shoe at his head for that my decision goes bullshit! He can fuck off. He would have been sleeping alone. You want to treat me like a child that means you can’t have sex with one!
    I understand both parents reactions. I would feel the same way. It’s a little weird that she is marrying her brother in law. Their attraction to each other caused problems in the family so I can’t blame Valarie for thinking they were having an affair.

    Cara has a boyfriend. How cute.

    I miss Dale. 😦 Alex needs to go jump off a cliff.

    • I’m laughing so hard, Jaz! 🙂

      If it were me he would have been sleeping alone too! We’d still be arguing!
      But we don’t have Alissa’s background. Although Dale was different, she might think Alex’s behavior is normal.

      If my mother-in-law ever accused me of having an affair, that would be all she wrote! I don’t think I could ever forgive that!

      I wanted to do more with the kids in this chapter.

      I’m sorry this chapter upset you, Jaz! LOL

      Thanks for reading! Hopefully, the next chapter will make you happier! 🙂

  2. UGH ALEX! Go get a haircut and a new personality while your at it!! What a jerk! Ain’t no man tellin me what to do! And parading her around like some kind of an award! The nerve of it all! Ya know, I always thought he was a sweet guy, but apparently it was all just a trick because now he is just an ass. (Pardon my launguage.)

    On the flip side, I was happy to see the kids and learn about them a bit. Sounds like Cara is a bit of a target, just like her mother. Shawn’s little puppy is so fat! I laughed when I saw him holding cuz it’s so big compared to him! So what about Sharlee, does she have any men in her life?

    Oh btw, I hope Alissa doesn’t get pregnant! I love her babies, but she doesn’t need to have one with Alex, he will just be a jerk to it!

    UGH I argree with Jazen, slap him with the steel end of a boot! And to think I once said I liked his hair!

    (Great update! I’m excited to see the next chapters! I hope you can get the poses lined up ok, if you need any help let me know!”

    • Kate,
      I thought I had already replied to your comment!

      So, I get the strong impression that you don’t like Alex now! LOL
      Marriage to him is not turning out exactly like Alissa expected.
      There are things in his personality that are coming out now that he didn’t show before.

      I got tired of waiting for a puppy and that was the smallest dog in town. Sharlee doesn’t have anyone serious yet!
      Cara thinks boys are yicky right now and she just sees them as friends. Of course, that won’t last long!

      You think Alex would be a jerk to his baby? Maybe, but he loves Alissa’s kids. So far, he just isn’t a good husband.

      Thanks Kate! I’m working on the next chapter tomorrow. Of course, I have to make some more sets for the scenes!

      Thanks for reading, Kate! 🙂

    • Thanks Fran! It always makes my day when I find out that others love Alissa as much as I do! 🙂

      Yeah, Alex really did change a lot. I completely agree that Dale was the better brother. Alissa is seeing that too.

      Thank you for reading, Fran and for your comment! 🙂

    Sorry, I’ve never liked Alex, and I don’t like men who think they run the show, either. If my boyfriend demanded I quit my job, I’d take on overtime just to spite him. HAH.

  4. Nope, I see it now. Alex thinks Alissa is just a big prize for him and now that he haves her, he thinks he is so IMPORTANT and thinks he can control her life.But guys, Alissa’s childhood and current life is hard!Her decisions will effect her future and the children’s future! She is stressed because the scar on her heart because of Dale’s loss and I think that secretly,she is stressed not only of Dale’s loss,but because now she has nobody to help her make the right decisions! But, she has so many great characteristics! She is understanding and she is caring, she agrees even if she doesn’t like their decisions! She is kind. TOO MANY GOOD THINGS. CAN’T,SAY,THEM,ALL!

  5. Okay here is the one word that I would use to describe dale: AN ASS!!!! I mean he can go fuck himself with that whatever I say is what goes shit!!! He said that to me I be like BYE BITCH!! I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE AN ASS HOLE!! I have a feeling that he is going to be abusive or something!! Alissa is being soooooo understanding with him, if he said that to me he would be in the hospital with a serious dick injury!! He only loves her body and her beauty! She is like his little accessory, his candy!! She deserves better!! If he did and said those things to me he would be sleeping in the lumpy couch…… No, I wouldn’t even give him the courtesy of that!!! He would be sleeping outside on the driveway or something…….. With no blanket OR pillow!! How you like dem apples??!!! I mean WHO DOES DIS BITCH THINK HE IS???? It’s more like whatever I say( Alissa) goes!! You want to be married to me?
    you want to have sex wit me?? You want to have a sexy wife??? DEN YOU LISTEN TO ME DICKHEAD!!!!!

    So basically,……… I MISS DALE!!!!!!!

  6. Alex is just a douche. He’s going to make a decision for a grown woman on his own? Isn’t she a human too, and an adult? If my husband would ever do something like that to me, I would beat him with a stick. And making me wear clothes that I’m not comfortable in just because he wants me to, and then he wants to get mad when men stare at me? The stick is coming towards your face Alex.

    I wouldn’t even regret saying what Alissa had said after Alex told his co-worker to back off. He was being desperate, and even while her and Dale were married, was still trying to sleep with her.

    • I know! We’d have had a throw down argument right then and there!
      What you wrote is making me laugh! I can see it now in my mind! 😀

      Yeah, sometimes Alissa is too forgiving.

      Thanks for reading my story, Remi! 🙂

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