Alissa: Chapter Thirty-Five

“Does this mean that you forgive me?”, Dale asked Alissa.

Alissa wiped away her tears and nodded her head yes.  “I shouldn’t expect you to always be perfect, Dale.  Since, I definitely am not perfect, it makes me feel a little bit better knowing that you aren’t.” , she explained.

I guess that is a compliment!”, Dale said.  “Do you trust me again, Alissa?”

I always did, Dale.  I was just so hurt and confused by what you said.  I want you to come back home!”, she told him.

Dale smiled happily.   Then he asked,”What made you decide?”

Honestly, it was seeing the differences between you and Alex.  I haven’t had a lot of experience with men, Dale.  I didn’t really know what to expect from a husband or how to be a good wife.  Now I know what I don’t want in a husband, and I see what a good husband you are. I love you so much, Dale!”, Alissa said.

“I love you too.”, he told her as he held her hands in his.   They heard Sharlee calling him. 

I’ll go!”, Alissa told him.  

After she left the room, Dale called Trent and told him the good news.  Trent decided to come anyway. There was no way that Dale was telling Alissa what was going on.

Alissa went upstairs to Sharlee.  

“Mommy is sorry that she’s been so upset lately, baby.  I promise that I am better now.  Daddy is coming home with us.”, Alissa promised her. 

Alissa knew that Sharlee wanted to be with Dale because she sensed the turbulent emotions that Alissa had been experiencing.  Sharlee had wanted Dale’s calm presence.

When Dale walked into the house carrying his suitcase with Alissa and Sharlee following behind him, Alex knew that he had lost that round.  However, he was not going to give up on Alissa.  He loved her, and he believed that she would be happier with him.

Dale surprised him, though.  “Alex here is the key to the apartment.  You are welcome to stay there until you return to Riverview.  I’m going to stay with my family and take care of them myself.  Trent is coming for a visit as well.”, he told him.  It was a polite way of saying that he was no longer welcome to live at Dale’s house. 

Alex took the key.  He had come to a decision, and he didn’t care whether it upset Dale.  “Thanks, Dale!”,  he said.  “I’ve decided to live here in Anne Arbor.  I know that I can get a job on the police force here!  They have already made me an offer.” 

Alex knew that Alissa was the love of his life, and his feelings for her would never change.  He didn’t want to live hours away from her any longer.   Whether she ever left Dale or not, did not matter.

Dale and Alex just looked at one another silently.  Dale wondered if it was a desire to keep Alissa safe that was his motivation in remaining or was it because he intended to pursue Alissa.  Maybe it was both.

Alissa put Sharlee on the floor.  Sharlee started laughing and smiling.  She was happy Dale was back home with them!

9 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Thirty-Five

  1. Ok so Alex needs to just back off now. I am glad she told him no because if she had slept with him he would have told Dale. I have no doubt about that. She’s made her choice and even if he doesn’t seemingly respect his brother he should respect the fact that she has told him she wants to stay with her husband. He is fast approaching creepy stalker and I’m afraid he may team up with the hitman and try and knock off his brother in order to take his wife. Or even worse team up with Betty to try and break them up.

    • Jazen,

      You think that Alex is behaving like a stalker?
      I was thinking that he was just doing what he thought was best for him and for Alissa.
      I guess that is like a stalker!

      He is going to ease up on her in the next chapters.
      If I say anything about the rest of your comment, I might give something away that happens in the next chapters! 🙂

      Thanks for reading Jazen! 🙂

      • Oh no, now I’m scared that you can’t comment 😦 The fact that he is moving to be near her and thinks she will be happier with him instead of her husband despite what she says…yeah that’s a stalker. LOL

  2. Wow, I didn’t expect Alex to react that way. I thought he was gunna be mad or tell Dale his feelings right there, I would not have guessed he would still persue Alissa. He is becoming a stalker, like Joshua in my story… =X At least Alex isn’t watching her through the windows yet. =D
    I do worry that Alex is going to hire that stupid hitman to knock off Dale, and he is going after Alissa, so then they will both die. Sadface times two! =(=(
    So much Drama!! I wish they could just have a happily ever after.

    • There’s a lot of cute Custom Content clothing now for just about all ages. I think that is adorable too!
      I wrote these chapters almost two years ago and there wasn’t as much available the, but I’m definitely getting that now. 😀
      Thanks for the link!


    Now all we need to do is take care of this Bryant guy, and Betty, and export Alex, and…… WERE ALL GOOD!!


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