Alissa: Chapter Thirty-Four

Trent called Dale the next morning.  “Dale, the hospital found an unauthorized intrusion into their morgue files.  The dates that were accessed were around the time that Alissa was shot.  I guarantee you it was our guy.  He knows Alissa is still alive!”, Trent told him.

Do you think that I should move Alissa to another town?”, Dale asked.

I honestly don’t know, Dale.”, Trent said.

Dale remembered what Alissa had said about feeling insecure.  She couldn’t handle living on the run with a toddler and pregnant with twins. 

Sharlee didn’t want him out of her sight.  

She was sleeping now, but the night before she had been agitated.  If he left the room, she would cry.  His family was falling apart.  He had to do something.

Trent had become one of Dale’s closest friends.  He told him what had happened between him and Alissa.

Dale don’t be too hard on yourself.  You have been under a lot of stress too!  Alissa knows you love her, and she will come around.   She’s crazy about you!  If she wasn’t, what you said would not have hurt her so much.“, Trent reassured him.

“Ordinarily, I would agree.  I thought that we were beginning to move past it, but now I’m not so sure.  There is also the problem of Alex.  He’s staying with her, and I know he wants her.”, Dale said.

I wasn’t sure if you knew that Alex was in love with Alissa.”, Trent told him.

How long have you known?”, Dale asked.

Ever since Alissa was kidnapped.  I don’t believe that he would let anything happen to Alissa.”, Trent  said.

“I know he wouldn’t let anyone harm her, but that’s not what I’m worried about.”, Dale said.  “Alissa is attracted to him too.  I’m afraid that she might get caught up and then things could go too far between them.  I know she wouldn’t intentionally cheat on me.  I want him out of my house.  Is there any way that you can come and stay with her until she lets me come back home?”, Dale asked.

“So you’ve decided not to leave town?”, Trent asked him.

“I think we need to stay put  and protect Alissa.  Then maybe when this coward makes his move, we can get him.”, Dale said.

Alright.  Let me talk with my FBI friends and see if we can come up with a plan.  I’ll be there this evening.”, Trent told him.

Thanks Trent! I can never pay you back for everything that you have done for me and for Alissa! “, Dale said gratefully. 

“You’d better not even try!”, Trent said and then disconnected the call.

When Alissa went downstairs, Alex was in the living room.  She knew that he wouldn’t leave her home alone.   She sat on the sofa with him.

“Alex, what are we going to do?”, she asked him.

“I have a simple solution.”, he told her.

“What?”, she said.

“Sleep with me.  I know you love Dale, Alissa, but you want me too.  Dale doesn’t have to know.”, he suggested.

“Alex, you and Dale were raised by the same parents; and I know you weren’t like this before.  What has changed you?”, she asked him.

I haven’t really changed, Alissa.  I just want you so badly.  I dream about you at night!  I know that you will never really leave Dale.   So I am willing to accept just one time with you.  My heart and my body ache with longing for you!  I don’t care if anyone else thinks its wrong!”, he told her.

What if I think its wrong?”, Alissa asked.

You may think so, but you want me too!”, Alex told her. 


Betty decided that she needed to call Bryant again.  She told him about her conversation with George and Leslie.

I told them that I don’t even believe that Alissa is dead!”, she said.

You are a fool!”, Bryant said explosively into the phone.  You have brought suspicion on yourself and let them know that you don’t believe Alissa is dead!  Now they will be on guard!  I should never have agreed to do this for you!  You’d better keep your big mouth shut from now on!  When I finish with her, I will deal with you!”   Then he disconnected the call.

Bryant knew that they would be on the watch for him now.  He decided to wait a few months until they relaxed their guard.  Patience was a big part of his success.    Tom Shallow had referred Betty to him.  He resolved never to do business with the Shallows again!  He quickly called Tom to reign Betty in.

Betty was extremely afraid.  She didn’t know what to do.


“So you’re saying that just once would be enough?”, she asked him, disbelieving.

He was silent for a few moments.   He couldn’t tell her what he really wanted.  He wanted her with him for the rest of his life. 

I’m saying that just once will tell us everything we need to know.   We’ll be able to decide from there.  If it makes you feel better, Alissa, I want you to know that I haven’t slept with anyone else since the day I met you!”,  Alex told her.

That was another difference between him and Dale.  Dale had never slept with anyone before her.

As if he could read her mind, Alex said,”Dale was always a goody two shoes!  I know he waited until after he was married.  I’m almost thirty, and I had no plans to marry.  I had no reason to wait.  You and I are more alike than you and Dale.”

What do you mean?”, she asked. 

Well, you do have Sharlee.”, he told her.

Alissa finally made up her mind.  She had been weak with Bronson, and she wouldn’t be weak again.  “Alex its never going to happen.  I am never going to sleep with you!  I love Dale, and I am not going to cheat on him.  I don’t care that he wouldn’t know it.  I would know it!” 

Then she went to put on her boots and left the house.  She drove over to Dale’s apartment.  Dale was surprised to see her at the door. 

She threw herself into his arms, and Dale held her tightly.
Then he held her as they looked into each others’ eyes.


I’m sorry if some of you are disappointed because Alissa went back to Dale, but I felt like I had to stay true to her character.    That doesn’t mean that Alex has given up though.   Since this is Alissa, you know things can’t stay easy for her for long! 

14 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Thirty-Four

  1. Things are never easy for her, but at least this is a happier chapter. Glad to see that Dale and her are going to be together. At least for now. Whatever happens to Betty will be for the better; she is evil. I’m still back and forth with Alex. I like him, but I don’t want to see him with Alissa. Maybe he should find a little hottie to become attracted to, just so he can stay in the stroy, but still keep his hands off Alissa. I was worried that Alissa would take up his offer for a one nighter, but even if she had, Alex wouldn’t lay off, he probably would have told Dale just so they would break up. Kudos to Alissa for being so strong.
    I’m excited to see those twins, but take your time getting to it. I hope that Sharlee and the twins have a better life then alissa.

    If you are interested, I have a story that I have been working on lately. Only up to chapter six, but I try to post a new chapter every two days. Most of it is a lot of reading, cuz I write more like its a book. But Just thought I’d throw it out there if you enjoy reading.

  2. Ok sooooo I’m kinda glad she didn’t sleep with Alex but I sorta wanted to know what would happen if she did. Is that crazy?!? I am glad she finally realized she needed to go back with her husband 🙂 took her long enough. I need Betty to get knocked off quickly I don’t like her at all. What does she really think she will accomplish by killing Alissa? Dale would never be with her. I don’t like the hitman either. Just accept defeat and move on. I hope Alex or Trent shoot him.

    • No, that’s not crazy, but I couldn’t let her do it.
      She is pregnant with Dale’s babies, and they have been through so much together.
      They have a lot more to go through! 🙂

      Betty doesn’t want Dale. She just wants to hurt him!
      She doesn’t want him and Alissa to be happy together.
      The night that they had dinner together in Riverview, Dale refused her kiss.
      Everyone around them was watching which surprised me. That gave me the idea for Betty’s revenge and craziness! 🙂

  3. So glad Alissa went back to Dale! I really want them to be happy together. I honestly think that Bettys eye makeup makes her look like a evil demaon panda.

  4. Happy family reunion! Although it would have been quite interesting to see Alissa and Alex, I am much happier that she is with Dale. And referring to the comment above, not only does her eye makeup make her look crazy, her hair makes her look like a mental patient!

    • Soap opera has crossed my mind before too even though that’s not what I had intended it to be. LOL

      I call it romantic suspense! 😀

      Thanks for reading my story, Capsicum and for your feedback! 🙂

  5. YES!!!! Alissa finally care to her senses and went back to dale! I am soooo relieved!! This is how it should have been all a long! I am jjjst worried because I know that obviously Alex will NEVER give up, and that is NOT okay!!!

    I know for a fact that Betty is ALL to blame, but to a point I feel bad for her because it sounds like Betty is Bryant’s next victim! ALTHOUGH, I THINK IT WOULD NE ADORABLE IF THEY WENT OUT!!!!!


  6. OMG on that one pic with Alissa hugging Dale, ALISSA LOOKS LIKE AN AMPUTEE LOL! Great chapter! (I decided to re-read the series.)

    • Dang, Casey! Why did you have to point that out! Now I see that too! LOL I won’t be able to see that picture without seeing that now! I’m laughing so hard that my eyes are watering!

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