Alissa: Chapter Thirty-Nine

While Dale went back to the house to shower and get some sleep, George was going to stay in the room with Alissa.   There were also two security guards outside her room. 

Before Dale left, Alissa stopped him.

Dale, I want you to know that I love you.   You are my other half, my soulmate!  In case something happens, I just want you to know.”  Alissa told him.

Nothing is going to happen!   I love you too!”  Dale told her.   Then he left.

George, I want to see Alex!” She said after Dale left.

Alissa, you’re on bed rest!”  George reminded her.

“I didn’t want to upset Dale, but I need to see for myself that Alex is alright.  I can’t relax until I see him.   Alex almost died for me, George!  Please take me to see him.  If it will make you feel better, then you can take me in a wheelchair!”  Alissa said.

“Alright Alissa.”  George agreed.   He knew that the anxiety wasn’t good for her.  He wheeled her to Alex’s room and then stepped out in the hallway so that they could talk alone.

Alissa looked at Alex hooked up to the monitoring equipment and the tears started falling down her cheeks.

“Stop crying, Alissa.  I am okay!  This isn’t your fault.”  Alex said tenderly.

“I don’t know how I can possibly repay you for risking your life for mine!”  Alissa told him.

Alex smiled.   “I can think of a few ways, but neither of us is in any condition for them right now!”

Alissa didn’t smile.   She wiped away her tears. 

“Alright Alex.”  She said.

Alissa, are you saying what I think you are saying?”  Alex asked her.

“After the babies are born, and after you are well.   If you still want to, I will sleep with you!”  She told him.

Alex didn’t say anything for a few moments.  Then he said, “Alissa you know how much I want that.   I know that you are only saying it because you feel you owe me.   If I didn’t want you so badly, then I wouldn’t accept the offer.  Because I know that you care for me too, then I am going to hold you to it!” What about Dale?”  He asked her.

What do you mean?” Alissa replied.

Alex knew that if Alissa slept with him,  not only would his and Alissa’s relationship change, but so would the relationship between Alissa and Dale.   Once would not be enough for either of them.  Would she really carry on an affair with him?  Would she ever leave Dale for him?   Could he really do this to her?

“Would you be able to keep it from him?”  He said finally.

Alissa knew she would not be able to hide it.  Dale would know that something was wrong.  She decided to discuss the situation with him.

Maybe you should think about this some more!”  Alex suggested.  “I don’t want you to ever regret being with me, Alissa.  You might end up hating me, and I couldn’t stand that!

Dale came back to the hospital later that afternoon.   This time he brought a suitcase with clothing for him and for Alissa.   He planned to stay with her until she was released.   She was lost in thought.

“What are you thinking about so deeply?”  He asked her.

I was thinking about how complicated life can be.  This isn’t easy for me to talk about, Dale.  I never ever want to cause you pain.”   Alissa said.

“What are you talking about, Alissa?”  Dale asked her.

Without any hesitation, Alex took a bullet meant for me!  He saved my life and the lives of our babies!”  She told him.

Yes, he did, and I am deeply grateful for that.  I have already told him so.”  Dale said.

I am deeply grateful too.  You know that Alex has strong feelings for me.”  Alissa said.

“He has made that very plain!”  Dale replied.   He did not like the direction this conversation was heading.  “Alissa, are you planning to leave me for Alex out of gratitude?”

“No, Dale!   I could not bear to ever leave you again!   I was miserable without you!”  She told him.

Then what?” He asked.

“Alex asked me to sleep with him.  He said just once would be enough.   He asked me to do it while we were separated and I said no.    He jokingly suggested it at the hospital again.”  Alissa answered.

Dale could not believe what he was hearing.   He could see that Alissa was seriously considering doing it.  Then it dawned own him that they really did owe Alex something, but this?

“Do you want to do it, Alissa?”   Dale asked her.

“Dale, I have always been as honest with you as I can be.   I am totally in love with you, but I have to admit that I do have strong feelings for Alex.   I do care about him.  I am attracted to him.  You know that too, Dale.  I am sorry.  I don’t want to have these feelings for him!”  Alissa replied.

Although, he knew it, it still hurt to hear her say it.   “If this is how you feel that we have to repay him, then do it, Alissa!”  Dale told her and then left the room. 

After his conversation with Alissa, Dale could not bring himself to visit Alex again.  He was afraid that he would not be able to restrain himself from punching the life out of Alex.   When his family asked why he wasn’t spending time with Alex, he told them that it was between him and Alex.  

His relationship with Alissa was also strained.   They were not as comfortable with one another.  Alex was solidly between them.

At the end of the week, Dale was in the room with Alissa, and they were both reading.   Conversation had become difficult. 

Alissa suddenly jumped up and cried out.  “My water just broke!”

This time, there was no stopping labor.   Alissa gave birth to the twins.   Although they were born early, they were both healthy.  

They are beautiful, Alissa.”  Dale told her.   He leaned over to kiss her cheek.

Alex was progressing quickly, and the doctors were ready to release him.   He came to see Alissa after he saw the babies.  Just the sight of him made Dale upset.   He left the room.

You did good, Alissa!”  Alex said referring to his niece and nephew.

Thank you, Alex.   Dale did good too!”  Alissa told him.

Why is Dale giving me the cold shoulder again?”  Alex asked her.

I had to tell him about us, Alex.   I can’t hide things from Dale!”  Alissa answered.

“What about us?”  Alex said.

About our plans.” She answered.

So, we have plans?”  Alex asked her.

“Yes.  We do have plans.”  Alissa said quietly.

27 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Thirty-Nine

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been offline for a bit. But to come back and have all these updates to catch up on has been bliss!! 😀

    Glad I didn’t miss out on the birth of the twins though! 🙂 Ooh what are their names? Or is that a yet-to-be-released thing?

    I’m kinda loving this story line. Reminds me of indecent proposal a little bit. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what happens. Part of me really hopes it happens. There’s so much sexual tension between Alissa & Alex!

    Amazing work as always! And that applies for all of the last few entries I was absent for. xx

    • That’s okay Caz! Welcome back!

      I didn’t realize that I didn’t put the twins names in this chapter. I think I’ll add some bonus pictures.

      I know you love Alex. I do too. Sometimes I am torn between him and Dale like Alissa is!

      Thanks for reading and I’m glad you’re still enjoying the story! 🙂

      • Bonus pictures would be fantastic! Yay 🙂

        For what it’s worth, I don’t really think Alissa would actually go through with it. It would probably be quite awkward of it were a premeditated act. Plus I don’t think it would be something Dale & Alissa could ever actually recover from. 😦

        I do feel sorry for Dale though. It must kill him just knowing his wife has any sort of feelings for another man, let alone his own brother. In which case I think Alissa is almost as much to blame as Alex is. I know Alex has been a slimeball about it, no doubt, but Alissa is so hot & cold with him. She’ll say no and push him off when he tries it on, but then the next minute she’s on the couch having a heart to heart with him actually weighing out the pros & cons of sleeping with him… As though for a moment she was actually considering it.

        She been very firm in letting Alex know her love and loyalty for Dale, but then it also seems like she still leaves little bread crumbs for him. It almost no wonder why he still thinks there’s hope in his mind :/

        Haha, she’s a complicated girl that one! 😀

      • I was just working on the next chapter, and I saw your comment! I’m releasing the next chapter tomorrow.
        I’m trying to end this storyline and get to the next one!

        You are right about Alissa. She is hot and cold with Alex because she has feelings for him too.
        She admits it to herself in the next chapter. As for the images, wait till the next chapter! 🙂 I’ll probably release it tomorrow morning.

        I do feel sorry for Dale too! He’s not taking much more of that situation! You’ll see what I mean in Chapter Forty-One.

        I’m behind on Savage Hunt! It’s almost the final chapter. I’ll probably work on it some tomorrow or Friday.

        Thanks for reading and commenting Caz! 🙂

  2. That was more painful to read than I thought it would be. I feel so bad for Dale. I know his heart is breaking right now. He can’t look at his wife or his brother. I still blame Alex, how can he knowingly cause his brother this kind of pain and agony???? Yes I know he took a bullet for her but still, it’s his brother’s wife. I can’t get past that part.

    Yay for babies. Can’t wait to see them as toddlers, with their parent’s genes they are going to be mega cute!!! Especially if the boy takes after his daddy.

    • This was your idea! You made us all sad for Dale!!!
      I felt so bad when I was writing it, but I really do appreciate you giving me the suggestion.
      I think it makes sense for the story. Thanks Mica!!!! 🙂

      They will be toddlers in chapter 42 and Alissa is aging up too.
      I was going to end the story, but I’ve thought of another storyline for it! 🙂

  3. Yay! Babies are cute!
    I like the idea of Alex and Alissa getting frisky, but I don’t like that it would hurt Dale. =/
    Maybe they should have a 3some instead HA like that would ever happen!

  4. I cannot believe she is even considering being with Alex, even if only once.
    She doesn’t deserve Dale. And Alex is a selfish, selfish Sim to not keep his thoughts locked up and try to get over his lust, because that’s all it is. I cannot see him as a loving, doting, faithful husband because he thinks too much of himself and no one else, in my opinion. Grrrr lemme slap him… and her!

    • I can tell you’re really upset! 🙂 I can’t blame you! I wrote it and I’m mad at her too!

      Alissa and Alex are both wrong for what they are putting Dale through.
      Alissa is considering it because it’s something that she really wants to do, even though she isn’t admitting that yet.
      I’m redoing the pictures for the next chapter. I’ll post it soon! 🙂 I hope to finish later today!

      Thanks for reading Zhippidy! 🙂

  5. Your story is a very good one. I see the inspiration of The Vampire Diaries taken place here. A very good story this is! I do however am on team Dale. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Carolina! 🙂

      The Vampire Diaries? I like vampires, but I haven’t seen that show yet. I keep saying I’m going to watch it.

      I am definitely on team Dale too! He really does love Alissa a lot. 😉

      Thanks so much for your comment! It means a lot! 🙂

  6. I like the bit when Alissa is just casually reading a book then she jumps up and says ‘my waters just broke’ as if its like the timer on a microwave just went off 🙂

  7. I can’t say I hate Allisa, she is just too pretty plus She’s the main main character! DUDE, THE STORY IS NAMED ALLISA!!! But i feel like I wanna choke her insides out :D. -does scary killer face- >:3



    • Hi Bella! I’m online working on the next chapter now, and I saw your comment.

      I know exactly how you feel! Alissa will drive you crazy sometimes with the decisions that she makes! LOL

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