Alissa: Chapter Thirty-Six

Somehow, the press found out that Matthew Hamming’s daughter was still alive.   They even knew that it had been a contract shooting.  Bryant saw the story on the news. 

The reporter had said that it was only a matter of time until Alissa’s location was known.   He claimed that a hospital employee was their source for the information.   A picture of Alissa was flashed onto the screen.

Bryant was seething with a cold rage.  This had turned into a big mess and his reputation was now on the line. 

George decided that it would be a good idea to question Betty.  The shooter had not made another try on Alissa, but they knew that could change at any time.  George asked her to come in to the station and talk.  He was surprised when Betty showed up at the station with her attorney, Tom Shallow.

Thank you for coming in, Betty.”, he said.

How can my client assist you, Detective?”, Tom asked him, answering for her.

George questioned her for over an hour.   Thanks to Tom, he got nothing from her.  However, his gut told him that she was involved.   If she were, they needed more evidence than Michael Hamming  seeing her in a nightclub.

Three months later, in Bridgeview, Matthew Hamming received a phone call from his friend,  Walter Cummings.  He was the owner of the movie studio in Bridgeview.

“Matthew, I wanted to let you know this myself.  Alissa has been located by a reporter for the AP.    I was able to pull some strings, and the story won’t be released until Friday.  I wanted to give you a heads up.”, he told Matthew.

“Thank you, Walter.  I really appreciate that.”, Matthew told him.

That only gave them three days before total mayhem surrounded Alissa.   They were going to have to move her until after the story broke and things cooled down.  Maybe if she made a statement to the press from a secret location it would be better. 

Matthew called Dale and told him what was going on.

Dale hung up from talking with Matthew.  He hated to tell Alissa.  She was happy again and looking forward to the babies’ birth.  She was now seven months along.   However, he knew he couldn’t put it off.

“Alissa, I just spoke with Matthew.  He told me that the press knows where you are and the news will be released on Friday.”, he said.

Alissa looked at him stunned.  She had intentionally pushed all thoughts about the danger from her mind.  She was enjoying her pregnancy and being back with Dale.  She tried not to cry.  She forced the tears back.

What are we going to do now?”, she asked, anxiously.

“We’re leaving today!  The press will be swarming around here probably starting tomorrow, trying to get a jump on everyone else.  Matthew is going to set it up for a reporter from your old station to interview you privately.   We’ll stay hidden until things quiet down.”,  Dale said.

Alissa moved closer to Dale, and he wrapped his arms around her.  “Dale, if I weren’t pregnant and if I did not have Sharlee, I would quit running!”, she told him.  “I am tired of other people running my life!”

“I know Alissa.   You’ve endured more than any woman should ever have to!”, he said.

Dale reluctantly called Alex and told him what was going on.  Once again, he would have to accept his brother’s help.  He had intentionally taken a shift opposite from Dale’s so that one of them could always be with Alissa.  

Although Alex no longer pressured her to be with him, his feelings for Alissa had not lessened.  He just didn’t want to add more stress on her during her pregnancy.  “When are we leaving?”, Alex asked.

We?”, Dale repeated.

Dale we don’t have time to argue!”, Alex told him, exasperated.

Matthew has a private plane waiting for us.   We’re leaving in an hour.  Alex,  the hitman hasn’t made any further attempt on Alissa.  Maybe he has given up!”, Dale suggested.

Maybe, but maybe not.  We can’t afford to get slack with Alissa’s protection.  Especially not now!”, Alex responded.   “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes!”

11 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Thirty-Six

  1. I don’t trust him!!!!!! I am getting a really bad feeling from Alex now and I don’t know why. You gotta just love the media, big deal someone had tried to kill her, let’s let the world know she was alive anyway. (can you hear the sarcasm? LOL)

    • You get a bad feeling from Alex? Is he too helpful? 🙂

      Isn’t that what the media always does?
      As long as it is a celebrity, they don’t care how it affects them!
      Too bad if she ends up dead!

      I really appreciate your comments Jazen! 🙂

  2. I don’t really see anything out of the ordinary from Alex.
    I’m afraid that the pilot for their plane will be the hitman. Or that he will somehow be on the plane. He is a master of disguise.
    What stupid media, they can’t go around telling the world that kind of stuff.
    Does this mean another new hair color and fake name?

    • I started to say more about your comments, Kate,but I might spoil the next couple of chapters.
      You are right about the media. Sometimes I am totally shocked about the information they reveal!

      No new fake names! I hated using them and gave up trying! 🙂

      There is a lot going on in the next chapter.
      I really hate keeping everyone waiting, but I’m too tired to work on my stories today. I’m sorry!

  3. I, hate, the news. It’s so rude they are stalking Alissa! I just wanna punch Alex into china. Oh god i drank too much chocolate milk. oh god *throws up*

  4. THE MEDIA IS SOOOO STUPID!! Wow! Someone tried to kill a girl! Let’s let him and the rest of the world know she’s still alive!! Hopefully the killer won’t care!!! Wow….. The media are GENIUSES!! (Sarcasm)

    ALSO, Alex NEEDS to stop!! Stop acting like he is trying to protect her when all he wants is to sleep with her and hurt her by taking her away from dale!! I HATE HIM!!


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