Alissa: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Alissa walked out of the doctor’s office.  Her mind was on her pregnancy and how happy Dale would be.  

The man stepped in front of her and she felt the searing pain in her abdomen.  Alissa screamed. 

Alex rushed into her bedroom.  He recognized immediately that she was having a nightmare.

Alissa, wake up!  You’re having a bad dream!”, he told her.

Alissa opened her eyes in panic.   “I remember getting shot.  It was so real, Alex!  I could feel the pain again!”, she told him.  She was trembling.  Alex climbed onto the bed beside her and held her close.

It’s over now, Alissa.  You’re safe. I won’t let anything happen to you!  It was just a bad dream.”, he told her soothingly.  Gradually her trembling stopped and her breathing slowed.  She had fallen asleep.

Alissa had gone in such a hurry that she had left her journal on the nightstand in their bedroom.  Dale was dressing for work, when he saw it there.   This time without hesitation, he picked it up to read.  He had to know once and for all how she felt about Alex.

Other than her feelings of guilt over their kiss, there was very little mention of Alex in her journal.  She wrote about how much she appreciated his help, but there were no romantic feelings expressed about Alex.  There were mentions of Dale and her feelings for him throughout the journal. 

He read her first entry that she had made in the hospital after the shooting.

I am so relieved that our baby is growing well.  I want him to be healthy and strong like his father.  I hope he looks just as handsome as Dale.  I love him already.   Although I dearly love Sharlee, this baby is special to me.  He is a part of me and a part of Dale. 

I love Dale so much, and I feel privileged to still have him in my life.  I know that with everything I have put him through, he could have left me, but he hasn’t.  He loves me and that makes me strong.  I have never been happier than since he came into my life.”

Dale read her words overwhelmed by guilt.  “How could I have been so blind and so cruel?”, he asked himself.  He decided to follow his original plan to get Alissa back with him.

Alex wasn’t the only one who could write letters.  He poured out his heart in a letter to Alissa.


Bryant left the hospital where Alissa had recovered.  He was dressed as a hospital orderly.  He had a self satisfied expression on his face.  He had been in this business too long to be outsmarted.   He even knew which room had been hers. 

He was on his way back to his hotel room to use his computer to hack into airline records.  They were using assumed names,  and probably changed them again.  However, all he had to do was check the passenger records for two adults traveling with a young child.   Then he would have her location.

17 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Twenty-Eight

  1. I like how you made Alissas dream in blach and white, it was very effective. Espeacily (sorry my spelling is awful) when you left the blood in colour. That hit man would be scary, if he wasn’t that hot. You have great skill.

  2. As cute as the hit man guy is, he is stalking creep. I wish his personality would change 🙂 Love the story and can’t wait to read more!

  3. I almost choked on my lemonade when I read the last part. I’m sure Dale is very sorry for what he had said,I’m seeing that some people don’t think before they do things. I’m scared that Alissa might be shot again,and not be very lucky, I hope she lives out a FULL life so she can enjoy retirement (hope I spelled that right XD). I’ve never read any story with a writer that doesn’t stop. I like that. How did you find time to do all this? This story is amazing, And it’s nice that you reply other people’s comments, I’ve never had anyone reply my comments on a page, Especially the person that created the page themselves! Your so nice and you have a big imagination! *does what spongebob did* you really think outside of the box! Thanks for an amazing story! (and sorry I comment so much, i’m a chatterbox)

    • She is still in a lot of danger, and being so upset isn’t good for her either. You spelled retirement perfectly! 🙂

      I don’t have as much time for my stories as I used to have, but writing them is relaxing for me. Talking you all who are reading the story is fun! It makes me feel happy to know that you guys are enjoying the story as much as I am. 😀

      That’s such a sweet thing for you to say! Sometimes I wish that I did have a bigger imagination. You are very welcome, Sims3girl! Thank you for reading my story! 🙂

  4. Okay, I MUST HAVE read that last part wrong!!!!! the EXTREMELY HOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!! Hitman knows where Alissa is????!!!!!!! NO WAY!! This guy knows what he’s doing and is good at it, and that’s what worries me!!! I hope Alissa, sharlee, the baby and the rest of the family members all stay safe!! I REALLY hope that this hitman turns around for the better because he is WAY too hot to be the bad guy!!!!

    ANYWAYS, thank you so much for this AMAZING AND COMPLETELY LIFE CHANGING chapter and for replying to my comments when you can, no one ever does!! They probably think I’m annoying because I write sooooo much, but I’m a chatterbox and I have WAY too much to say for just a few sentences!!

  5. Okay I get that Dale is a nice guy and all but still, I wouldn’t go crawling back to him so easily, he needs to understand that Alissa needs more time and he needs to respect that she also needs some space. I am probably making no sense but what I’m saying is, Dale, Take a hint and dial it down. 😀

    • You’re right, Keira! It is a stressful time for him too though. However, what he said to Alissa was inexcusable! Especially with the difficult time that she’s had. Hopefully, he will realize that soon! 😉

      Thanks for reading my story, Keira! 🙂

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