Alissa: Chapter Twenty-Five

Dale awoke the next morning with a pounding headache, but he was also determined to get his family back.   He would do whatever he needed to do in order to convince Alissa that he loved and respected her.  He wanted her to know that he would always be there for her.

The first step in his plan was to order her favorite flowers and have them delivered to her room.  He enclosed a special note.

Alissa heard the knock at the door and started not to answer it.  Her eyes were red and swollen from crying all night.   She had ordered room service for breakfast.  She had no appetite, but Sharlee needed to eat.  She also had to eat for the baby.

She opened the door.  The room was quickly filled with flowers.

Here is the card, Ms. Davenport!”, the bellhop said.  “There is no need for a tip!”, he told her as she headed for her purse.   He and the others left the room and he closed the door behind them.

Alissa knew the flowers had to be from Dale.  She opened the card. 


Alissa looked around her at the flowers.  They were beautiful.  She still couldn’t forgive Dale.  His accusing words were burned into her mind and heart.  She had lost her trust in him.


Alex was back in Bridgeport helping Matthew and Alissa’s uncle Michael pack up Dale and Alissa’s personal belongings.  The house had been sold. He found one of Dale’s old photo albums and looked inside it curiously. 

There was a picture of Alex, Dale, Leslie, George and Betty Simovitch taken at a party just before Dale went away to Bridgeview.  In the picture, Betty was hanging onto Dale as though they were together.   Dale looked uncomfortable.  By that time, he and Betty had no longer been dating.   He remembered Betty’s anger when his mother told her she couldn’t contact Dale.  

Michael was walking by and looked at the picture curiously.   There was something familiar about the woman hanging onto Dale.   He sat down for a closer look.

“That’s your sister Leslie, but who is that other young woman?”, he asked.

“She was an old classmate of Dale’s.  They went out on a few dates, but Dale was never seriously interested in her.”,  Alex answered.   He told them about her visit to his home and her reaction when they wouldn’t give her Dale’s address.

Michael was still studying the photo.  “I saw this woman a few months ago here in Bridgeview.”, he said.

Dale said she was in town for some business conference.”, Alex said. 

Dale hadn’t told him about Betty’s attempt to ruin his marriage.

“She was at the club where I work.  She came with a man.  He has a reputation as someone you do not want to mess with.  I noticed because she did not look like the kind of woman who would be his type!”, Michael said.

Alex again remembered Betty’s reaction, and he began to have a bad feeling.  He needed to talk with Dale and Alissa.

13 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Twenty-Five

  1. That’s so sweet that delegate her flowers and that poem but I wouldn’t forgive him and can I ask u a question what expansion pack do u have it’s awesome

  2. Wow!!!! FINALLY they are starting to see that Betty is not only mad but a crazy psycho path who needs some help……..not the good kind! YAY!!! But, they really need to catch her and send her where she belongs before……. Before it’s too late!!😖

    GREAT CHAPTER THO!!! I think it was sweet that dale sent her those flowers and note, but it wasn’t quite enough, he needs to learn to trust her to gain her trust back!!! 🙂 also, I LOVE all the great suspense!!! KEEP UP THE FANTABULOUS WORK!!!!!

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