Alissa: Chapter Twenty-Three

Dale and Alissa were standing out on the balcony outside Alissa’s hospital room.  “Is this a pretty town?”, Alissa asked Dale.

Yes.  It’s not very large but it is a nice town.”, Dale answered.

“How long will we have to stay here?”, she asked.

Dale sighed.  It had been a month since Alissa had been shot.   The police still had no leads on who the gunman was, or who had hired him.   The general public still thought that Alissa was dead. 

Alissa was due to be released from the hospital, and Dale did not want her to return to Bridgeview.  Sharlee saved him from answering.  She had been smuggled in town to join him and Alissa two weeks ago.   They were not using their real names.  He knew he would have to make a definite decision soon.

“Dad!”, Sharlee called from the other room.   Dale joined her.  He helped her with her blocks and then returned to Alissa.  He had come to a decision.  

Alissa, sweetheart, I know that you want to go home, but it is not safe for you there!  We have to think, not only of your safety, but also of your pregnancy.  If we return to Bridgeview under the circumstances, that will place you under an extreme amount of stress.  That would not be good for you or for the baby.”, Dale told her.

Alissa knew that he was right.  Dale wrapped his arms around her.  

His cellphone rang.  It was Trent.

“Dale, I’ve found the perfect town for you and Alissa.  It is a big town on the coast.  It’s called Anne Arbor.  I’ve spoken with some friends in the FBI, and they are now involved in trying to solve the case.  They are also willing to help establish new identities for you and Alissa.  Having a high profile father-in-law really pays off sometimes doesn’t it?”, he told him.

Dale was relieved.   “Yes.  I guess it does.  Thanks for all of your help, Trent.  Let me know when everything is arranged.”, Dale told him.

A few days later, they were on a plane.  They were flying to Anne Arbor.  Their appearances were greatly changed.   Sharlee slept for a while.

After she awakened, she didn’t want to be held.  She wanted to sit in her own seat like a big girl.

You make a sexy brunette!”, Dale told Alissa, smiling. 

“So do you!”, Alissa responded. 

Yeah, I know you like brunettes!”, Dale said, thinking of Alex.

What do you mean?”, Alissa asked, puzzled.

Nothing.  I’m just being silly.  We should be there soon.”, he told her changing the subject.

Sharlee was excitedly playing in her seat. 

As soon as they arrived, they went to find their new house.  As they drove along, Alissa looked around her.

This is a very nice town, isn’t it?”, Alissa asked, smiling.  She was feeling hopeful for the first time since she had been shot.

Dale was happy to see that her smile had returned.  “Yes, it is nice!”, he agreed.

Before long, they drove up to the house.  They stood looking at it for a few moments. 

What do you think?”, Dale asked her.

Of course, I’ll always miss our first home together, but this looks very nice!”, she told him. 

Matthew was arranging for the sell of their home in Bridgeview.  Everyone was being told that Dale had decided not to return to live in Bridgeview because of the pain of losing Alissa there.

Dale was still able to work as a doctor at the island hospital using credentials arranged through the FBI.   His new name was  Jason Davenport.   Alissa’s new name was Cynthia Davenport, and Sharlee was still Sharlee.  They thought it would be too confusing for her to change her first name.


Meanwhile in Riverview,

Betty Simovitch decided that it was time to go and pay her respects to the Stallworths because of Alissa’s death.  Before they answered the door, she forced a look of sympathy on her face.

Alex opened the door, surprised to see Betty there.  “Oh, Betty!  Come in!”, he said. 

“Mother, Betty Simovitch is here!”,  he called.

Valerie came to the door.  “Hello, Betty.  It’s good to see you.  It’s been a while.”, she told her.

Alex looked at her curiously, wondering why she was there.

“I’ve been meaning to come by, ever since I heard about Dale’s wife’s murder.   I would like to contact him and offer my condolences personally.  Do you have an address where I can reach him?”, she asked.  

She wouldn’t truly enjoy her revenge until she personally saw or heard Dale’s suffering.  She would never forget that contemptuous look on his face before he left her hotel room.

I’m sorry, but we can’t give you that information.  Dale wants to be alone right now, and we’re respecting his wishes.  We’ll let him know that you came by.”, Valerie told her.

An expression of deep anger briefly flashed across Betty’s face and manner.  Then she caught herself, and it was quickly erased. 

Alex saw it.  “Now that reaction is totally inappropriate!”, he thought to himself.

After Betty returned home, she thought about her visit.  They didn’t seem to be genuinely sad over Alissa’s death.  They acted sad, but the grief didn’t really seem to reach Mrs. Stallworth’s eyes.  As close as their family had always been, not feeling genuinely upset over the death of Dale’s “precious” wife was totally out of character for them. 

She bought a disposable cellphone and called the man whom she had hired to kill Alissa.  She told him about her visit with the Stallworths.

That does sound odd!”, he told her.  “Let me check into some things and I’ll get back with you.  I’ll find out where Stallworth went.  Oh, and don’t contact me anymore!  I’ll contact you! I don’t like complications!”

A shiver of fear passed through Betty at the chilling tone in his words.  Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea after all.


Dale stopped by their post office box to pick up mail from their families.  They had decided that this would be the best way to stay in contact.   Dale brought the mail in to Alissa.

“There are several for you!”, he told her.  You have one from Miki, Matthew, Mom, Leslie…”, then he paused.  “There’s one from Alex too.”  He handed them to her. 

There were letters for him as well, but he didn’t open them yet.  He watched to see which letter Alissa opened first.  He was relieved to see that it was Matthew’s letter.

“Dale, what would you like for dinner tonight?  I feel well enough to cook again!”, she told him.

“Are you sure?”,  Dale asked her.   “I don’t won’t you to do too much too soon!”

“I’m feeling much stronger.  I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but to be honest, your cooking is horrible!”, she told him.

He looked at her and laughed.   “Thanks for not hurting my feelings.”, he said.

Dale sat down in the livingroom while Alissa cooked dinner.  He intended to catch up on reading his medical journals.  

Alissa had left her letters, including Alex’s letter on the table, and Dale accidentally knocked it onto the floor.  He didn’t mean to read it, but one word caught his eye as he picked up the letter.  He saw the word ‘love’.   Dale picked it up and read it.

“Dear Alissa,

Thinking that you might die is unbearable to me.  When I heard that you had been shot, I felt as if all the life had drained from my own body.   I remembered the feeling of my lips pressed against yours. 

I remembered holding your soft, warm body in my arms, feeling your heart beat against my chest.   I saw your beautiful face with your smile that makes my heart skip a beat.  I can’t imagine never experiencing those things again.  

I love you, Alissa, and I always will.   I promise to find the person responsible for harming you so that you will be safe once again.

Yours, with all of my heart,


Dale held the letter in his hands.  He was hurt and he was furious.  He rushed into the kitchen, and he slammed the letter onto the counter!

“How long has this been going on?”, he shouted at Alissa.

What are you talking about?”, Alissa asked him.

 “You and Alex!”

Alissa had opened the letter, but had not yet read it.  Sharlee had started crying and she hadn’t had a chance.  She quickly glanced over it, and laid it back down.

Dale there is nothing going on between Alex and me!”, she told him.

Do you think that I’m a fool Alissa?  Why would he write this if it wasn’t true?”, he demanded.

I only kissed Alex one time, and I told you about it.”, she said.

“It had to be more than one time, or he wouldn’t have written this!”, he yelled.

“Dale, I still remember the first time that you kissed me, and all the emotions that I felt from that one kiss.  That must be what Alex means.  He remembers our first kiss.”, Alissa said.

You said first kiss, that means there were others that followed.”, Dale told her.  His eyes narrowed.   “Is that Alex’s baby?”,  he asked her.

A stricken look came into Alissa’s eyes.   Dale was sorry he’d said those words as soon as they were out of his mouth. 

Alissa,  I’m sorry!  I didn’t mean that!”, he said, moving toward her.

Alissa stretched her hand out to hold him back.  “No, Dale.  You meant it.  A few months ago, you reminded me that I should trust you.  Now I find out that you don’t trust me.  That you think that I am a liar and a cheater!”, she said.  Dale started to speak.   “Please don’t say anything else to me!”, she told him.   “Right now, I don’t even want to hear the sound of your voice!”

She was too hurt for tears.   She called a taxi.  Then she went upstairs and packed a bag for herself and for Sharlee.   She wasn’t well enough to carry it.  

Dale without a word carried the suitcases to the door.

Please call me and let me know where you’re staying.”, he requested quietly.  “I love you, Alissa!”

Alissa got into the taxi with Sharlee and left without speaking a word.  Dale sadly watched them leave.


22 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Twenty-Three

  1. OH NO! 😦 I do hope they can work this out and that Sharlee and Alissa will be safe. I hope Betty gets hers real soon…maybe something bad between her and the hitman :D..can’t wait to read more.

    • Hopefully they will, but not right away. I couldn’t forgive my husband right away if he said what Dale did.

      Thanks for reading Whitney!

      When I get a chance, I will give you some more information on setting up your Mods. It took me a while to figure it out too! 🙂

      • ok and thanks..haven’t had much time to work on story anyhow with school starting for my kids and me looking for another place to live and a job.

  2. Oh my God! This chapter is so full of drama!!

    First – Assuming new identities was a must after Alissa’s death was announced to the public. I like how they all look now! I like Alissa more as a blonde but black hair fits her nicely, too. Now I know who they guy in the upper picture of the blog is! I had always been worried Alissa and Dale’s relationship wouldn’t work out and she would end up with the guy in the picture! So happy right now! 😀

    Second – I cannot believe Betty. Going saying those things to the Stallworths! Well, I shouldn’t be surprised considering she tried to kill Alissa. “Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea”? Really? Last time I heard, trying to kill your ex’s wife is never a good idea. Jeez. Psycho.

    Third – Oh nooo! I can’t believe Dale said those things! His jealousy is getting the best of him! 😦

    Great, great, great update! 😀

    • I like Alissa’s blond hair better too. I think that black hair brings out Dale’s green eyes better.
      I never thought about his hair being black in that picture!
      Betty is a real looney. Sometimes, we don’t find out about the crazy people until too late!

      Yeah, Dale did let his jealousy get the best of him! He really hurt Alissa!

      Thanks Ade, I really appreciate that! Thanks for reading and leaving feedback! 🙂

  3. I love alissa in her black hair, i think the colour suits her and black seems like her real hair colour. she looks more beautiful with her new hair and dale look more handsome as well in black hair. and idk what’s wrong with alex, his obssesion is starting to creep me out and somehow it kinda ruin his brother’s marriage. i hope he find himself a girl meant for him and realize that alissa’s married so he can stop chasing her.and poor alissa, her husband’s slip of the tongue was really offensive and i’d understand if she was really hurt by his accusations ’cause it’s really mean to defame anyone of sth they didnt do
    once again, nice story, will always keep reading!

    • I like the black hair on both Alissa and Dale.

      Yeah, Alex’s obsession with Alissa is making things hard for her and for Dale!

      Dale really hurt Alissa by his accusations. It’s the kind of thing that is hard to forgive.

      Thanks so much Deena! I hope that you continue to enjoy the story!

      Please give any suggestions or let me know if there is something that you would like to see in the story!
      Most of the time if a someone following the story gives me a suggestion, I use it and give them credit!
      I think that makes it more interesting. 🙂

      • i sure will. i’m obssesed with this story as much as alex is with alissa. haha.havent got to the end yet but im looking foward to each chapter. so far, i prefer your ideas of the story. i know you have lots of ideas and i want to see yours.btw sorry if my english is really bad, i’m from malaysia.

      • Oh that’s so sweet of you to say! 🙂

        Your English is great! I would not have known that it wasn’t your main language if you hadn’t told me!
        I admire anyone who can speak more than one language fluently! 🙂

  4. Hey, I’ve never commented on any of your chapters but I’ve read up to here!
    I am in true love with this story! Just wow. You are an amazing writer.

    Betty really is freaky. I have no idea what is wrong with her, but she has got problems. They have to get to the bottom of this. Alissa can’t get hurt again. I am so excited for the baby!!!
    I am loving how Dale looks now. I always thought he looked a little strange with the blonde hair and dark facial hair. But now its all good. Poor Alissa! I hope their relationship gets on track – but sadly, I’m pretty sure she’s going to Alex’s house.

    • Thank you so much! That’s a very sweet thing to say! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! 🙂

      Isn’t Betty freaky! It’s scary to know that there are real people like her. 😯
      I was excited about the baby too since they wanted one together so much. 😀

      I like Dale’s new look too! It will change again in a few chapters. Let me know what you think of the next hairstyle too. I think it shows off his green eyes better.

      Yeah, this is a rough patch for them! 😦

      It’s great to meet you Buckeye! Thanks for reading Alissa and for your feedback! 🙂

  5. Can you please get Alissa’s original hair back please! I was freaked out i didn’t know those people are! i liked them how they were. please put their real hair there, i think blond looks better on Dale and white is better on Alissa! please please PLEASE change it back!!! Now i feel like i am seeing it all happen. Like, i am right there in the room. so dramatic. Sorry for such a long comment i got carried away lol. I just hope they can stop worrying and just have peace in their life without having to deal with PEOPLE TRYING TO KILL/HURT Allissa! i mean like just, stop. ROFL stop hurting her SHES JUST MINDING HER OWN BEESWAX then, boom she is assasinated (lol i cant spell anything) JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!! THIS IS SO COMPLICATED!! My brain hurts.. *faints from talking too much ROFLl*

    • I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but if you continue reading you’ll see what happens with them. There is a lot more to read! 😀

      Yeah, peace would be nice for them. Sometimes they will have peace, but sometimes things will continue to be difficult for them. 😦

      Thanks for reading my story, Sims3girl! 🙂

  6. Oh my god OH NO!!!! I hope that they can work this out and that everything will be good, and everyone safe!!! But, to be honest sharlee and Alissa leaving was probably for the best, since that guy working for Betty said he would find dale, this way he won’t find Alissa and Sharlee too:/


    • They have been through a lot together and it would be awful if it’s over for them! 😦
      You’re right that it might be safer this way.

      Thank you so much, Bella! 🙂

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