Chapter Sixty-Seven

After Alex’s visit to her office, every time that her cellphone rang, Alissa was afraid it would be him calling to set up a time for them to see each other.    She knew that what he had told her was not an empty threat.  If she did not do as he wanted, he would harm Dale. 

Alissa looked at Dale as they were sitting together watching television.  He was a big man, even larger than Alex, but Alex was a trained killer.  She was afraid for Dale. 

Dale felt her eyes on him.  He knew that something other than her possible pregnancy was bothering her.    He moved closer to her.  “Alissa, I know that something is bothering you.  What is it?”

Alissa couldn’t meet his eyes as she answered.  “I’m fine!  Please don’t worry about me, Dale.”

The fact that she wouldn’t tell him told him all that he needed to know.    It was Alex.  He knew that something must have happened when Alex had visited her at her office.  Living in the same town with Alex was just too convenient for him.  Alissa was too easy for him to get to!

Alissa kissed Dale.   He was just about to suggest that they continue in their bedroom when Alissa’s cellphone rang.  She stiffened, hoping it wasn’t Alex.  

She stood up and moved away to take the call.  It was one of the news directors.  Alissa spoke with her for a few moments and then returned to Dale.

“Dale, that was Lydia,  one of the news directors at the station.   They need me to go an assignment in Pleasant Valley.   I have to interview the first female Mayor elected in the town.  It will help me with getting the position that I want at the station in  Newport.”

“Do you think that you’ll have a problem getting on at the station there?”

Alissa smiled.  “No, I’m sure that they’ll hire me, but I want to start doing mainly interviews and not just anchoring the news desk.”

“How long will you be gone?”  Dale asked her.

“Just for three or four days at the most.”

“What about your doctor’s appointment?”

“I-I’ll have to reschedule it.”  She answered.

Of course Dale wasn’t going to keep her from progressing in her career.

“Well, you be safe, Alissa!”

“I will, and I’m going to miss you like crazy.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

Alissa wasn’t really ready to leave him so soon, but she knew that she needed to do this interview.  Dale went with her to the master bedroom and helped her pack.  Although he was more of a distraction than help. 

Alissa said goodbye to the children and then caught the next plane out to Pleasant Valley.

While Alissa was gone, they received an offer on the house that she and Alex had shared.   The buyer was willing to pay full asking price if they were willing to include the furniture.  Dale was able to negotiate for a little over the asking with the furniture included.

Now that the old house had sold, Dale wanted to go forward with their move.    He searched the internet and found a builder and neighborhood that he thought would be right for them.   Most of the homes were already built and just awaiting buyers and final design details made by the purchasers.  As he was looking, his cellphone rang. 

It was Matthew.

“Hello Dale!”

“Hello Matthew.”  Although Dale didn’t remember Alissa’s father,  he had spoken with him on the phone several times since his return.  Dale liked him.

“I tried to reach Alissa, but she must be busy!  I got her voice mail.”  Matthew said.

“Yes, she is out of town doing an interview.”  Dale told him.

“Well, I have good news!  I am now partial owner of a studio and production company along with two other partners.”

“That’s great Matthew!”

“My contract with the studio here in Bridgeport was up over a month ago and I didn’t renew it because this deal was in the works.  I didn’t tell Alissa because I wasn’t sure if it would work out.   This means that I will be relocating to DE.   

I know you haven’t met Kay yet, but after Alissa was shot, Kay stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.   After you two went into hiding and Alissa was believed dead,  I ran into her.  She offered her condolences and we ended up hitting it off.  We’ve been seeing each other ever since, and she has agreed to relocate with me.”

“I look forward to meeting her.”  Dale had insisted that Alissa tell him about their past, good and bad.  So, he knew about the shooting and the hitman.  She had also told him about  her mother, the rape and the miscarriage.

“The other reason I called involves you and Alissa.”

“It does?”

“Yes.  We want her to work at the station there.  I know the type of show that she wants to do, and the partners and I think that it would be a great success.  We just need to put the right people in place to work with her on it!”

“I’m sure she would love that!”  Dale told him.

“There is also a great hospital there.  However, you would have to do your training in a town about an hour away.  Although  DE needs surgeons, the training that you need in order to be re-certified is not available there.”

This was a wonderful opportunity for Alissa and Dale would only have to train for a few months.  He would commute an hour both ways gladly if it meant that Alissa would be happy!

“It sounds great Matthew.  Do you know what the schools are like there?”

“There is a great school system there.  The children should do well.”

“Alright.  I’ll discuss it with Alissa and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!”

Dale started his search over again.   DE seemed to be a great town, and  there were a lot of new housing developments to choose from.  He settled on one that he thought Alissa and the children would love.  They would be able to have the pool that the children wanted, and they would each have their own rooms. 

There was a room that would make a great nursery and a room for an office.  There was also the option for a hobby room.  They would need to make a trip out and see what it was like for themselves.  He checked out the hospital and schools. 

He spoke with Alissa that evening, and she agreed that it sounded like the right town for them.  She called Matthew and told him their decision.  They decided to visit  DE the following week and check it out.

The day on which she had been scheduled to take the pregnancy test, Alissa knew that she did not want to wait until she returned home to get the test.  She left her hotel and went to a drug store to purchase an early pregnancy test kit.   She used it as soon as she returned to the hotel.  She was on pins and needles as she awaited the results.

Dale visited each of the children’s schools.

“It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Stallworth.”  Principal Vance told him.

“Thank you, it’s nice to meet you too!”

“How can we help you?”

“I don’t know if you are aware of it, but our family is planning to move at the end of this semester of school, which I believe is over two months away.  However, it would be much better if we could make our move within the next couple of weeks.  Since Cara and Shawn are both excellent students, I was wondering if it would be possible for them to complete this semester by taking their classes online.  Then the following semester, we would be settled in our new town and they could begin attending school again.”

“I don’t see a problem with that.   We just need to make their teachers aware so that they can provide their lessons online.”  The principal responded.

Dale smiled in relief.  “Thank you, Mr. Vance.  I would be glad to speak with their teachers if that will make it easier.”

The principal accompanied Dale to the children’s classrooms.

“Shawn, Dad’s here!”

Shawn and Cara rushed over to Dale when he entered the classroom.  Mr. Vance explained the situation to Cara and Shawn’s teacher.

It went smoothly for Dale at Sharlee’s school as well.

Alissa watched the seconds tick away until it was time to read the results.  She looked at the readout on the test stick.  It was positive.    She was pregnant!

She tried to be happy about it.  She loved children,  and although she wanted more,  she wanted them with Dale.  However, if this was Alex’s baby she would love it just the same.  She had loved Alex and hoped that if this baby was his, it had been conceived out of love and not their last night together.   Dale loved Sharlee as though she were his own, and she hoped that he would be able to love this baby too if it were not his.

The following morning, she flew back home.  When she arrived at the house Dale was just dressing to leave for the hospital.  He was surprised and happy to see her.

He kissed her. 

“I’m glad you’re back!  You should have called me to pick you up from the airport.”

“I need to talk with you, Dale.”

“What is it?”

“I am pregnant.  I took a test yesterday and it came out positive.  I’m going to see my doctor later today to verify the results and to find out how far along I am now.”

“Well, we knew it was possible, sweetheart.  Don’t worry.  Everything will work out okay!”

“I hope so!”

“I know so!”   Dale told her firmly.

Yes, now that they knew that she was pregnant, Dale was even more sure that they shouldn’t wait to move.

The doctor’s test verified the results.  Although Alissa was very early in her pregnancy, she was definitely pregnant.  In three months they would test for paternity.  Alissa had been relieved that Alex had not contacted her since visiting her office, but she knew that they had to tell him about the baby.

Dale decided that it was time to talk with Alex and tell him about the pregnancy and the chance that he might be the father.

Alex answered his door, surprised to see Dale standing there.  He moved aside to allow him to enter.

“So, what are you doing here?”

“We need to talk.”  Dale answered.

Alex looked at him curiously, wondering briefly if Alissa had told him about their last conversation.

Dale gazed at him silently, not understanding him at all.   When a woman said no, that meant no.  He knew that Alissa had made it plain to Alex that she no longer wanted to be with him.  However, Alex refused to accept her decision or to acknowledge her feelings.  Dale didn’t know what to expect when he told him about the baby.

“Alex, do you still love Alissa?”

“You know that is really none of your business.  That’s between me and Alissa.”

“That’s where you’re wrong!  Alissa is my business!  She will always be my business!”

Dale saw the anger rise in Alex’s eyes.   He sighed.

“I didn’t come here to argue, Alex.  We will never see this the same way because we both want her.”

“Again, what are you doing here?”

“Alissa is pregnant.”

Alex felt a surge of elation.  

Alissa was pregnant!  Finally, she was carrying his child!

Dale saw his happiness, and it made him uncomfortable.  He felt a wave of resentment.

“The baby might be mine, not yours!”

“What are you talking about.  Of course it’s my baby!”

“When Alissa and I were together after I first returned, she forgot that she wasn’t taking the pill.  So from the timing, either one of us could be the father.  Alissa is very ashamed that this has happened.”

“It’s not just her fault!  It’s yours too!  You know that when you sleep with a woman unless you want her to become pregnant, you use protection!”   Alex was angry!   “You should never have come back!  You have ruined our lives, Dale!”

“I know that I should have asked, but I just assumed that she was on the pill.  Regardless of how it happened, Alissa is pregnant and either of us may be the father.  We won’t be able to test for paternity until she is three months along.  The test itself can be painful for the mother.  If not for the stress of worrying, then I would suggest that we wait until after the baby is born.  However, I know that she won’t want to wait.

From what I understand, all of her previous pregnancies have been during difficult times in her life.   She has not really had a chance to enjoy them.  If you do love her Alex, let her enjoy this time.  Let’s call a truce and let her have a stress free pregnancy!”

Alex was silent for a few moments, thinking.  “Alright, but you had better take care of her and of my baby.  I won’t keep trying to persuade her to return to me for now, but I make no promises for after the baby is born!”

“I guess that I’ll have to be satisfied with that.”  Dale noticed that Alex was still wearing his wedding ring, but he didn’t say anything about it.   Now was not the time.

“I want copies of the ultrasounds, and I want to be kept informed on how she and my baby are doing!  I want to see her before the baby is born!”

“Alright, Alex.  We’ll make sure to keep in touch.  However, all contact will go through me.  That is non-negotiable.”

“You don’t have the right to keep Alissa and me apart!”  Alex said angrily.

Dale looked him in the eye!  “Non-negotiable, Alex.  If we don’t do it this way, then she will have stress.”

“Okay, but like I said, I make no promises for after my baby is born.”

Dale left soon after.  His mind was only a little relieved.    A couple of weeks later, they made their move to DE.

20 thoughts on “Chapter Sixty-Seven

  1. He didn’t tell him they were moving. Wait until he finds out, Alex will be pissed. Hopefully he will take Dale’s words to heart and will back off for a little while. Alissa has not had easy pregnancies and she’s already lost a child once. She doesn’t need the added stress of his sliminess coming around and bothering her.

    • No. Dale didn’t tell him.
      Alex also doesn’t know that they are moving to a different town from the one where they had originally planned to move!
      I still haven’t picked the town which is why I just made up some initials. LOL This is going to be their last move!

      You’re right, Alissa doesn’t need the added stress from Alex! Maybe he will keep his promise to Dale and maybe he won’t try to find them.

      Thanks for reading, Jaz! 😀

  2. Alex won’t be happy when he finds out they’ve moved!
    I so want this baby to be Dale’s, Alex doesn’t deserve any happiness.
    I hope they all settle in well at DE, also I really like Dale’s shirt in the pictures he’s talking to Alex, where’s it from if you don’t mind me asking?
    Great chapter:)

    • Missamd,

      Alissa and Dale will be happy too if the baby is Dale’s!
      You’re right either way it is an innocent baby. Alissa and Dale will feel the same way!
      It will still be Alissa’s baby, and they will love him or her because of that.

      “ALEX CAN GO STICK HIS HEAD IN HIS BUTT!!!!” That is so funny!
      No one likes Alex anymore, but I don’t blame you with the way that he is behaving toward Alissa and Dale!

      Thanks for reading my story and commenting! I really appreciate it! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad they are moving! Try finding them now Alex! If the baby is Dale’s, I’ll be happy, if it’s Alex’s, I’ll be happy also because the baby is so innocent from the world.


  4. I can’t wait to find out who the baby daddy is! Lol. I’m kinda hoping it’s Alex purely for the drama. But I’m sure the drama won’t stop even if it is Dale’s child. Alex is pretty nutzo either way.

    • DE! I couldn’t decide on a town to move them to and so I made up DE until I could pick a world for the new save! LOL
      I know it sounds crazy! 😀

      I finally settled on Mesa Valley by RFLong7. 🙂

      Thanks for reading, Vanessa!

      • I like Mesa Valley! It sounds nice! Do you have seasons,supernatural, or Island Paradise? Because it would be cool if one of the kids was a supernatural or mermaid. If I’m annoying,sorry. Great chapter! Can you show more pictures of Sharlee please? There’s now 0-1 picture of Sharlee in chapters 😦

  5. Oopooooo!!!!!! Alex is gonna be PISSED when he finds out that they are moving to a different town from the one they were originally going to move to! Let just hope that he doesn’t go looking for him and stays true to his words, except for those last ones about making no promises after the baby is born!! Why can’t he just get the fact that she doesn’t love him, and STOP trying to force her into being with him! That’s like…….. Emotional rape!! HOW DARE HE!!! GRRAT CHAPTER THO!! I HOPE EVERYTHING GOES OKAY FOR THEM AND THAT THE BABY IS DALES!!!!!

    • Yeah, Alex just refuses to believe that Alissa doesn’t love him.

      Alissa and Dale are really hoping that the baby is Dale’s too!

      Thanks for reading my story, Bella! 🙂

  6. It annoys me that Alex assumes the baby is his. I hope it isn’t! He doesn’t deserve to be a father with what he did to Alissa just because he was angry. And also threatening to kill Dale if she didn’t come to meet him a few times a month? He’s coldblooded and who knows what would happen.

    Hopefully she has a good oregnancy. During her pregnancy with Sharlee she was stressed with not having money or Bronson. And with the twins, there was a lot of drama, Also with the baby that was killed.. She doesn’t need Dale and Alex causing drama.

    Love the story!

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