Alissa: Chapter Sixty-Three

After Alex left, Alissa gave up on sleeping and went into the living room.  She knew that she wanted to be with Dale, but she didn’t know if it was right to do it at Alex’s expense.  Sharlee had gone to the kitchen for a drink and saw her mother.

“Mom, I’m not a little kid anymore.  I want to know what’s going on!”

Alissa looked at Sharlee.  No, she wasn’t a little girl anymore.  She decided to tell her about her father.

“Sharlee this is going to shock you, but your Dad is back!”

“Back?  Back from where?  I didn’t know that he had gone any place.”

“No.  I don’t mean Bronson!  Dale is back!”

Sharlee looked at her in shock and then a huge joyous smile spread across her face from ear to ear!

“Dad isn’t dead!”

“No.”  Alissa told her about Dale’s amnesia and that he had been in Egypt.  “He remembers me, you, Cara and Shawn, but so far no one else!  He doesn’t even remember your grandparents!”  Alissa made a mental note to call them.

“When can I see him, Mom?  Where is he?”

“He’s staying at the Waldorf.  I suppose that you can see him tomorrow after school.”

“Are we all going to live together again?”

Alissa looked troubled and didn’t answer right away.

“Mom, I feel sorry for Alex, but he’s not Dad!  If it’s a choice between Dad and Alex, I want to be with my Dad.  I don’t want my Dad hurt!”

Out of the mouths of Babes!  Alissa couldn’t believe what a smart daughter she had raised.   She might have Bronson’s genes, but she was Dale’s daughter in every other way!

“I need to talk with your Dad, but I want us all to be together again too!”

Sharlee smiled happily.

“Don’t mention this to Shawn and Cara yet.  I need to get things settled before I tell them!”

“Okay, Mom!  Goodnight!”

Goodnight, baby!”

After Sharlee went upstairs, Alissa called Dale even though it was late.

“Dale, this is Alissa.”

“Hello, sweetheart.”

Alissa closed her eyes feeling the thrill of hearing his voice.

“I’m sorry if I waked you!”  She continued.

“No, I… I couldn’t sleep.”

“Dale, I want us to be together again!  I hope that’s what you want too!”

Dale felt relief wash over him.  He relaxed for the first time since he had let Alex in the door.

His voice was full of emotion when he responded.  “I want that more than anything else!”

“I think that the first thing that we need to do is to get you checked out at the hospital here.   I’m sure that the doctors in Aswan were very good, but the hospitals here are world renowned.”

“That is a good idea.  We can do that.  You also need to see a lawyer as soon as possible to find out where we stand legally.  Since I wasn’t dead  when you married Alex, technically you may be a bigamist.  Your marriage to Alex is probably not valid.”  He suggested.

“Oh.  Yes.  I’d better see a lawyer.  Let’s do that tomorrow too.  I’ll call and let the station manager know that I won’t be in to work all day.”

“Will you want to continue living here in Virginia?”  Dale asked her.

“I haven’t considered that.  This is where Alex has really established himself.  His job and his close friends live here.  So, I think that it would probably be easier for him and for us if we move someplace else.   I shouldn’t have a problem getting on at another television station.  I’m not bragging, but my services seem to be in demand now.  We can sell this house, and I’ll split the money with Alex.”

“Do you think that a move will be hard on the kids?”

“Actually, I think that they will  be fine.  They are like you!  They make friends without even trying!  I do think that it would be better to wait until the end of this semester though.  This one just started.  So that’s almost three months to wait.”  Alissa told him.

“I’m not living in Alex’s house.  That maybe stubborn, but there is no way I’m living where you had a life with another man!”

“We can rent a place for a few months then.”  She responded.

“Alissa, I can’t wait until we’re together all the time!”

“I can’t wait either, Dale.”

“What about Alex?”  Dale asked her.

“Alex knows how I feel about you, Dale.  He knows that I love him, but that it’s not the same as what we have together!”

After Alex’s attitude earlier, Dale found it hard to believe that Alex was going to make this easy for them.

“He’s staying with a friend.”  She told him.

“Alissa, even though I don’t remember him, the man that I met today is not giving up on being with you!  Do you need more time to think about this, to make sure that being with me is what you really want?”

“Dale, even if he hasn’t given up, I have made my decision.  I want you!”

“You don’t know how much I needed to hear that, Alissa!  I wish you were here with me now!”

“I do too, Dale.”

“I guess we better get a few hours of sleep. I think I can sleep now!”

“I think that I can too!  Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, and I love you Alissa.”

“I love you too!”

After she got the kids off to school the next morning, Alissa picked Dale up at his hotel.  They went to the hospital.

The tests showed that there had been some damage, but Dale’s brain had remapped itself.  The doctor said that Dale’s memories might return, but there was also a good chance that they might not.

“I knew your face was familiar!  We attended the same medical conference a few years ago!  You spoke at the seminar!”

“I spoke at a medical conference?  What did I speak about?”

“You were an extremely talented pediatric surgeon!  You don’t remember?”

“No, I don’t remember.”

“It would be a shame to lose such talent.” 

He stood thinking for a few moments.

“Come down to the training lab with me.  I want to do some tests.”

He showed Alissa to the doctor’s lounge and then he took Dale to the lab. 

He had Dale hold a scalpel over a practice cadaver.

“Just close your eyes for a few moments and take a deep breath.”

Dale followed his suggestion.

The doctor gave him a practice scenario for the patient and asked Dale what type of surgical procedure would be needed.  Without hesitation, Dale shocked himself and performed the procedure on the cadaver.  The doctor checked his work.  They did a few more practice scenarios. 

Dale found that the medical jargon was rolling off his tongue easily.  His mind knew automatically what treatment was needed.  He was filled with exhilaration.

“Well, I think that with a few months of practice and acquainting  yourself with the new procedures that you’ve missed you’ll be able to get your medical license back.  You’ll be back in the operating room in no time!”

Dale thanked him and then they went to rejoin Alissa and tell her the good news.  They decided on the best way to proceed.  Dale was happy because now he knew that he would again be able to take good care of his family.  The pressure would be off of Alissa.  A surgeon!  He had not dreamed that he had been employed in such a fulfilling career.

They visited a lawyer next.

“Whereas Mr. Dale Stallworth was not deceased when you married Mr. Alex Stallworth, then your marriage to Mr.  Alex Stallworth is invalid.  Technically, you are guilty of bigamy!   However,  the best way to proceed is to dissolve one of your marriages!   Which one do you wish to dissolve.”

“I want to dissolve my marriage to Mr. Alex Stallworth.”

Alissa was feeling very emotional and could not stop the tears from falling down her cheeks.

“Young man, can you please leave Mrs. Stallworth and I alone for a few moments?

Dale left the room.

“Now then, Mrs. Stallworth.   Is this what you really wish to do?  Are you being coerced into dissolving this marriage?”

Alissa was surprised by his words.  “No one is coercing me!  I have no doubts that I want to be with Dale Stallworth.  It is just that I hate that I am hurting, Alex!”

“Ahh, I understand.  Do you believe that he will contest the divorce?”

“I don’t think so.”  Alissa answered.

“Alright, I will have the papers sent to him as soon as possible.   Due to the circumstances, I believe that a speedy resolution is in order.”

Remarkably, the clerk was able to draft the papers quickly, and Alex received them before he left from work that day!

Dale went with her to the house, so that they could talk with the children together.  Sharlee came home first.    Even though her mother had told her that he was back, she hadn’t wanted to get her hopes up.  She was surprised and pleased to see her Dad.

She raced over to him and hugged him tightly with tears in her eyes.  Dale had tears as well.

“Oh, Daddy I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too!”

“Please don’t leave us again!”

“I won’t sweetie!  I’m sorry for the way things have gone!”  Dale responded.

They sat down to talk.  Alissa left them alone for a while.

Dale and Sharlee had been close and he tried to catch up on things that he had missed while he was gone.

Eventually, he asked her,  “So, any boyfriends?”

Sharlee blushed.  “Nothing serious!”  She had always been able to talk with her Dad about anything, and she was glad to see that she still felt the same way.  It was just as though they had never been apart.  

Alissa joined them after a while.

Cara and Shawn walked into the room and stopped in shock.  Then they both ran to Dale.  Dale had tears in his eyes as he hugged his other two children.

They joined Alissa and Sharlee.  Dale explained where he had been, and why he hadn’t come home before then.

“I’m sorry that I was gone for so long!”

“It’s okay Dad.  I’m just glad you’re with us now!”

“Yeah, Dad!  You can’t help it if the rocks fell on you and hurt your head!”

Dale looked at Alissa.  “You’ve done a good job!”

“We gave them a good foundation!”

After about an hour, Dale’s phone rang.  It was Dr.  Dickerson calling to ask Dale to come to the hospital and watch a special operation.  Dale told him that he would have to pass, but thanked him for calling.

Alissa heard Dale’s side of the conversation.

“Dale we have the rest of our lives to be together.  You need to go to watch that operation!  It’s one of the new procedures that you need to learn!”

Dale knew that she was right!

“Here take my car.  You can pick me up tomorrow and drop me off at work before you go to the hospital!”  Alissa suggested as she gave him her keys.

She walked him outside. 

Alex walked up to the house in time to see Alissa and Dale kissing one another goodbye.  Rage flowed through him.   He glared at Dale.   After Dale drove off, Alex went into the house with Alissa.

7 thoughts on “Alissa: Chapter Sixty-Three

  1. He’s not signing those papers. He is going to fight it I just know it. He could even push to bring her up on charges for bigamy. I wouldn’t put it past him to try blackmail or something along those lines to keep Alissa with him even if it’s against her will.

    The kids are all so happy to have their dad back. They haven’t even talked to his parents yet that is going to be another happy reunion.

    It will be short lived however with the divorce thing. It’s going to cause an even bigger rift in the family. Her inlaws don’t really like her now they are going to be really unhappy with her with the impending storm.

    Great update.

    • Alex doesn’t give up easily!

      The kids are really happy he’s back. Dale’s parents will be too.

      Her in-laws reaction is in one of the next chapters!

      Thanks Jaz! And thanks for continuing to read my story! 🙂

  2. Hmmm, So, it appears that I am very late on this update. And for that, I do apologize.

    So let’s begin:
    I’m very glad that Dale is back. He is just so much more handsome than Alex is. Not to mention way nicer. Of course the kids are excited, they probably secretely hate Alex. He just isn’t the fatherly type.
    It’s awesome that Dale remembers all of his medical stuffs and can hopefully get rehired somewhere soon. (I have to say though, it made me giggle a tiddly bit when I saw the x-rays of his hand and leg. That’s not where your brain is!)

    Alex is a jerk and I have a feeling he won’t sign the papers and is going to try to hurt Alex in order to keep his “trophy wife”. With Dale out of the house, and Alissa home alone, I can only imagine bad things to come. =( Hopefully Dale comes to the rescue, or the kids! Maybe the dog? (I know my dogs would protect me.)

    Ugh you and your cliffhangers. Alex has gone from a decent fellow to a bad guy, and for that, he must die!

    • Kate, you don’t have to apologize! I know how busy you’ve been and you’re sick too!
      Besides, you already know most of what’s going to happen. 🙂
      So if you don’t read some updates, I definitely will understand!

      I think that Dale is really more handsome than Alex too. Although I do love Alex’s eyes.
      The kids are so happy to have their Dad back. No one could take his place, just like no one could take his place for Alissa.

      I didn’t think of what was on those x-rays! It is funny! 🙂

      Alex hasn’t given up yet. He does still want Alissa one way or another.

      Alex has changed, or maybe we’re seeing a side of him that he never showed before!

      Thanks for reading, Kate! I hope you get well soon! 🙂

  3. I hate Alex! He isn’t going to sign those papers, he might even blackmail her or do something to force her to stay married to him, that little dickhead!! GREAT CHAPTER! SOOOO GLAD ( and it obviously it seems that Alissa and the kids agree with me on this one) THAT DALE IS BACK!!

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